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[Planning] Maybe Im an all -round sport?

Traditionally, the number 7 is a symbolic number that is mainly for soccer players who have good attacks and skills. For example, Son Heung-min, who achieved the English Premier League scorer for the first time in Asia, also won seven times in Tottenham and became the scorer. In addition, our eternal haesa (overseas football father) ‘Park Ji-sung’ also has seven times when playing as a captain in the national team.

I can’t believe it, but I once used to wear seven times like them, showed a brilliant skill, and had a ground. I really like the exercise so I don’t have any exercises since I was in elementary school. Is it a virtue that you have always received high grades in physical education in middle school and high school? Even if I played a sports game, I often got higher scores than other friends.

I heard that Nintendo Sports, one of the exercise games I enjoyed, was now released as a switch version. I have done some of the many sports in Nintendo Switch Sports that my athletic nervous ability and game will be the same.

■ Let’s enjoy exercise with Joycon, Nintendo Switch Sports
When I first heard that Nintendo Sports was released as a switch version, I was very happy to have fun playing with the Nintendo Wii version. In particular, I was the most fun when I was boxing in Nintendo Wii, but it was a bit unfortunate because there was no boxing in this switch version. However, I really enjoyed the volleyball and swordsmanship that was not in the previous work. I enjoyed a variety of sports shortly and played badminton and bowling that can be enjoyed outside with friends. I liked the fact that I could enjoy and play with people all over the world through the switch online.

Best of Andy Bernard - The Office US

I headed to the neighborhood park with my friend before going to exercise in earnest. There, I decided to play basketball free with a game. In the last year, I received a perfect score for basketball, but I couldn’t stand my friend’s provocation, but I couldn’t beat my friend who lived in basketball in school. Still, I felt like I woke up my athletic nerves for a long time, so I often promised to play basketball.

■ The most confident badminton sport
As it is said that exercise is genetic, you can see that the parents of athletes were sometimes players of the same sports as their children. My natural exercise skills seemed to inherit from my father, who was active in early football. This is because both my younger brother and my younger brother played soccer activities at school. If you choose one of your favorite sports for our family who loves sports, badminton will not fall out.

‘Badminton’ is usually used to hit outside the windy day, but in Nintendo Switch Sports, badminton was not affected by the weather at all. However, it was a bit unfortunate about the fact that the controlled character did not move my way. In addition, it was possible to proceed simply by sitting and shaking Joycon without having to wake up. Nevertheless, Badminton won five wins and three wins and showed my skills of complying with the world.

As I played the character that I didn’t move at my own way, I wanted to do badminton as soon as I headed from the basketball court to badminton. While I was going, I was better, and you were better, and I was arguing with Okhin. I haven’t competed with this friend yet, so I didn’t know much about my skills, so I thought it was a great opportunity to flatten my friend’s nose.

He gave a handicap to a friend’s words that it was hard to hit because of the wind, but he won the light score difference and returned his lust in the basketball event with badminton. On the contrary, I enjoyed it because it seemed to show a variety of play because it was more fun than played in the game. After all, badminton seems to be more fun to do it outside than shaking Joycon.

■ Bowling Online No. 1, actual last?
Many people are looking for bowling because the stress is relieved by the light sound of the pins. However, when I play bowling, I only get stressed in the ball that falls sideways. So I don’t have a bowling with my friends. But Nintendo Switch Sport was different.

Far from stress, there was a difference between actually playing and playing games. Bowling shoes and balls, such as bowling shoes and balls, were easy to hit by rolling the bowling ball with joy, without the required equipment such as bowling shoes and balls.

After achieving the first place in the competition with people around the world, I drove this momentum and headed to the bowling alley. Still, it was the first place in Nintendo Switch Sports, but this time it was different, but the reality was harsh. The catastrophe occurred as the tribal ball fell into the ditch.

Eventually, I found that the skills of Nintendo Switch Sports and my actual exercise skills show similar skills depending on the sports. However, in the case of bowling, it was so bad that it was better to enjoy in the game. In the game, I hit the strike twice, but I actually went to the bowling alley and it was different. Of course, it is a premise that the basic skills support, but it seems that the skills can be dominated by various elements such as the weight of the ball and the skills of the people around them.

However, it was fun to exercise with fresh air with my friend outside for a long time. In the room, there is a different taste with people all over the world, but it seems to be the best thing to go out of the house. Nowadays, how about running ice cream with a run or a friend who enjoys lightly outside while the streets are released and clear weather continues?

Nintendo Switch sports tennis guide – advice and recommendations

Tennis is one of the few Nintendo Sports games, which were part of the series from the very beginning. However, even if many controls are familiar, its version for Nintendo Switch still has several differences from the type of shots that you can make to the duration of the rallies that you can support.

How to PERFECT Serve in Nintendo Switch Sports Tennis! (Fast Ball Ace Guide)
If you want to maintain your position in Tennis Pro Leagues, the tips that should be remembered are below.

Tire the enemy

There are two things that can tire the avatars:

  1. Very long rallies
  2. The need to run far during a rally

As soon as the avatar gets tired, he begins to run slower and their income becomes weaker . In the end, they will take a throw (or a very shaky, slow and high throw). Quickly move the Joycon down to call defeat .

refrain from too much movement

However, fatigue applies not only to the avatar of your opponent. If your avatar runs from end to end to catch the ball, you will find yourself in a vulnerable position. As far as possible, you should never configure the field in such a way that it is TH who needs to run.

Thus, always direct your shots toopposite corners * of the opponent’s fields. Thus, they will have no other choice, except to return the ball to the center or to the side on which you are now standing. In any case, this guarantees that you do not have to chase the ball.

Never rock the Joycon too quickly horizontally.

Are your return always land outside the line? Perhaps this is due to the fact that you have a tendency to Click your Joycon turns too sharply to the left or right. It is safer to make “drawing” movement with the Joycon whenever the line comes back to return the ball.

Of course, with sufficient practice, you can evaluate how much strength you need to attach to your blows so that the ball does not land behind the line. Just do not forget to click Joycon!

for experts: Perform curved swings

Having experimented for some time with the “scooping up” of the sinks, you may notice how the balls that you discard are changing the direction. After he bounces once . Nintendo Switch Sports is a game that rewards you for getting closer to imitate movements in real sports . For tennis, this means that you can control the rotation of the ball depending on how you get it. For example, if you swing with your right hand diagonally inside, after the rebound, the ball bends to the right.

If you want to knock the enemy or avoid impact from the line, you are best suited for bent strikes.

To get additional information about the Nintendo Switch Sports, check out some of our other publications here, in games for professionals.

No procedure against Frankfurts Hinteregger

At the 1: 2 defeat of Eintracht against the Sports Club on Sunday Hinteregger Freiburg’s Philipp Lienhart had caught his hand on his hand after a two-sided scramble.
Although this is small on the TV pictures, this is small and seen on the edge, which does not matter anymore at all.
“The DFB Control Committee will not initiate a procedure in this regard, because the prerequisites for the subsequent punishment of a crass of a strange behavior in accordance with paragraph 8, point 8 of the legal and procedural order of the DFB here are not here. The scene was checked in detail by the video assistants, the referee

Has decided on (simple) foul play and thus hit a fact decision, “a DFB spokesman took a Freiburg Philipp request.
The evaluation by one of the impartial excludes a subsequent barrier.
On the subject:
Two persons at the goal post costs the Eintracht 7500 Euro

After outraster against Hellas: lock and fine for Mourinho

The Sports Court of Italian Serie A has blocked As-Rome coach José Mourinho for two games and condemned a fine of 20,000 euros. Shortly before the end of the game last Saturday at home against Hellas Verona (2: 2) the Portuguese “serious allusions” expressed in the direction of the referee, the judges judged on Tuesday. With lined thumb and small finger, he imitated a phone call. Since he has not expressed himself, it can only be coated, whereupied.

Mourinho have also reached the playing field threatening. As a result, referee Luca Pairetto showed him the red card. The trouble was not smoke after the game, because allegedly, Mourinho has taken the impartial after the final whistle in the cabin to the chest.

The trouble went back to the four minutes of reflection time. For Mourinho – the “Special One” – that was too little after his team had previously caught up a 0: 2 residue.

It did not stay with a barrier

Jose Mourinho bemused that Eden Hazard hasn't won the Premier League Player of the Month award
Romas Torwart coach Nuno Santos also locked the court for two games because he insulted the referee towards the end of the game. Fitness coach Stefano Rapetti came with a game barrier and 5000 euros punishment of it, he has rejected the bank of Hellas “Blasphemisch”. Club Manager Tiago Pinto was closed until 8 March, because after graduation in the player’s tunnel the impartial assault. He apologized later.

2K is going to make the soccer game that we have been asking for years, but it is not what you expected

One of those news that has left us with his mouth open. We have been asking for a 2K ** football game for years and finally they will do it… although based on the LEGO universe. That is what they count from VGC in an exclusive news, where they indicate an agreement between the Toy brand and the video game publisher.

Apparently, fruit of this agreement will start a production of games that will exploit a sports line with these charismatic characters. Thus, they indicate that this path will start with a soccer game developed by Sumo Digital , Studio with extensive experience and whose last work is Sackboy: Big Adventure.

There will be more, and will continue with a “Open World Lego racing game” that is already under development under Visual Concepts, responsible for the WWE 2K saga. Of course, the change is drastic, but the proposal seems interesting and simple. Come on, they have won us.

According to the aforementioned source, it is expected that the soccer game arrives this year to take advantage of the thrill of the Qatar World Cup 2022 . The racing game would arrive at 2023 and there would be more, since they say that a third Lego sports title is also being developed, based on an important sports franchise.

With this idea, apparently 2K seeks to expand its sports games with the aim of attracting a younger audience and, in this way, they have considered that Lego is the best partner for the cause. In addition, they point out that _ “2K plans suggested that the Lego Sports Games could include guest characters from some of the popular cross-country licenses, such as Marvel, Harry Potter and DC” _.

Now, it is only necessary to wait for an official announcement about it to know more about these curious projects.

FIFA 22 Mini launch signatures Signatures Here are the new Black Friday cards

EA SPORTS announced the mini release signatures popularly FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. The new Team will be available in packs for limited time. For the first time, BLACK FRIDAY presents the new Signature Signings cards, celebrating some of the most successful transfers in the recent history of football. Signature Signings players receive permanent updates to honor their memorable debut season at their current club. FIFA 22 is expected for October 1 to PlayStation 5, Xbox X-Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Steam and Nintendo Switch. Continue following us also through our social networks Facebook and Twitter for other news and information.

Best sports games for PS4

What are the best sports games for PS4 ? Whether you are a diehard football fan or an occasional basketball fan, there is no question that sports games on consoles like the PlayStation 4 with distance belong to the most popular. We offer both hardcore simulations and arcade-like adaptations. Have the compiled best sports games for PS4 on this page – and you can enjoy virtually all without falling into sweating. If motorsport is more your thing, then look at our Best PS4 racing games Guide and our overalls Best PS4 games list.

Best sports games for PS4

Below is a list of best sports games for PS4 . These are the top sports games available on the PlayStation 4 and will not be presented in any specific order as defined by our editorial team.

Mutant Football League (PS4)

Type: Arcade
Sport: American football
Player: 4

Inspired by EAS Altem Sega Genesis game, the Mutant Football League occupies an apocalyptic view of Gridiron, where Quaterbacks can literally be slaughtered when they are looted. It is faulty and unbalanced, but American football fans will appreciate the use of puns, while the rapid arcade action reminds of the happy days of NFL flash.


Type: simcade
Sports: Mixed Combat
Player: 2

EA SPORTS UFC 4 retains the bone breaking spectacle of sports, which was inspired, but adds an arcade shine that should attract more casual fans for the first time. An accessible Grappling mini game, paired with the outstanding ground gameplay from the previous part and with an advanced single-player campaign mode, this is a knockout for fans of Mixed Martial Arts.

Windjammer (PS4)

Type: Arcade
Sport: Fryer
Player: 2

There is a lack of new arcade sports games on the PS4, but fortunately, the legendary SNK Frisbee Flinger Windjammer has proven itself. This cult classic is practically a 90s version of Pong and lets you throw you over colorful squares and throw flying slices on a series of fashionable opponents. This true-to-faithful conversion squeezes in the online game and makes it a must for both newcomers and long-standing fans of the original.

PGA Tour 2K21 (PS4)

Type: Simulation
Sport: Golf
Player: 20

The Golf Club was one of the outstanding indie sports games on the PS4, but now it has a publisher and a budget behind it. PGA Tour 2K21 retains the features that made its predecessors have made solid golf simulations, but improves the entire broadcast style presentation and contains a series of licensed courses and per players against which one can compete. It is still not quite a hole in one, but HB Studios moves closer.

Ollioli 2: Welcome to Olliwood (PS4)

Type: Arcade
Sport: Skateboarding
Player: 4

Ollioli 2: Welcome to Olliwood s stick-flick control feels just as Tactil as in the original, and with more combination options and challenges than ever, it is anything but tedious to work through this two-dimensional title.

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