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German Fullback Jakob Johnson changes to the Raiders

Jakob Johnson has found his new team: The German Fullback agreed on Wednesday with the Las Vegas Raiders on a one-year contract.

Johnson, who had landed the NFL International Pathway Program at the New England Patriots, made the leap in the squad and had played for the patriots since 2019.

He graduated in the past season 323 Snaps for the Patriot open, after completing 374 open-Snaps in 2020. He also used regularly in the Special Team.

The Patriots decided after the past season, however, on the other hand, Johnson to give a new contract and so he came to the market as a free agent. The Raiders on the other side had also launched their Fullback Alec Ingold, Ingold immediately agreed with the Miami Dolphins immediately before. This cleared the way for Johnson to Las Vegas, the two changes were announced within a few minutes.

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At the Raiders, the Stuttgart meets an old acquaintance: The new Head Coach in Las Vegas is Josh McDaniel, who previously worked as an offensive coordinator in New England.

Cup murder in the Soviet style Grudes sued the NFL after resignation

After resigning as a head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, John Green filed a lawsuit against the NFL. The 58-year-old poses the League, among other things, a campaign against his person and call murder in the Soviet style. Grades were recently revealed revenues about racist, women and gay-tiny emails.

Greens lawyer Adam Hosper-Henner shared in a statement with the League and Commissioner Roger Goodall have selectively passed on to the media selected e-mails of his client. Grades had resigned to NFL investigations at the beginning of October. The messages come from the time in which GREEN was still active as an expert for the US station ESPN.

There is no statement or justification for why Green emails were the only 650,000 emails that were collected in the investigation of the NFL against the Washington Football Team, says Hooper Jenner.

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The league described the allegations as completely low. The NFL will defend rigorous against these allegations, it said in a reaction.

Video with weapon and threat Las Vegas Raiders fires Cornerback Damon Arnette

The Las Vegas Raiders do not come out of the negative lines. The NFL team released on Monday Corner back Damon Annette (25) after this was shown and threatened in a video in the social media platform Tikki with a weapon to kill someone.

Raiders Managing Director Mike Mayo ck said that Arnett s position had become untenable in the club. We have invested a lot of time, effort and resources to help him in all areas of his life, Mayo ck said, The content of the video was unacceptable and contradicts our values. The Raiders will not tolerate this type of behavior.

Raiders troubles continue with release of Damon Arnette
Mayo ck continued to tell the club guidance after his college career reason to significant concerns regarding Annette character. Nevertheless, the club held the draft for an acceptable risk after he had checked the player himself. Obviously we fail, and that s 100 percent in my responsibility, Mayo ck said.

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Only in the previous week Raiders Receiver Henry Riggs III had been involved in an alcohol influence with a significantly excessive speed in a car accident with death, the 22-year-old threaten up to 20 years prison. In mid-October, Raiders head coach Jon Green had resigned from a large public pressure after emails appeared with 58-year-old women and gay tiny content.

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