Turkhücüs Trainer Andreas Heraf dropped four new from the beginning from the beginning: Vollath, Gorzel, Karweina and Hottmann replaced Wagner, Irving, Mickels and Knoll (all bank).

Saarbrückens Coach Uwe Koschinat announced in advance of the game personnel changes to the disappointing 0: 1 defeats in Wiesbaden and against Viktoria Cologne. Accordingly, he rotated five times: Horn (third-division debut), Becker, Uaferro, Gnaase and Scheu moved into the starting and repressed cells, Jänicke, Gouras (All Bank), Batz (Covid-19) and Ernst (yellow lock).

The better start caught TurkGücü, which in the first few minutes had a lot of pressure and after the first warning shot by concern (9th) promptly as earned by Karweina in the lead (12th). The game then calmed down and Saarbrücken directly from the first goal shot: Jacob enforced the involuntary template by shyly humourless to the 1: 1 (21.).

Hawkins’ “Wembley Gate” counts

But it came even thicker for the home farmers: Hawkins met in the “Wembley style” the lower edge of the latte, from where the ball was clearly behind the line and then hopped out of the gate. Referee Florian Exner rectically decided on goal and thus leadership for Saarbrücken (24th). Shortly thereafter, the guests had to accept a setback: Goalguide Hawkins had injured himself without an opponent effect on the back of the thigh and had to be replaced by Gouras (30th).

After half an hour, a balanced game created with opportunities on both sides. The next came Jakob to the desired goal, but his goal was withdrawn because of time (33.). On the other side, Shy defender Kuhn forced the rescue act on the line (37.), finally Hottmann awarded even acrobatically from rotation (40th).

Türkgücü München - 1. FC Saarbrücken 1:5 (1:2) -- 28.2.2022

Double strike makes everything clear

The second half started crushing before the FCS won the upper hand. Günther-Schmidt crowned a solo for 3: 1 (54.) before he presented an exemplary for Jacob, which laced up close his double pack (55.). Turkhücüs defensive work not only allowed the hitherto four heads, but also revealed big gaps again and again. So the fifth gate of the guests was allowed to fall: Gouras put the substituted stone skate in the scene, which dusted to the 5: 1 final score (74th).

Then the game lost pace and the train lost significantly. Stone cods released the 6: 1 (80.), which remained clearly clear affairs. The FCS thus resorted to Osnabrück and Mannheim in fourth place, the Munich remain on the first relegation place.

For TurkGücü it goes on on Saturday (2 pm) at the BVB II, sabrueck receives the SV Meppen on Sunday (1 pm).