There was no football leaks, which the FSV Martinroda and the FC Carl Zeiss Jena II offered on Tuesday evening. Again and again the game was already interrupted in the initial phase by smaller fouls. Accordingly, the mood was heated under the spectators after a few minutes. Jena profited early from a penalty and went after eight minutes by Hagemann, who did not miss the opportunity, in the lead. The Hommelf sprayed in the first round if only from a distance or after standards a touch of goals hazard. But Carl Zeiss burned offsensively no fireworks on this evening. The nickers on the square piled up after half an hour and referee Schlömann had to calm down the minds after a packing, first with three yellow cards.

Oberliga Süd: FC Carl Zeiss Jena II - FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt | Sport im Osten | MDR

At the overall impression nothing changed after the pause tea. There was still no beautiful football game in the Nebelt Martinroda Sportpark. After just under an hour, both teams gathered for the second time in the pack after a guest actor remained at the ground at a pressing blow. The referee also kept the rest in this situation. Little later worried BrnDevski (69.) for Jena the preliminary decision. Martinroda did not want to talk to the 0: 2 and now woke up. But ultimately, there was also a nearly ten-minute extra – horack looked at the 79th minute the traffic light card – the FSV not to go to the connection or even kept countable in Martinroda.

The FC Carl Zeiss Jena II mixes again in the championship race after 2: 0, even if the Thuringians, of course, have two games more than the league leader on the hump. Nonetheless, Jena is on a counter on the FSV Budissa Bautzen. For final light Martinroda, the situation remains precarious, the residue on the possibly saving relegation rank is still six points.