The advantage of the spin-off title is that the series fans will play, the disadvantage is that if it is not a series fan, it is a little relieved to hand. But Tin Tina’s Wonderland is such a game that can enjoy a funny person, even a person who does not have anything to do at all. Rather, it was made well enough to think that there was no handicraft with an injury.

Once fun. There is fun to shoot a shapes afraid. The Moss sum summons the flying bombs and summon the electric beads that the afrhasy is rolling. If you do not have enough magic, you can swallow, knife or ax. The cute mushroom friend can shoot poison together, and you can beat the enemy’s back.

And very fantasy B-class stories continue. Tina’s crowd, which plays Bunker and Bang Ace like here, is that it is not enough to play with a single play, even if you play a single player with a bird. If you are talking about what the story is, then how much the story is, how long it looks like a few hours.

This strange country, which seems to be a little screw made by Tina, is more fantasy than I thought, and it is more colorful than I thought and more fun than I thought. Oh, and it is closer than I thought.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Review Fumble or Fantastic?

Game Name : Wonderland of Tin Tina
Classes : 1 person Lutherer, Action, RPG
Release date : 2022. 3. 25.


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