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Lahm: There should be more worldwide for the organization

He also trusts a similar growth to the apparently sharpest competitor: Dortmund requires such a core as well. With the reinforcements, an axis can emerge that is very essential for every single group. Which is why the eight-time master gamer a minimum of has the hope that the title race can continue to be open much longer this season than in the recent past.

In enhancement to the again best squad, Lahm sees another factor for the pronounced supremacy of Bayern: The winning mentality has actually been developed and handed down for generations. Specifically via the previous players that have been leading this club for 40 years or else it? The Munichers are one-of-a-kind in Europe. In the area he sees two former teammates as currently crucial characters: Thomas Müller and Manuel Neuer stand for this self-image at Bayern, they are the leaders that a group needs. Certainly, FC Bayern additionally has excellent players around it, yet these 2 Specify the audio and emit their attitude to the colleagues.

Yet it can not function without Lewandowski-but not


Globe Mug in Qatar:… you are already believing

With a view to Nagelsmann, Lahm most definitely identifies potential: He has actually verified in Hoffenheim and Leipzig that he can develop groups. The constellation in among the largest clubs worldwide War-straight for a young coaching. A title was alright. It was okay. At FC Bayern, even more than one title has to jump out in order to be able to work really successfully over a number of years. And also won the triple in 2013.

Lahm is rather amazed by the brand-new versatility of the Munich offensive after the goodbye of Lewandowski. At the exact same time, Lahm charms to provide instructors even more time: I see the several coaches seriously.

At the Winter World Cup in Qatar, Lahm, tournament director of the Euro 2024 in Germany will not be on site: I do not count for delegation and am not keen to fly as a fan. I like to adhere to the tournament from home. He normally sees the alignment in the Emirate really critically: Human legal rights ought to play with the biggest duty in the allocation of competitions.

Lahm takes a matter of training course that Manuel Neuer and colleagues will likewise talk about this throughout the occasion: As a player, you can no longer navigate it today. The DFB Honor gamer develops his basic expectation to the group of national trainer Hansi Flick: We talked a lot regarding values. Their embodiment is likewise part of the appearance. When I see the last two competitions, the look on the square and outside was not that, That everyone could understand it. That would certainly be vital as well as I wish that. And also flashy we are always amongst the faves. I wish that Germany will certainly be there up until the end.

_ Thiemo Müller, Karlheinz Wild _

In enhancement, Lahm clarifies in a huge Bayern interview (Monday edition orim emagazine) why he opposes playoff video games, for the upkeep of the 50 +1 guideline, just how he really feels the outside display of Bayern manager Oliver Kahn, why his Boy can be found in the Allianz Field regularly than he self-and what he will absolutely do as a competition supervisor in 2024 than Franz Beckenbauer at the residence World Cup 2006.

In addition to the once again finest team, Lahm sees an additional factor for the pronounced supremacy of Bayern: The winning mentality has actually been developed and passed on for generations. In the area he sees two previous teammates as presently crucial characters: Thomas Müller and also Manuel Neuer stand for this self-image at Bayern, they are the leaders that a team requires. Of course, FC Bayern also has outstanding gamers around it, yet these two Specify the noise and also radiate their mindset to the colleagues.

At the same time, Lahm allures to offer instructors more time: I see the lots of trainers seriously. At FC Bayern, more than one title has to jump out in order to be able to function truly successfully over numerous years.

Stano world champion over 35 kilometers

The Olympic champion over the 20-kilometer distance finished on Sunday after 2: 23.14 hours as well as defended his narrow lead over the Japanese Masatora Kawano, who was just a second slower. Perseus Karlström from Sweden won bronze in the 20-kilometer race a week earlier.

The two German participants Karl Junghannß as well as Carl Dohmann ended up 34 as well as 40 in places. Christopher Linke, that had actually made wish for a medal in breakthrough, might not even compete due to his positive Corona examination.

Mihambo wishes to remain globe champion at the World Cup degree

On the last day of this Globe Champions, lengthy jumper Malaika Mihambo has the possibility for successful title protection. As soon as again one of the faves, the biggest German World Cup hope in the final on Monday (2.50 a.m. CEST/ARD) is. In 2015 the 28-year-old additionally ended up being Olympic champ after winning the European Champion and also World Cup title.

In total amount, eight decisions are made at the end of the tenth competition. In the long run, the seasons over 4×400 meters (4.35 a.m. CEST/4.50 a.m. CEST/ARD are traditional. The two German quartets might not qualify for the last runs.

Top favorite is Olympic champion as well as globe recordler Armand Duplantis from Sweden. The decathlon is ended, the German safeguarding champion Niklas Kaul would certainly such as to enhance after 16th location on the first day.

Kaul starts catch-up with difficulties best time

Safeguarding champ Niklas Kaul started the chase on the second day of the decathlon with a personal finest over 110 meters obstacles. In his marvelous catch-up three years ago, he was eleventh after 5 techniques as well as, especially many thanks to a javelin toss over 79.05 meters, was still globe champion.

The best German remained at his World Cup best Leo Neugebauer. The 22-year-old professional athlete from LG Leinfelden-Echterdingen ran over the obstacles in 14.86 secs, but fell back to eleven with 5155 points. In 16th location with 5085 points, the previous World Cup third Kai Kazmirek from LG Rhein-Neuwied is in the hurdle sprint after 14.43 seconds. Ulmer Tim Nowak is the last of the just 20 remaining individuals with 4849 factors. It was just enough for the 2019 World Cup tenth at once of 14.91 secs.

At the begin of the second day, the lead defended Ayden Owens-Delerme from Puerto Rico with 5596 points ahead of the Canadian Pierce Lepage, who accumulated 5488 points. After 6 techniques, the French globe recordler Kevin Mayer was fifth with 5364 factors.

Eugene’s medal mirror

The biggest German World Cup hope in the final on Monday (2.50 a.m. CEST/ARD) is when again one of the favorites. Last year the 28-year-old likewise came to be Olympic champ after winning the European Champion and also World Cup title.

Leading favorite is Olympic champ and world recordler Armand Duplantis from Sweden. In his marvelous catch-up three years earlier, he was l lth after five disciplines and, especially thanks to a javelin toss over 79.05 meters, was still globe champion.

The ideal German stayed at his World Cup best Leo Neugebauer.

FECWC 2022: Group Riders is a club

Just three in-game minutes later, Bikers played a long round behind the chain. Her demonstrator prevailed in individually as well as struck the far edge from an intense edge by direct approval.

SAF, that had previously defeated Schalke cone Ninjas in Pyjamas in the semi-finals (2: 1 and also 2: 1), in addition to Riders at the start of the video game. Only in the second fifty percent did both have fun with a rather more open visor, which need to pay off-for both.

Diogo ‘Tuga810’ Pombo and also Andoni ‘Andoniipm’ Payo from the Riders came to a further verdict, yet stopped working from a short range due to an opponent who can obstruct. With a tie it went back to the 2nd leg.

In the 50th Ingame min, Dan ‘Stingrayjnr’ Ray was able to move freely in the sixteen. A significant blunder, because without pressure from the opponent he closed into the far corner.

postmaker answer

Dan ‘stingrayjnr’ in focus fifa via Getty Images

The prominence of the Motorcyclists prevailed because. They had more of the game, Saf tried to rapidly support the chain with lengthy spheres. As in the initial leg, the second half should come to be much extra amazing.

Motorcyclists fine-tune their supremacy


After 60 minutes of Ingame, Pombo and also Payo had the excellent chance to take the lead. In the sixteen they opened a key and also had the eye for the eleven meter complimentary of cost in front of the goal.


Pure pleasure at Bikers. FIFA using Getty Images

It was the hardest video game we had in this competition. The equilibrium was so important.

Diogo ‘Tuga810’ Pombo

The goal from the 63rd Ingame minute was sufficient. Diogo ‘Tuga810’ Pombo as well as Andoni ‘Andoniipm’ Payo not only secured the trophy, however additionally $ 300,000.

They played SAF woozy in the fine location, placed it throughout, but this time around the large shot 2: 1 was in the overall outcome. Because of this, Ray and his team-mate ‘Conkai’ opened, yet there was no more any kind of opportunities. Instead, Motorcyclists had the choice two times, but failed because of the goalkeeper.

A long-awaited moment for Pombo: I am so satisfied! After four years-I shed a great deal of essential, large video games, never won a major competition. It was the hardest game that was in this competition. The equalizer was So important, he stated at the FIFA microphone.

The event was mixed for the German individuals. During the 1. FC Köln left after the group stage, Schalke and also Neo met in the round of 16. The narrows prevailed there, but needed to go home after the quarter-finals.

After the FIFAE World Cup, the umut ‘Umut’ Gültekin, and the FIFAE Club World Cup, the FIFAE Nations Collection is still pending next week. Play there ‘Umut’, Mustafa ‘XMusti19’ Cankal as well as Dylan ‘Dullenmike’ Neuhausen for Germany for the title. It starts for the DFBE group on July 27 from 6 p.m.

FIFAE Globe Championships 2022

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The dominance of the Bikers prevailed in that. They played SAF dizzy in the penalty location, placed it across, yet this time the substantial shot 2: 1 was in the total outcome. Instead, Riders had the decision two times, but failed due to the goalkeeper.

During the 1. After the FIFAE World Cup, the umut ‘Umut’ Gültekin, as well as the FIFAE Club World Cup, the FIFAE Nations Collection is still pending next week.

A glass of wine ache in the catacombs: Krause shivers into the World Cup

Reaching the 6th World Cup final in a series was a great success for Gesa Krause on Saturday after a year, which was challenging as a result of diseases and injuries. With Achilles tendon pain she had gone from the Olympic year 2021, also had to handle digestive tract procedure as well as several colds. I fought back-after heights and midsts in the training process, said Tokyo’s Olympic fifth.

When her scarce action into the World Cup final over 3000 meters of obstacle, Gesa Krause overwhelmed in the catacombs of the Hayward Stadium a red wine pain. I had to stress for a long time that it is enough. Often you need to be fortunate, said the 29-year-old World Cup third from 2019 for variation. After her lead time of 9: 21.02 minutes, she needed to tremble, but still relocated to the Last as well as 15th starting placement for the medal race at the World Sports Championships in Eugene on Thursday evening (4.45 a.m. CEST). She only had an eyelash lead of eight hundredths of a 2nd for the next situated runner.

If you are out for ten months, there is no routine and consistency

She just started as soon as this year before the World Cup: 2 weeks earlier at the Diamond Organization meeting in Stockholm. The World Cup lead was additionally much more burden than desire. The tempo gardens were missing, yet was an excellent training, claimed Krause.

In sight of the personal challenge and the medical history program, the getting to of the World Cup finishing is already a huge gain, however the view of a medal location is instead reduced. Naturally, if you are not one of those that are not one of those who combat for areas one, two and also three, whether you have to tackle something like that, said the two-time European champ from the New Year’s Run Trier association.

Quiting is not a choice Munich as a goal


After the moment of suffering, the World Cup in Eugene is mainly a endurance test en route to the home European Championship from August 15th to 21st in Munich, where the title triple would certainly be possible. I need the races and also attempt to learn to minimize my errors right here, claimed Krause. I have the huge objective that I intend to be in top constitution in Munich, she claimed. It will certainly not return that I can contest another European Champion or World Cup in my own country.

Not to get to the World Cup would certainly not have actually been an alternative for the ambitious athlete, nor was a final waiver due to a lack of possibilities of success. The essentials of competitive sporting activities would certainly be shed if you are only as well as so effective take a look at medals, stated Krause, who intends to be a good example. To quit would be a negative signal to young individuals that wish to motivate for sport, she stressed. For me it would certainly have been squeezing if I hadn’t driven to the World Cup to get the most effective out of on your own.

stunning appearance by Lea Meyer

The look of Lea Meyer was incredible in the World Cup lead. That was stupid, that was frustrating, it occurred, stated Meyer.

Gesa Krause overwhelmed in the catacombs of the Hayward Stadium a white wine cramp when her scarce step right into the World Cup final over 3000 meters of challenge. Often you have to be lucky, claimed the 29-year-old World Cup third from 2019 for version. Getting to the 6th World Cup final in a collection was an excellent success for Gesa Krause on Saturday after a year, which was not simple due to injuries and diseases. After the time of suffering, the World Cup in Eugene is primarily a endurance test on the method to the house European Champion from August 15th to 21st in Munich, where the title triple would certainly be feasible. The look of Lea Meyer was magnificent in the World Cup lead.

German hockey ladies get to Globe Mug

Lena Micheel scored the winning goal in the 17th minute with her very first goal of the event.
Now the Germans are traveling to Terrassa in Spain for the World Cup finals.

There they meet the victor of the quarter-finals between Argentina and England on Saturday evening.

Minimalist on the relocation once more

As in the 1-0 win versus South Africa in the round of 16, the fine edge was once again the major imperfection of the German team, which was superior to the area.
Ten tries were granted versus the formerly unbeaten New Zealanders, who went straight via to the knockout rounds as victors of their initial rounds.
Regardless of being twice exceeded sometimes, national trainer Valentin Altenburg’s team conserved the success in a hectic last stage gradually.

Real Madrids transfer strategy: Say goodbye to newbies in summer season

Nevertheless, also in case of sales, it is not excluded that the free locations will be filled by returning financing players or Castilla talents.

Besides that, it is all about prolonging some agreements. Vinicius Junior and Eder Militao could be the following, as well as at Nacho Monreal it is also assumed that he is expanded for another year. The agreements by Marco Asensio as well as Dani Ceballos, both of them expire in 2023, are also discussed. Jesus Vallejo, Luka Jovic as well as Mariano Diaz would love to submit. Nevertheless, this will not be very easy due to the fact that they played very little bit this season.

We need to see which players are still going. It depends on it. There will be few new obligations, stated club president Florentino Perez in an interview withel chiringuito _.

Real Madrid has largely completed the transfer activities for the summer season. This is also as a result of the upcoming World Cup in Qatar.

Far, the Champions Organization champion has presented 2 beginners with the transfer-free Antonio Rüdiger and also midfielder Aurelien Tchouameni. Perez still showed an alternative in the tornado for Karim Benzema.

Real Madrid: Transfer emphasis on the 2022 World Cup

There will be several Madrid scouts in Qatar who observe feasible transfers for wintertime. A reasonably peaceful summertime is anticipated for Madrid up until August.

There will certainly be many Madrid scouts in Qatar who observe possible transfers for winter. By doing this, it will certainly be possible in the very first part of the season to evaluate the team’s weak points in order to look for reinforcements in January. A mode operandi that has already been implemented after the dual of the champion and Champions Organization and, thinking about the fact that the team with the very early arrivals of Tchouameni and also Rüdiger, can currently be applied.

One of the reasons that Madrid favors to do without new commitments this summertime is the World Cup in Qatar, which will certainly be kept in November. It is a tournament that the club is constantly eagerly anticipating and has arised from the great new dedications, such as Mesut Özil to South Africa 2010 or James Rodriguez and Keylor Navas to Brazil 2014. Already in the very first stage of office of Florentino Perez as Head of state he authorized Ronaldo the 2002 World Cup.

Vinicius Junior as well as Eder Militao might be the following, and also at Nacho Monreal it is also thought that he is expanded for another year. One of the reasons why Madrid prefers to do without brand-new dedications this summer season is the World Cup in Qatar, which will be held in November. Already in the initial stage of workplace of Florentino Perez as President he signed Ronaldo the 2002 World Cup.

Therefore, a reasonably quiet summer season is expected for Madrid up until August. Every little thing shows that the players who are presently in the team are those that will certainly begin preparing on July 8th. The efforts are now concentrating on contract extensions as well as sales, albeit slowly.

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Camping tents as well as air bridges versus World Cup

Omar al-Jaber from the leading Supreme commitee verified these plans of the World Cup makers for the organization of the huge event.


The outdoor tents plans are additionally a response to public discussions about a feasible overwhelming of the Qatar Resort market through the expected audience throughout the World Cup finals.

In outdoors tents and through air bridges to bordering nations close friends, countless football fans need to have the ability to discover holiday accommodation throughout the World Cup in Qatar (November 21 to December 18).

We will certainly be able to offer over 100,000 areas for over night keeps at the World Cup, said Al-Jaber. The building of numerous hotels is still not finish.

Accordingly, the idea needs to be encouraged within the following 2 weeks. For the public, camping tents that are connected to the water as well as power supply are planned for the public yet do not have a/c. A little lavish is claimed to be geared up about 200 outdoors tents on the seaside coastline in south of Katar near the desert.

There is genuine outdoor camping, Al-Jaber discussed the hidden agendas for the factors to consider for the camping tent project, we ought to likewise have the experience of the desert in a camping tent in way of the Bedouins.

holiday accommodation ability at the limit

This is also why some World Cup tourists can learn more about completely different nations than Qatar: With bordering golf states, the World Cup makers have agreed approximately 160 pendulum flights each day, whereby foreign World Cup visitors are to be flown right into scheduled games.

The holiday accommodation capacity in the small golf state need to at the very least be really tense throughout the World Cup event. The high number of block bookings by authorities from the World Organization FIFA, the ceremony of individual nations and hosts of media agents additionally tightens up the scenario.

For foreign World Cup tourists, quarters are intended in unique fandups, apartment or condo centers and also huts. In addition, fans from other countries are to be fit on 2 hotel ships.

Nations League: National team produces the Italians that were tossed with each other

The dedicated DFB selection A rocket so on exactly how Captain Manuel Neuer had actually asked for it ahead of time versus the Italians in change. For Italy it was just sufficient for objectives from Wilfried Gnonto (78th) and Alessandro Bastoni (90th +3 rd).

A success and just how! With a historical status success as well as fresh World Cup back wind, the national football team bid farewell to the summer season break.

Joshua Kimmich (10th), Gündogan (45. +4/ fine), Thomas Müller (51st) and also Timo Werner with a dual pack (69th and 68th) scored the objectives for the highest possible triumph in international history regarding Italy-and 1939 It was likewise the initial 3 under Flick against a huge one, which was only on paper in the Mönchengladbach Borussen-Park.

The group of nationwide trainer Hansi Flick commemorated the first victory in the Nations League in the standard against European champion Italy via the loosely played up 5: 2 (2-0) in the standard versus European champion as well as, after 4 draws, spread the silent questions concerning the winning way of thinking.

In phases, we played truly great football and won well, stated Ilkay Gündogan: If we do it like today, a lot of groups will have a hard time. And captain Manuel Neuer mentioned an important milestone and also applauded: You discovered today that we wanted to control the game.

Germany waves team success in the Nations League

Werner’s self-confidence experienced after a couple of seconds when he stumbled the round after a desire pass from Müller and provided an excellent possibility. Sane was additionally the focus quickly, his shot from 20 meters directly missed out on the goal. On the other hand, goalkeeper Neuer stopped a very early deficiency with his conservative jail versus Giacomo Raspadori, who had actually gotten away Niklas Süle (9th).

In the Nations League, Germany can make the group victory excellent in the last video games in September versus Hungary as well as in England. Then Flick selects his team for the desert World Cup in Qatar (November 21 to December 18).

In the battle of the four-time world champ, Flick familiar in the beginning eleven on his two trouble youngsters Leroy Sane and Werner. At the very least using Sane, the DFB supervisor Oliver Bierhoff, recommended more initiative ( should likewise aid itself) came as a surprise. Every gamer requires a specific support, we intend to provide today, Flick said prior to the kick-off on ZDF.

at the starting a great deal of chances at the DFB team

Unlike the unsatisfactory appearance in Hungary, the DFB team searched the straight path to the opposing objective from the beginning. Kimmich and also Gündogan liked them as the video game developer, which cleverly differed between the ball right into the deepness and also size. On top of that, the Flick group in some cases went up extremely far, specifically both full-back area and Lukas Klostermann, which the Italians presented with great issues.

In the duel of the four-time world champion, Flick acquainted in the starting eleven on his 2 issue kids Leroy Sane and Werner. Every player requires a certain backing, we desire to provide them today, Flick said before the kick-off on ZDF.

Afterwards, also afterwards, Germany remained on the medications and the exploitation of possibilities was an issue. Jonas Hofmann (33rd), Sané (39th) and also Werner (40th) granted great chances. Gündogan made it better after Hofmann was slightly emphasized the penalty area.

The benefit was 1-0 by Kimmich: The Bayern expert had slipped into the charge location, approved the round after a flank from David Raum with ideal as well as pushed left via the legs by Italy-goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma.

The Italians, that make use of the Nations League after the missed World Cup qualification, switched over to a triple chain in the defense in the second round and also appeared of the cabin. The Müller objective for 3-0 created clear conditions. The hosts located spaces in the opposing protection again and once more, the most lately unlucky Werner.

Unlike the frustrating appearance in Hungary, the DFB team browsed the straight path to the opposing goal from the beginning. In enhancement, the Flick group sometimes relocated up really far, particularly the two full-back area as well as Lukas Klostermann, which the Italians presented with wonderful problems.

The Italians, that use the Nations League after the missed out on World Cup qualification, switched over to a three-way chain in the defense in the 2nd round and also came out of the cabin.

Kazakhstan vs. Germany: Ice hockey World Cup today in the live ticker

The German national team meets Kazakhstan today at the ice hockey World Cup. Here is the game in the live ticker.

Next challenge for Germany at the ice hockey World Cup: The DEB team faces the selection of Kazakhstan on Sunday. Cup accompanies the preliminary round game in the live ticker.

Dieser article is continuously updated. Click here for the refresh of the page.

Kazakhstan vs. Germany: Ice hockey World Cup today in the live ticker – before the start

Before the start: The German selection is currently in third place in Group A. A 3: 5 defeat at the start against Canada followed victories against Slovakia (2: 1), France (3: 2) and Denmark (1: 0). After the sovereign victory against Italy (9: 4) on Friday and the subsequent defeat of France against Denmark, the German national team is already in the World Cup quarter-finals. In the upcoming games, the starting point for the knockout phase is now to be improved.

Before the start: preliminary round game number six stands for the German national team in ice hockey this Friday. Today’s opponent is the selection from Kazakhstan. The game starts at 3:20 p.m.

Before the start: Welcome to the live ticker of the Kazakhstan vs. Germany game!

Kazakhstan vs. Germany: Ice hockey WM today live on TV and livestream

You will be able to experience the duel between Germany and Italy today. Sport1 has secured the rights to the ice hockey World Cup and shows around half of the tournament games in the freely receptive TV, including all the encounters of the DEB team-whether in the preliminary round or in the knockout phase.

Transfer start is today at 3:15 p.m. You can also switch on in the Livestream on Sport1.de or the transmitter YouTube channel.

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ice hockey World Cup: Group A with Germany

Square Team Sp. S N Tord difference Pts.
1 Switzerland 5 5 0 +15 15
2 Canada 5 4 1 +11 12
3 Germany 5 4 1 +6 12
4 Denmark 5 3 2 +5 9
5 Slovakia 6 3 3 -2 9
6 France 5 2 3 -4 5

Highlights | Kazakhstan vs. Germany | 2022 #IIHFWorlds
7 | Italy | 6 | 0 | 6 | -17 | 1
8 | Kazakhstan | 5 | 0 | 5 | -14 | 0

FECWC: Six German teams and Neo in the Play

While in all other zones the fourth and last week of the online qualifier had to be postponed to the end of May due to a bug, it was played in Europe. The “Eastern and Central Europe” zone relevant from the local point of view produced six German qualifiers for the play-offs to the FIFAE Club World Cup.

In the first conference, the IQONIC organization took the lead in the fourth week of the game, in the final Joe ‘JH7’ Hellmann and Nicolas ‘Nisi’ Muntwyler the opponents of Reply Totem Esports who also secured progress. Iqonic had previously triumphed against Hertha BSC and 1. FC Köln.

RBlz dominated second conference

German international Rohit Singh seventy six off twenty six balls at FanCode ECS Germany Dresden

The Cologne team made the leap through the Consistency Ranking, which they lead after completing the online qualification phase. As a second place of this rating, VfL Bochum also slips into the play-offs. In addition to Hertha BSC, FC Basel did not take this step from Conference 1.

The second conference was last dominated by RB Leipzig, Umut ‘Umut’ Gültekin and Anders ‘Anders’ Vejrgang beat FC Schalke 04 in the final just after 2: 3 and 4: 2. Due to the final, the “narrow” Hasan ‘Hasoo’ Eker and Julius ‘July’ cool are also represented in the play-offs on June 9th and 10th.

focus, BVB and Leverkusen are out

Via Consistency Ranking, the qualifier field from Conference 2 was supplemented by the Swiss organization Neo with the two German mechanical players Dylan ‘Dullenmike’ Neuhausen and Kai ‘Hensoo’ Hense. VfL Wolfsburg also slipped into the play-offs thanks to the continuously strong performance.

Meanwhile, Bayer 04 Leverkusen, Borussia Dortmund and the focus clan around world champion Moauba ‘Harkous have been eliminated. This failure is especially for the “Werkelf” from Marc ‘Marc_ldw23’ Landwehr and Furkan ‘FurkyPlayz’ Kayacik, who were subject to the Schalkern in the final of the Loser Brackets.

Fnatic and City in Northern Europe on top

In the other two European zones, big names and teams have also reached the next round on their way to the FIFAE Club World Cup. With Donovan ‘Tekkz’ Hunt and Diogo ‘Diogo’ Mendes, Fnatic sat at the top of the Conference 2 in “Northern Europe”, Manchester City dominated the first conference.

In “West and southern Europe”, Team Gullit and Ajax Amsterdam loosened a ticket to the play-offs, among others. In the six zones in Asia, Africa, Oceania and America, the fourth week of the game is made up between May 26 and 28, then the complete play-off field is determined.

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