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FC Schalke 04 swears with a change of rhythm

It is not unusual that the Schalke have breakfast together in the morning. But that they leave the club premises for this. As part of the preparation for the last home game against FC St. Pauli on Saturday (8:30 p.m., live! At Schalke home), they stayed away during the week. Those responsible have chosen a domicile with a high ambience near their arena.

The current starting point will certainly have come up with the team breakfast. It is as diverse as clear: Schalke 04 can rise this weekend, even as a second division champion – the club can also gamble everything in the end of the season. Even the crash is possible in 5th place. Sports director Rouven Schröder outlined on Thursday at the press conference before the home game, how the balance is to be maintained from an euphoric mood and admonishing attitude. So one wanted to “allow the euphoria from outside, but always remain calm and factual internally”.

St. Pauli is entitled to win against us.

Rouven Schröder

The question of concentration should also have been the main topic at breakfast. “We haven’t flown to us throughout the season,” said Schröder, “we once played better and worse.” Büskens added: “These points keep us very awake.”

The content could also have been the fact that with a view to the season finale in Nuremberg, four Schalke are threatened by a yellow lock in a week. Büskens, whom at the moment hardly plague personnel problems, explained in a wink that he had instructed his players not to take too much time against St. Pauli during a substitution or to curb the “activity mode” in the direction of the referee.

After all, Schalke should have enough to do with his opponent. At the press conference, Schröder emphasized with the Hamburgers despite the concentrated Corona eruption: “St. Pauli will not be able to play with us with a fuselage or with a Notelfe.

Büskens and S04 Düsseldorf keep your fingers crossed

Born in Düsseldorf in Gelsenkirchen: Mike Büskens, a Schalke club legend. imago images

Also a topic when sitting together: the game of SV Darmstadt on Friday in Büskens’ birthplace Düsseldorf. This game is of fundamental importance with regard to the Schalke home game. Only if the Darmstädter should not win can the royal blue to make the climb perfect on Saturday. Büskens called several reasons for a success of the Fortuna, which were two most important: “Under Daniel Thioune they play a really good round, and it is also the last home game of the season for them, in which they want to say goodbye to their audience.”

Of course, this also applies to Schalke itself. On Saturday evening, when the ball rolls in the arena, the Eurofighter will also be present on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the European Triumph. Of all things, organizer Olaf Thon cannot be there because of a positive coronate test, but otherwise almost all UEFA Cup winners from 1997 will show face, led by their then coach Huub Stevens.

Büskens is “zero integrated”

While the clutodles, who beat Inter Milan on that May evening, act against St. Pauli as a lucky charm, Eurofighter Büskens is understandably “zero into the processes because of his coaching job. But I also have no head for”.

S04-PK vor St. Pauli | FC Schalke 04

His biggest wish will of course be to be able to initiate the Bundesliga promotion with his former teammates. At least on a home win that would make the way for what could follow what could follow in Nuremberg a week later.

Simon Terodde: Thanks to the fans after the 2-1 in Sandhausen

After the cheering scenes, the fact that the Schalkers could stay away from the SV Sandhausen Favorite Schreck SV Sandhausen after the SV Sandhausen Favorite Schreck SV Sandhausen. Finally, Königsblau responded to a stroke of the neck in the final phase and also benefited from the Bremen defeat and from the draw of FC St. Pauli, which is why more and more can be dreamed of in Gelsenkirchen.

Terodde must “realize” the events first

As double packer Simon Terodde presented himself after the final whistle at “Sky”, it simply fit into the picture: Full of joy, but without voice the record goal scorer of the 2nd Bundesliga croaks: “You have to realize what has gone here today.” Even before the kick -off, the supporters presented in the outnumbered would have supported the team strongly. Incidentally, Terodde had left his non -existent voice “in the curve and just in the cabin”.

Büskens speaks of incredible emotions

Terodde on fire! | Hansa Rostock - FC Schalke 0-2 | All Goals | Matchday 8 – Bundesliga 2 -21/22
With regard to the course of the game, manager Rouven Schröder meant: “It’s just nice, the boys deserve it mercilessly that we Genau shoot this goal as late. It goes down like oil.” Schröder and Coach Mike Büskens preferred to talk about the tags. The interim coach said that he once again saw the reason “why you play football and why you like to be part of the hottest club in the world – incredible, that’s so much emotion.”

Terodde therefore did not try to talk about himself in a fragile voice. “The fans should celebrate, I think they also pushed us to win in the end,” said the striker and explained: “Usually you collapse after the compensation, but when you see what is going on… With the support Then it. “

What the Schalke fans tear off is incredible.

Rouven Schröder

From many ways, Terodde briefly lacked the words. However, what he knew: In his “tip kick goal” in added time, everyone had fallen into “pure ecstasy”. “When I saw the team, the colleagues, the coaching team: I think I would have loved to run out of the stadium.” Sports director Schröder explained it for “indescribable what the Schalke fans tear off here is incredible”.

According to their idea, the team and supporters should be able to rave so at the end of the season. Schröder found it important to enjoy at the weekend, but then the motto would be called again: “Focus, there is no alternative”. Terodde also said: “We still have two games and we have to tear them.”

Both next week on Saturday (6.30 p.m.) in your own arena against direct competitor St. Pauli and on the last matchday at 1. FC Nürnberg (May 15, 3:30 p.m.), a good performance and plenty of will. It should be clear that the fans will be able to do their part today at the latest.

Fix! Terodde remains at FC Schalke

Terodde Brace! | Holstein Kiel - FC Schalke 04 0-3 | All Goals | Matchday 2 – Bundesliga 2 - 21/22
Torjäger Simon Terodde remains another season at the football second division Schalke 04. The Treaty of the 34-year-old has been automatically renewed by a year after the game against Hannover 96 (2: 1). These gave the royal blue on Saturday. Terodde was successful in the current season. “Simon showed from the beginning how important he is for FC Schalke 04. This does not only apply to his performance in the square, but also for his preceding within the cabin,” said Simon director Rouven Schröder. Terodde said: “I have already emphasized that I would like to play longer for the club. Schalke 04 is a special club.”

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