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Fenerbahce counts below: further puts on hold Özil

Mesut Özil is an extremely good footballer, but the club’s decision regarding him continues to be, claimed Jesus. Below is not Özil, Jesus or any type of other gamer, yet Fenerbahce, stated Jesus at the initial press seminar at his new club.


In January 2021, Özil determined to change to his youth love when he left Collection. He had reached his occupation objective by authorizing a 3.5-year agreement with Fenerbahce without being spent for the very first 6 months.

On Tuesday, Özil was still committed to Fenerbahce on social media networks. I repeat: I will certainly not finish my occupation at any various other group as Fenerbahce. As long as my agreement runs, my only objective is to just sweat in our jersey. This decision is extremely clear and final, he created.

Mesut Özil wants to extend his contract with Fenerbahce

Mesut Özil also wants to continue with the Turkish club after the provisional exclusion from the Fenerbahce Istanbul squad.

Özil certainly does not have to go before, his consultant Erkut Sögüt said the Turkish radio station “Lig Radyo”. Özil stays until the end of his contract and thus for two years in the club. “He wants to make his contribution. He wants to play, he wants to stay 90 minutes on the field,” said Sögüt. But he is currently assured.

A week ago, the Turkish football first division had surprisingly communicated to exclude the 33-year-old German world champion from 2014 from the squad. The same applies to the teammate Ozan Tufan. Sögüt reported in connection with the exclusion of tensions with the coach during a game, when Özil had already been replaced after half.

With the decision of the club, a unpleasant process has begun for both sides. Now you have to wait a final decision on its exclusion.

JOACHIM LÖW KARARINI VERMİŞ OLMALI | Mesut Özil, Vefa Küçük, Uğur Dündar

In November, Regional President Ali Koc had already complained that Özil had to finally focus on his work. “He has to set aside his business affairs and focus more on how he can make the best contribute to Fenerbahce and give his best,” Koc said.

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