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BVB fans vs. Dietmar Hopp: Why do Dortmund supporters hate the Hoffenheim

Dietmar Hopp has actually been an adversary picture for lots of BVB fans in current years. The dispute between the patronage of TSG Hoffenheim and the appendix of Borussia Dortmund rocked up on production as well as criminal complaints and also finished in the rumor video game in Sinsheim at the end of February 2020. Where does the disgust come from Hopp?

_ Borussia Dortmund vs. TSG Hoffenheim-8.30 p.m. imliveicker _.

Why is Dietmar Hopp an opponent image for many BVB followers?

Dietmar Hopp expanded up in Hoffenheim as well as is a founder of the IT firm SAP. The billionaire is just one of the wealthiest Germans with a lot of money of 4.6 billion US dollars ( Forbes ). As a client, the 82-year-old has been sustaining TSG Hoffenheim for many years, for which he played football himself as a young adult.

At the games in between Dortmund and also Hoffenheim, Hopp was frequently disparaged in speech choirs as child of a bitch. In 2018, the TSG spoke of undisguised disgust and frustration to a telephone call to murder after a crosshair banner against Hopp was shown once more in the Dortmund block.

In 2011 there was a sound assault against the BVB accessory at the Dortmund away game in Sinsheim. According to the TSG, a caretaker with a self-made sound cannon had tried to muffle the abuse of the visitor fans versus Dietmar Hopp. Eleven BVB followers submitted an issue. Hopp asked apology, however likewise said that the followers might not be like this because the insults against himself.

In the first Bundesliga video game in between TSG Hoffenheim and also Borussia Dortmund in the 2008/09 season, a banner with Hopp’s picture in the crosshairs was revealed once more in the visitor block. Hopp protected himself, submitted a grievance versus a disrespect to a 19-year-old that was determined as the author of the abuse poster.

BVB followers vs. Dietmar Hopp: dislike posters as well as misuse channels.

Hopp has not only subsidized TSG Hoffenheim in current years, however additionally made use of far even more money (over 800 million euros) for non-profit purposes. If you have ended up being as rich as I do, after that you just have the obligation to repay society, said Hopp once.

Hopp made several hundred million euros readily available to the club. Thanks to the monetary support in 2008, the town association also made its means to the Bundesliga. For several followers, not only for Dortmund, Hopp is a prime example of the commercialization in football, which is especially hated in the active follower scene.

For many BVB fans, TSG Hoffenheim is a retort organization that would certainly never ever have made it right into expert football without Hopp’s financial injections. At the U17 final between both young groups in 2008, a banner with Hopp’s picture in the crosshairs showed up in the visitor block for the initial time. Hopp, jump back to the test tube, was written beside it.

How did those liable react at that time?

BVB handling director Hans-Joachim Watzke openly condemned the acceleration in September 2018: I would certainly such as to apologize in behalf of Borussia Dortmund Dietmar Hopp. This can not be approved. At that time, the club wrote of undesirable behavior in the black as well as yellow fan block.

We can not state: Beloved Dietmar Hopp, let it drizzle cash, Watzke rolled in his objection of the distribution of Television funds. It can not be that Wolfsburg and also Hoffenheim, who only came to the Bundesliga in 1998 and also have most of the cash anyway, then also participate..

Why did the Hopp problem rise in very early 2020?

BVB vs. TSG Hoffenheim: The last 5 Bundesliga duels.

At the end of February 2020, there were enormous demonstrations against Hopp and also the DFB in several arenas in the Bundesliga. The video game between TSG Hoffenheim and also FC Bayern on February 29, 2020 was instantly prior to the demolition after Bayern followers had actually spread out a hazy boy banner versus Hopp.

Date Residence Visitor outcome.
22. January 2022 TSG Hoffenheim Borussia Dortmund 2: 3.
27. August 2021 Borussia Dortmund TSG Hoffenheim 3: 2.
13. February 2021 Borussia Dortmund TSG Hoffenheim 2: 2.
17. October 2020 TSG Hoffenheim Borussia Dortmund 0: 1.
27. June 2020 Borussia Dortmund TSG Hoffenheim 0: 4.

After the docudrama, Hoffenheim followers and Hopp’s individuals in the club admitted that the treatment were silly as well as the advertisements out of the air, says Salzweger. I believe Hopp has actually currently recognized that also. As long as he does not let it hail it again, the topic will no more escalate..

In the eyes of the followers, this obvious cumulative penalty was an infraction of previous assertions on the part of the DFB to do away with such measures. Many ultra groups then solidarized with the Dortmunders.

The Doku published one year after Sinsheim’s detraction video game had actually developed the occasions as well as additionally advertised that the big wave of outrage was not so spontaneous, yet knew the participants ahead of the followers’ activities.

Throughout the years, the disrespects versus Hopp in the Dortmund follower scene have been considered a growing number of than a sort of folklore. In November 2018, the DFB shared a put on hold sentence against the Dortmund followers due to the abuse. But when disrespects against Hopp showed up once more in December 2019, the DFB obtained the suspended sentence and also bought a two-year ban on the visitor fans at Dortmund away games in Sinsheim.

At the start of 2022, Dietmar Hopp dropped 3 criminal applications against Borussia Dortmund fans, which additionally cooled down the conflict.

For lots of BVB fans, TSG Hoffenheim is a retort organization that would never ever have actually made it into specialist football without Hopp’s monetary injections. Over the years, the disrespects versus Hopp in the Dortmund follower scene have been taken into consideration a lot more and a lot more than a kind of folklore. When insults against Hopp came up once more in December 2019, the DFB got the suspended sentence and also ordered a two-year restriction on the guest fans at Dortmund away games in Sinsheim.

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In the meantime, this topic has actually kicked back for several reasons, claimed Alexander Salzweger, spokesperson for Club No. 12, the Organization of Active Bayern followers, in a meeting with TSG Hoffenheim and GOAL in Might this year. Lots of arena bans have actually expired, Hopp has actually attracted an exceptionally huge number of ads in Dortmund followers and also the largezdfpaperwork likewise added to this..

Even during the Corona pandemic, the sanctions against the Dortmund fans were lifted. Many video games were played without a target market after the game was returned to. At the start of 2022, Dietmar Hopp dropped three criminal applications against Borussia Dortmund followers, which further cooled down the problem.

For lots of followers, not just for Dortmund, Hopp is a prime example of the commercialization in football, which is particularly hated in the active follower scene.

Dietmar Hopp vs. Followers: What is the existing state of events?

TSG Hoffenheim on Dardai on it

The defensive will be a large construction site in Hoffenheim on the upcoming transfer summer. Florian Grillitsch, Chris Richards and Havard Nordtveit leave the TSG, Kasim Adams should have long been sold, the full performance with Benjamin Hübner and Ermin Bicakcic is in the stars – David Raum is a potential seller.

In any case, coach Sebastian Hoeneß and manager Alexander Rosen have considered and named the urgent need for more quality and physical presence on the ground as in the air in defense. The efforts to defend the national defender Matthias Ginter, on the other hand, remained in vain, the Gladbacher decided on his training association Freiburg.

Bromance Duell - Ermin Bicakcic & Adam Szalai

Hertha’s class affiliation plays a role in a possible transfer

But now the references to the next candidate: Marton Dardai from Hertha BSC. “Sky” first reported on the Hoffenheim interest, which coincides with the information from the Kasim Adams. Accordingly, there has been concrete contact between the two clubs, the TSG has deposited its interest. But before further steps are taken, Dardai and the Berliners should fully concentrate on the last Bundesliga weekend in 2021/22, where the final relegation is sought. In addition, the future class affiliation Hertha should also have an impact on transfer modalities.

Dardai, whose contract runs in Berlin until 2025, is the son of the former head coach and professional Pal Dardai. The 20-year-old is born in Berlin, a Herthan’s own plant and central defender with a stronger left foot. That would open up good perspectives in the Kraichgau to the U-21 international, who also has the Hungarian citizenship on the father’s on the paternal.

Because with left -footed defenders, TSG is such a thing. US boy Chris Richards, most recently loaned twice from FC Bayern, return to Munich as planned. A firm obligation is currently also unlikely because it is expensive as a third loan.

Dardai is valuable as a left foot, also because of Hübner’s injury history

Under normal circumstances, the position on the left in the four or three chain from Benjamin Hübner would be occupied. But the captain, who had recently been missing one and a half years because of an ankle injury, was most recently plagued by back problems and had to end the season prematurely after only five missions. It is open how resilient the 32-year-old will be able to present in the coming season.

Young development players are basically Hoffenheim’s target group, but the TSG recently largely signed -free candidates (room, Angelo Stiller, Finn Ole Becker, Grischa Prömel). But the TSG will have to and want to invest, as the interest in the transfer -free but by no means cheap ginter shows.

market value at around five million euros

Dardai Junior’s market value, which has previously had two dozen Bundesliga missions in two years, is estimated at around five million euros. It is not known whether there are defined distance payments depending on the league affiliation. Otherwise, competing interested parties (supposedly also Dortmund, Wolfsburg and Frankfurt) could drive up the price. Berlin himself had only won an experienced left -footed defender from Stuttgart with Marc Oliver Kempf in winter.

Hoffenheim Applaus and Hope for Ermin Bicakcic

On Saturday the TSG had conquered a point at home against FC Bayern with the 1: 1. The former guest match of the record champion is almost one and a half years. At that time, the Munich in Sinsheim (1: 4) went completely empty. Relevant share had ERMIN BICAKCIC. The Hoffenheim defender had taken the TSG with 1: 0 in the lead, before he had been hurt a little later with a cruciate ligament tear.

Since then, the now 32-year-old has been around his comeback. Multiple reported the Hübner of progress, but again and again of setbacks on the way back to the professional everyday life, because the operated knee joint simply did not want to get used to the burdens and reacted with irritation or swelling. Just after this week after the Bayern game Bicakcic finally completed another big step towards comeback.

The next steps are not yet foreseeable, but that was a more important to be back in the circles of the team.

Sebastian Hoeneß

“A really nice story,” Found coach Sebastian Hoeneß, “Ermin stood again for the first time in the square and has taken the warm-up and the fitting forms.” Finally back in the circle of colleagues. “Of course that was an emotional moment for him, for me and for us as a team,” reports the 39-year-old, “that was a long time ago, he has shown that he is a good way. The next steps are still Not foreseeable, but that was a more important to be back in the circles of the team. ” Bicakcic has visibly enjoyed, on all training pictures had “iron-erin” a wide smile on the face. “He also picked up a warm applause and some hugs,” Hoeneß betrayed, “he left a really good impression and had a high pass quota. That was happy, now we hope that is not a single case.”

The role model for tireless stamina in the fight for comeback has bicakcic in any case right in mind. A few weeks before his cruciate ligament tear, Benjamin Hübner had also hurt on the ankle in the summer of 2020 and had failed well over a year. It was not until this January after 574 days after 574 days returned to the Bundesligarases for the first time, now the 32-year-old Hübner has extended his expiring contract until 2023.

Bicakcics contract also ends regularly this summer. At least in the cross-compineration to Hübner he is basically in the schedule. Let’s see if the already since 2014 in the Kraichgau Active Bicakcic continues his career in Hoffenheim.

Muscle Faser Dani Olmo and RB Leipzig pay high price

The BEST Leipzig player of this Final - Dani Olmo
The offensive all-rounder had approached the lesser in front of the Bundesliga game at the TSG Cofferdam, which is why he sat on the bank at the 0: 2 defeat on Saturday, but had not been used. Only in September Elmo was missing the Saxony because of a muscle fiber rack in the right thigh weekly, this time he moved into the lesser in the left leg.

The suspicion is urged that Elmo and his employer just pay a high price for a special constellation in summer. At that time, RB had given the heartbreaking of the player and agreed that Elmo was also allowed to represent his country after the EM tournament in Japans Olympics. Elmo then played five games at the European Championship to the semi-final against Italy. After that he was in use in all six Olympic Games, in the final, the Spaniard fails against Brazil with 1: 2 after extension.

Next to Elmo missing RB also Paulsen and Co.

When Elmo returned to Leipzig, he looked emigrated, outplayed and flat. This was followed by a cold start with three winless missions within a week against FC Bayern (1: 4), Manchester City (3: 6) and the 1st FC Cologne (1: 1), in this game he moved into the first muscle injury. After a good five-week forced break, RB coach Jesse March tried to restore the geneses with short response against Frankfurt (1 minute), Paris (16) and Dortmund (6). During the subsequent international space, Elmo was after the 33-minute use against Greece in the decisive World Cup qualifier against Sweden almost to the final whistle on the square, prepared the 1: 0 victory goal.

So now the new check: just six compulsory matches without goal success and with just one assist is his mural breeding balance.

For Champions League Group Game at Club Bruges On Wednesday, the injured Yusuf Paulsen and Marcel Heisenberg as well as the yellow-locked Tyler Adams. Also, questionable are three other professionals: Dominik Szoboszlai, who was bent in Cofferdam, trained on Monday as well as Amado Haida, which also plagues banners plague, only individually. Besides, the Mohamed Simian, which has been greeted by a cold, only practiced. On the other hand, Konrad Lieder has evidenced his adductor complaints apparently, the Austrian completed the full team training.

Bundesliga RB Leipzig concedes surprising bankruptcy

RB Leipzig lost for the first time after seven games without defeat in the football league and is slipped to a Europe League Square.

The Saxons documents after a harmless presentation at the TSG Cofferdam 0: 2 (0: 1) and thus remained awardless in the sixth course abroad. The passionately struggling Kraichgauer, for their part, produced the connection to the international ranks by the fifth season win.

Divide Samassekou (12th) and Mynas Dabber (68.) achieved the hits for the team of coach Sebastian Honey. For the TSG it was only 13,233 spectators of the third victory in the eleventh Bundesliga duel with Leipzig and the fourth home success this season.

All goals & highlights | Hoffenheim - RB Leipzig  | Vòng 12 Bundesliga 2021/2022
Instead of the injured Danes Yusuf Paulsen (muscle fiber rupture), the Portuguese Andre Silva was allowed to prove itself from the beginning for the first time since a month. He was in the best form of his career, RB-Coach Jesse March had said in front of the game with a look at Paulsens failure. His substitute remained harmless until its replacement after about 70 minutes.

Gulags Part followers

Honey had changed his team straight to five positions — sometimes forced. For the Croatian Goal Hunter Andrew Dramatic, the game came to his collision with an opponent in the World Cup qualifier against Russia as expected too soon, for him Dabber played.

Georgina Butter had the first chance for the TSG from 18 meters, but his shot stroked just past the right post (3.). Then Cofferdam profited from a Patter of the RB-Torwart: Péter Gulags sailed under a corner of Geiger, Samassekou headed freestanding. For the Mailer it was the first Bundesliga hit.

Three minutes later, Butter awarded the double strike: from seven meters he tuned Lukas Klostermann, but spelled the ball past inches on the post. Leipzig looked unsure and ideal. Among other things, Kevin Akpoguma dismissed a tight low shot (24th) and Stefan Porch by head (35th) promising opportunities for 2: 0.

We are over long distances the better team and deserves, said the attacked Christoph Baumgartner (thigh problems) in the break at Sky.

A few seconds after the change, his team underlined this statement, but at the same time continued their opportunity. Rumored in front of Gulags, shortly thereafter the Frenchman headed past the goal. Leipzig continued hard, the TSG defended solid. Dabber scored the long overdue 2: 0 after a counterattack of 18 meters.

TSG Hoffenheim Hertha BSC 2 0 Lane and red card

The capital high is already over again: The TSG Hoffenheim has stopped the youngest uptrend of Hertha BSC Jäh. The chanceless Bundesliga club from Berlin was 0: 2 (0: 2) at the TSG and was miles away from the fourth mandatory victory in a row. The Hertha (twelve points) slipped in the table for the time being in Panel eleven.

That s not nice, but we have to swallow, said Hertha coach Pal Dardai at Dazn. I think in the first half we have given away a lot. But at the end it was a deserved victory for Hoffenheim.

TSG Wins Well-Deserved | Hoffenheim - Hertha Berlin 2-0 | All Goals | Matchday 10 – Bundesliga 21/22

Andrej Kramaric (19th) and Sebastian Rudy (36th) met for the Hoffenheimer (14 points), which for the time being climbed in rank seven. The Siegloss series of Hertha coach Pal Dardai, which stood at his 200th competitive game at the sideline. The Hungarian has switched only a meter from seven guest matches at the TSG. For all the abundance saw defender Dedryck Boyata still the red card because of a gross foul (76th).

Only 8127 spectators in the Rhine-Neckar Arena went well to the point. The Hoffenheimer had the big chance for the lead in the 5th minute. After a strong combination, Angelo could not use silent. On the other side Marco Richter failed only a few seconds later at TSG goalkeeper Oliver Baumann (6th).

Then the encounter calmed first before Kramaric stepped onto the plan. The Croatian vice-world champion arrived for the ninth time against Hertha after the preliminary work of Robert Skov. The attacker has hit no other Bundesliga club.

In the guests, who had to do without Luke s Klinter, Marvin Plattenhardt, Marton Dardai and Jordan Torunarigha, the residue left traces. The Hertha acted confused. Kramaric would have used that almost to his next goal (28th). Even bigger was the chance of Skov shortly thereafter (31.).


| |

— | — |-

The Hoffenheimer, which lacked the short-term national player David Room (ankle problems) as well as Ermin Bicakcic, Benjamin Hübner, Marco John and Pavel Kaderabek, dominated the game at this stage. The hit of Rudy fell as surprising.

At the beginning of the second passing, Dardai reacted. The coach brought two fresh forces in Myziane Maolida and Stevan Jovetic. However, it was initially the Hoffenheim Ihlas Bebou, who sat down in scene. The attacker had the third TSG gate on the foot (49.).

After this scene, the Kraichgauer left the reins slightly grinding, but the harmless Berliner could not take advantage of it. That Boyata had to be from the square for his foul to Stiller after video proof, fit into the picture.

Hoffenheim – Hertha: The votes

Sebastian Hoeneß (coach TSG Hoffenheim): After 15 minutes of the first half we were superior. We also showed some effectiveness and make two goals, it was even more possible. We have little admitted. It has little admitted Stable felt.

PAL DARDAI (Trainer Hertha BSC): We have made our skin a lot too easy. We had the first big chance. If we do the game, the game runs very different. In the second half it was after the red card difficult.

TSG Hoffenheim – Hertha BSC: The listings

Hoffenheim: Baumann – Posch, Grillitsch, Vogt – Akpoguma, Geiger (84th Richards), Skov – Rudy (66th Samassezou), Stiller (77th Baumgartner) – Bebou (66. Rutter), Kramaric (84. Bruun Larsen). – Trainer: Hoeneß

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Berlin: Schwolow – Zeefuik (46th Jovetic), Boyata, Strong, Pekarik – Ascacibar, Serdar – Richter (69. Ekkelenkamp), Darida (46th Maolida, 77. Tousart), Central Cities – Piatek (61. Belfodil ). – Trainer: Dardai

TSG Hoffenheim vs Hertha BSC Friday game of the Bundesliga today in the live ticker

TSG Wins Well-Deserved | Hoffenheim - Hertha Berlin 2-0 | All Goals | Matchday 10 – Bundesliga 21/22
The Hamburger Sport-Verein e. V., (In Spanish Sports Club Hamburg), commonly known as Hamburg or by its acronym HSV, is a football club based in Hamburg, Germany. He currently plays on the 2. Bundesliga.
The current HSV was founded on June 2, 1919 after a merger of three clubs, officially traces its origin as of September 29, 1887 when the first of its predecessors was founded, the SC Germania converting it into one of the oldest in the country. The HSV possesses the unique distinction of having played continuously in the first division of the German league system since the end of the First World War. The Hamburg played in the Bundesliga since the foundation of it, in 1963, until 2018, being the Founding Club of the German League that most seasons played in the maximum category without descending.
The team is one of the most popular German football clubs, has won the German National Championship six times, the DFB-Pokal three times and the DFL-Ligapokal twice. In addition, they won two international titles: La Cup of Europe 1976-77 and the Europe Cup 1982-83. The most prominent player who went through the team and played in the German team was Felix Magath.
The local equipment of the club is a white shirt, red shorts and blue and black stockings. The most common nickname of the team is Die Rothosen (red pants). As is one of the oldest clubs in Germany, it is also known as the Der Dinosaurier (the dinosaur). Its main historical rivalry is with another historic German team, S. V. Werder Bremen, with which they dispute the Nordderby or Northern Derbi, and with the F.C. San Pauli, based in Hamburg, with which they dispute the Hamburger Stadtderby or Derbi de Hamburg. Its rivalry with the historic giant, Bayern Munich is also very famous.

The prelude to the 10th matchday of the Bundesliga will be entitled to the TSG Hoffenheim and Hertha BSC Berlin today. Here you can follow the complete friday game in the live ticker.

In today s Friday evening, the TSG Hoffenheim and Hertha BSC are dueling. Can Hertha continued to continue its upward trend, and Hoffenheim beats back after the significant 0: 4 defeat against Bayern Munich?

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TSG Hoffenheim vs. Hertha BSC: Friday game of the Bundesliga today in the live ticker – before starting

Before starting: The two teams are immediate neighbors in the table in place ten and eleven. After a messed season start, the Hertha last trapped. There were two victories against Frankfurt and Mönchengladbach. At Hoffenheim is the previous season of a roller coaster ride. Since the 6th matchday followed by victories always defeats. On the last matchday there was a clear 0: 4 against FC Bayern Munich. Can the TSG draw back today? After all, a round was left during the week in the DFB Cup.

Before starting: The friday game of the 10th matchday of the Bundesliga starts today at 20.30 clock and will be held in the Prezero Arena in Sinsheim.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the live ticker of the game between the TSG Hoffenheim and Hertha BSC Berlin.

TSG Hoffenheim vs. Hertha BSC: Friday game of the Bundesliga today in the live ticker – expected listings

TSG Hoffenheim: Baumann – Posch, Grillitsch, C. Richards – Akpoguma, Room – Geiger, Samassekou – Kramaric – Bebou, Rutter
Hertha BSC: Schwolow – Pekarik, Boyata, Strong, Plattenhardt – Ascacibar – M. Richter, Darida, S. SERDAR, Mittelstädt – Piatek

TSG Hoffenheim vs. Hertha BSC: Friday game of the Bundesliga today live in the TV and Livestream

The encounter between Hoffenheim and Hertha is transmitted exclusively to Dazn tonight. The preliminary product is already starting at 19.30. Stell is at 20.30.

As a moderator of the program, Tobi is in use. The game is commented by Uli Lever and Dazn -Experte Sebastian Knißl.

In addition to the Bundesliga Dazn offers a variety of sporting events. In addition to the Friday and Sunday games of the Bundesliga, the Champions League, the Serie A, the Primera Division, the Ligue 1, the great US sports (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB), tennis, boxing and many more count. With Dazn you can see numerous events live and full length.

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Bundesliga: The table before the 10th matchday

Place | Team | Games | Goals | Difference | Points
— | — | — | — | — |-
1 | Bayern Munich | 9 | 33: 8 | 25 | 22
2 | Borussia Dortmund | 9 | 25: 15 | 10 | 21
3 | SC Freiburg | 9 | 14: 6 | 8 | 19
4 | Bayer Leverkusen | 9 | 23: 14 | 9 | 17
5 | 1. FC Union Berlin | 9 | 13: 10 | 3 | 16
6 | RB Leipzig | 9 | 20: 9 | 11 | 14
7 | 1. FSV Mainz 05 | 9 | 12: 9 | 3 | 13
8 | 1. FC Cologne | 9 | 15: 16 | -1 | 13
9 | VfL Wolfsburg | 9 | 9: 12 | -3 | 13

10 | HERTHA BSC | 9 | 11: 21 | – 10 | 12
11 | 1899 Hoffenheim | 9 | 17: 15 | 2 | 11
12 | Boron. Mönchengladbach | 9 | 10: 12 | -2 | 11
13 | VfB Stuttgart | 9 | 14: 15 | -1 | 10
14 | VfL Bochum | 9 | 7: 16 | -9 | 10
15 | Eintracht Frankfurt | 9 | 9: 14 | -5 | 8th
16 | FC Augsburg | 9 | 5: 18 | -13 | 6
17 | Arminia Bielefeld | 9 | 5: 14 | -9 | 5
18 | SPVGG Greuther Fürth | 9 | 6: 24 | -18 | 1

Hoene after 5 0 The Cologne are extremely brave but

Julian Nagelsmann was coach when the TSG Hoffenheim celebrated her to today s highest victory in the Bundesliga, Sebastian Hoeneß came to him on Friday evening but unexpectedly near: instead of 6: 0, as in March 2018, this time it was 5: 0, also against the 1 , FC Cologne, who has lost five times in series at the TSG – at 1:21 goals.

Boah, Hoeneß said that s why when he was asked in Dazn what I liked the most. There was so much while I think that I will not get everything together now.

Hoeneß: We never got Cologne in the game you want

A few things spontaneously fell spontaneously: The team performance, which was just good from the first to the last second in all game phases ; Or that his team has shown a lot, a lot of energy in the square and at all things we ve done. We have never left Cologne in the game you want.

The Hoffenheim Matchplan was not without risk: Basically, it was about leaving the front man on man, Hoeneß revealed the Cologne with a triple chain. And then, therefore, the short-term amendment in the red zone, so before our defenders, through the Joker , the two six, to control and simply be extremely aggressive.

Thus, playing balls conquests gave themselves. The Cologne , explained Hoeneß, are extremely courageous, and that has it extremely worn so far, but we have made sure they are vulnerable to ball losses.

That evening that was not overlooked. Almost all goals fell according to the pattern described and brought Hoeneß the highest victory of his still young Bundesliga coach career. 4: 0 he had already won twice, in Augsburg on the 1st matchday and against Werder Bremen on the 22nd game day of the preseason.

Baumgart That will hurt

TSG Hoffenheim – 1. FC Cologne 5: 0 (1: 0) Sebastian Hoeneß (coach TSG Hoffenheim): I want to highlight the team performance. We have been good from the first to the last minute in all game phases. We had a lot of energy in the square. Then a game comes about. Steffen Baumgart (coach 1. FC Cologne): Basically, we were not so in the game as we have introduced ourselves. We can not let two or three percent. We will analyze that in peace. But that hurts to do.

TSG Hoffenheim vs 1 FC Cologne Bundesliga now in the live ticker

The TSG Hoffenheim receives the 1st FC Cologne on the 8th Bundesliga playing day. Here you can follow the game in the live ticker.

TSG Hoffenheim vs. 1. FC Cologne 0: 0



Position Hoffenheim

| Baumann – Kaderabek, Posch, Akpoguma, Room – Samasseque, Grillitsch, Geiger, Kramaric, Baumgartner – Bebou
Installation 1. FC Cologne | Horn – Schmitz, Jorge Meré, Czichos, Ehizibue – Özcan – Thielmann, Kainz – Uth – Modeste, Andersson
Yellow cards

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TSG Hoffenheim vs. 1. FC Cologne: Bundesliga today in the LiveTicker – 0: 0

18.: Furthermore, both teams are predominantly very trimmed to works. In addition, the defensive each is dedicated to a lot of attention, which does not even result in fast switching situations in the approach.

16.: Apparently Baumgartner puts the precipitate well away, is long ago and then asks from the playing edge around inlet.

15.: From a shortest distance, Jorge Mere Hoffenheim s Christoph Baumgartner meets the ball full of face. The midfielder goes to the ground and must be treated.

13.: Now the guys of Steffen Baumgart are reading a little more forward and even sign a first goal. The right-hand shot of Kingsley Ehizibue from a very large distance flies a far right on the box of Oliver Baumann.

11.: A little unsettled, the Cologne seems very insecurity. Guests allow themselves noticeably more misplaces, which of course makes life difficult.

9.: The following Hoffenheim corner from the right side does not summon up nearly so much danger.

8.: For Sky s sake! What does Rafael Czichos do? Deep left in your own half today s Kölner Captain plays the ball high in its own penalty area. There Hoffenheimns Andrej Kramaric is completely alone, takes on the ball with the chest and fails with his right-hand shot from a good ten meters to Timo Horn, who dormously opens him.

7.: In this respect, all participants endeavor to reach the achievement of personal safety. This is not a lot of pace in the game.

6.: Both sides are missing on the necessary precision to get into the last playing third. So the attacks remain regularly stuck.

4.: Cologne also tries to put active participation in the day. So the Rhine countries are also presented in the opponent half. The sixteen remains unreachable there for the first.

2.: Hoffenheim gets in the sixteen for the first time, but does not come through there. In addition, a manual of Dennis Geiger will be repeated. Free kick for the guests!

1.: Hoffenheim gets first in the sixteen, but does not come through there. In addition, a manual of Dennis Geiger will be repeated. Free kick for the guests!

1.: The kick-off sounds the entrance to the entrances. At eleven degrees, the sky shows over Sinsheim clouds. The lawn presents itself in very good condition.

TSG Hoffenheim vs. 1. FC Cologne: Bundesliga today in the LiveTticker – kick-off

Arsenal vs. Hoffenheim | UEFA Women’s Champions League Matchday 2 Full Match

Before starting: Just before the kick-off, we look at the impartial team. Tobias Reichel was entrusted with the game line. The 36-year-old referee comes to his eighth use in the German Football House. At hand, the assistants Christian Bandurski and Mike Pimel go. Tobias Welz acts as a fourth official official.

Before starting: In the past season, both games went to Hoffenheim. The home game was a pretty clear thing in January (3: 0). At that time, the Cologne was left for the fourth time in a row with empty hands from Sinsheim. Lastly, there was something countable for the Rhine countries in April 2016 (1: 1). In the season, the Effezh celebrated the last move victory at 1899. In November 2014 it was 4: 3 for the guests.

Before starting: Hoffenheim could already win against Cologne this season. This happened in the DFB Cup at third division Viktoria (3: 2 after extension). In the Bundesliga, the Kraichgauer accompanies a constant up and down. Victories, draw and defeat alternate regularly. So the TSG has already experienced everything at home – a 2: 2 against Union Berlin, a 0: 2 against Mainz and a 3: 1 against Wolfsburg. Before the fible break, the Sinsheimer in Stuttgart started a 1: 3.

Before starting: Cologne has cashed a mandatory leaflet this season. And with 2: 3 to lose FC Bayern Munich, is truly no shame. Since then, the Domstädter has remained unbeaten five games. Most recently one won at home against Fürth 3: 1. For a away win, however, it has not been enough. The Effzeh also played in Freiburg and Frankfurt 1: 1. For the last Cologne Bundesligasieg on travel we have to look back in the April. At that time you won 3: 2 in Augsburg.

Before starting: From a tabular point of view, the eleventh welcomes the sixth. Between both teams are four points. This credit has developed more with the Effzeh with only one goal this season (13). In addition, however, the Rhine countries also collected two heads less than the Hoffenheimer. Should the guests actually differ a win with two goals, at least overnight a Champions League Square.

Before starting: There are also three changes on the part of the guests. The places of Jonas Hector (ill), Ondrej Duda (Bank) and Ellyes SKhiri (Knie injury) in Cologne s initial formation takes up Kingsley Ehizibue, Jan Thielmann and Salih Özcan today.

Before starting: The 1st Cologne Steffen Baumgart sends in the following occupation on the lawn: Horn – Schmitz, Mere, Czichos, Ehizibue – Özcan, Kainz, Uth, Thielmann – Modeste, Andersson.

Before starting: Compared to the last pointing game before the fible break, Sebastian Hoeneß takes three changes. Instead of Kevin Vogt, Chris Richards (Both Bank) and Sargis Adamyan (not in the squad) Kevin Akpoguma, Stefan Posch and the christoph Baumgartner genisen from muscular problems in Hoffenheim.

Before starting: With the beginning of the reporting, we devote ourselves to the personnel affairs of the evening and at the same time the mutual team statements. The TSG 1899 Hoffenheim goes to this eleven players: Baumann – Kaderabek, Posch, Akpoguma, Room – Samassekou, Grillitsch, Geiger, Kramaric, Baumgartner – Bebou.

Before starting: The Cologne play in the Bundesliga under coach Steffen Baumgart successful football. The ceiling bats are ranked after seven match days, the TSG, on the other hand, is in the table in the table. Strikerstar Andrej Kramaric also has a ligator on his account. After all, however, the 30-year-old with his hits for the Croatian national team against Slovakia in the past World Cup qualifier could recharge confidence.

Before starting: At 20.30 clock it starts. As a venue, the Prezero Arena serves in Sinsheim.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the 8th Bundesliga Games Day. The TSG Hoffenheim has to ran against the 1st FC Cologne.

TSG Hoffenheim vs. 1. FC Cologne: Bundesliga today on TV and Livestream

After the encounter between Hoffenheim and Cologne today is a friday game, there is the game live and exclusive to see Dazn . At 19.30, so an hour before kick-off, the discussion begins. For the game of Dazn , moderator Tobi madness, commentator Marco Hagemann and expert Ralph Gunesch are used.

At the streaming service you can see this season next to the Friday games also on Sunday. In addition, you can look each Saturday the Friday and Saturday games in the form of a highlight show on the platform.

The price for the Dazn subscription is 14.99 euros per month or 149.99 euros per year.

Subscribe now for 14.99 euros per month and thus track today s game between the TSG Hoffenheim and the 1st FC Cologne in the Livestream!

TSG Hoffenheim vs. 1. FC Cologne: Bundesliga – the stations

TSG Hoffenheim: Baumann – Caderabek, Posch, Akpoguma, Room – Samassekou, Grillitsch, Geiger, Kramaric, Baumgartner – Bebou
1. FC Cologne: T. Horn – Schmitz, Jorge Meré, Czichos, Ehizibue – Özcan – Thielmann, Kainz – Uth – Modeste, Andersson

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Bundesliga: The table before the 8th matchday

Place | Team | Sp. | Goals | Diff | Pkt.
— | — | — | — | — |-
1. | Bayern Munich | 7 | 24: 7 | 17 | 16
2. | Bayer Leverkusen | 7 | 20: 7 | 13 | 16
3rd | Borussia Dortmund | 7 | 19: 13 | 6 | 15
4. | SC Freiburg | 7 | 11: 5 | 6 | 15
5. | VFL Wolfsburg | 7 | 9: 8 | 1 | 13
6. | 1. FC Cologne | 7 | 13: 9 | 4 | 12
7. | 1. FC Union Berlin | 7 | 10: 9 | 1 | 12
8. | RB Leipzig | 7 | 15: 7 | 8 | 10
9. | 1. FSV Mainz 05 | 7 | 7: 5 | 2 | 10
10. | Borussia M Gladbach | 7 | 9: 10 | -1 | 10
11. | TSG Hoffenheim | 7 | 12: 11 | 1 | 8th
12. | VfB Stuttgart | 7 | 12: 13 | -1 | 8th
13. | Eintracht Frankfurt | 7 | 8: 10 | -2 | 8th
14. | Hertha BSC | 7 | 8: 20 | -12 | 6
15. | FC Augsburg | 7 | 3: 13 | -10 | 5
16. | Arminia Bielefeld | 7 | 3: 10 | -7 | 4
17. | VfL Bochum | 7 | 4: 16 | -12 | 4
18. | SPVGG Greuther Fürth | 7 | 5: 19 | -14 | 1

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