Zorya: the criticism of the heavenly sisters

In Zorya: The Celestial Sisters, a cooperative puzzle game created by Madlife Entertainment, two players must solve a series of increasingly difficult puzzles using their intelligence and communication. There are some unique situations to cross in Zorya, as well as neat systems and a decent history. But it is braked by capricious controls and a slow rhythm. A particular player finds herself in long periods of waiting.

A story of sisters

The story speaks of two Godsses, Aysu and Solveig, whose mission is to meet. The bottom line is that you have to cure the world once the two sisters have finally gathered. This sets up vanity for most puzzles. Solveig (the goddess of the sun) must manipulate the hour of the day so that the goddess of the night Aysu can cross each area with care without burning and grasping an essence to complete the level.

There are also collectibles to find on the way and often worth it because they will unlock bonus areas. These lateral sections have new mechanisms to spice up the game. While my girlfriend and I were a little tired of the main puzzles, some of these secondary missions were a fun diversion to accelerate the pace.

As Solveig, you get an overview of the map and the ability to control daylight. It’s your job to guide aysu where she has to go. As Yesu, your view is in the third person and you are the boots on the ground. Your job is to move, push and pull as and when, while getting the knowledge of your Solveig sister’s card.

It sounds like the right combination on paper, but according to our experience, it has often led one of us to wait for the other to do something so that we can discuss the next part. Solveig would need time to review the card and you will end up follow the instructions of Asyu, removing your agency to help solve puzzles.

Backy Controls

Zorya: The Celestial Sisters - Official Launch Trailer

This is aggravated by capricious controls. As Issu, I often fell to death and it did not seem to me often just when I sailed in areas. Solveig is struggling with a camera that does not cooperate often and markers that do not really help you to find its way. In our time, it was more frustration than cooperation. There has been a lot of accidental falls and deaths due to strange control movements or camera problems, forcing us to start again from the beginning.

These controls do what seems to be simple puzzles, sometimes a test and error test where you hope the best to get the precision you need.

A great artistic style and a visual plume to help give life to the world of sisters. The animations leave a little to be desired. But the variety of landscapes represented in pictures are really standing out. Music is also mainly soothing, helping to emphasize the world’s visuals.

While Zorya: the sister Calesteles enigmas will potentially interest the enthusiasts of the genre, those who are looking for a cooperative game on sofa in which to sink really will want to reconsider. It takes two solutions for both players to be part of the puzzle, dividing and often bringing together players in a unique way.

Zorya has trouble maintaining a balance between the two players. This usually leaves someone in the cold checking his phone to spend the time. If you and a friend like puzzles, there is charm here and it’s worth a glance. There are a number of puzzles here and content on which you can continue to come back.