Attacker Cristiano Ronaldo of Manchester United reacted to the criticism of Wayne Rooney. On Instagram, the Portuguese described his former teammate as a “cutter” after this Ronaldos returned to Manchester as a mistake.

“If you look at the future of the association, then you have to decide for young, hungry players to revive Manchester United in the next two, three years. And Cristiano is not. He is obviously no longer the player who he When he was in his twenties, “Rooney said a few days ago at SKY Sports.

Ronaldo did not lie down this criticism and commented on Wednesday under an Instagram’s contribution of the Englishman, on which Rooney can see together with the former United Star Jamie Carragher in a TV studio. “Two Neider,” wrote the 37-year-old, gathering more than 50,000 Likes. Several fans joined their idol with other comments.

Rooney blames Cristiano Ronaldo for Man United downfall?
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At Manchester United, Ronaldo and Rooney formed a dreaded attack duo from 2004 to 2009. At the beginning of last year Rooney finished his active career and rose after two months in the role of the player trainer as a chief coach at the second division of Derby County.