Third Game of the FC Union Tornesch, third victory: On Tuesday evening, the team of Thorben continued their run at Bramfelder SV. It was first digested for Union a shock moment. Because already in the first minute of the game Freudenthal hunted a rich volley shot to the TornScher column. Wake up awake, the guests went to lead in the 13th minute with their first good action. From Winckelmann, after Knottnerus template, did not bother Bramfeld’s Keeper Kalk, the ball in the goal. The hit showed its effect with the hosts, which showed again just before the break before the Unioner Tor. Polein failed from unfavorable angle but to goalkeeper Baese.

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Union Keeper was also focused shortly after the break, when he parried against Freudenthal, who came to the back after a polezin ball on the back post. But as in the first round Bramfeld belonged to the first good opportunity, however, the guests should meet again. Sticken served on the left of Winckelmann, who crossed directly for Knottnerus. The latter pushed free (51.). But Bramfeld knew to answer. In the third course, Freudenthal brought the leather after a polezine flank then even past Baese in the gate under (54.). But the Bramfeld did not manage to take the momentum from the headline. Game determination remained Tornesch. 20 minutes before the end, the Hommelf then became more active and had well opportunities for the compensation. The thickest belonged subay, which hunted the ball from a meter over the gate. Three minutes before the end, Union Tiedemann was allowed to take a flank ball in the penalty area. His shot landed over the post in the stitches – 3: 1. The decision.

While Union Tornesch ridges two rank, Bramfeld remains in the basement. Of course, nothing is lost for the BSV.