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HSV scorer Glatzel: We feel the longings

His personal quota is already making him the winner. With five goals, HSV goalkeeper Robert Glatzel is leading in the goal scorer list of the current DFB Cup competition before the final between Leipzig and Freiburg, and in the league the 28-year-old increased his hit account on Saturday in 2-1 against Hannover by double pack to 21. Nevertheless, he makes it unequivocally clear that this is not enough for him: “Of course we want to climb now.”

Glatzel: “If that works like this, it makes you proud”

It is also due to Glatzel that the leap to the Bundesliga is possible again before the last matchday in Rostock. After a double pack in the first leg against Hansa, the knot burst at the former Heidenheimer, he has already completed his best season in professional football and says: “It is something nice and special. If it works, it makes you proud.”

08. May 202206: 15 minutes

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Ingolstadt - HSV Hamburg 0:4 Höhepunkte | Tor Robert Glatzel,Sonny Kittel,Sebastia Schonlau,Kaufmann


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“We have a lot of positive energy”

Personal success should now also follow as a group. And the view of having a goal in mind – unlike in the past, should not paralyze. In the final phase of the season in which the HSV played everything in the three previous years, of all people, this time, a catch -up hunting has not yet been achieved. Seven points behind five games before the end of the three-point rule in 1995/96 has not yet caught up with a second division, but Glatzel brakes: “That is only worth something if we also win in Rostock now.” And it believes in the inspiring effect through the climbed 3rd place. “After the Darmstadt defeat in Düsseldorf, we already had the situation on Friday that we had the relegation place against Hanover in our own hands. And we accepted them well. We have a lot of positive energy and we are now taking them to Rostock.”

A path that started in Kiel four weeks ago is to be crowned on the Baltic Sea. After the 0: 1 at the storks, Glatzel had ticked off the ascent in a very emotional TV interview, internally, he now explains, an appointment was then made. “We have committed ourselves to the fact that things cannot go on in such a way that it is always missing. Glatzel and his colleagues now want to provide this proof this next Sunday so that the season goes into extra time. He says: “We feel the longings of the people in Hamburg. But I think they were felt everywhere on Saturday: in the ranks and on the square. We know that we are safe in the relegation with a win with Hansa. And Then of course we want to win them too. “

HSV: Daniel Heuer Fernandes and the loving moments

“It’s outstanding what we have done for more than 120 minutes today. The opponent has graved us scanny, but we have come back and never gave us. I’m overjoyed about the team performance.”

Daniel Heuer Fernandes’ Opening after the victory in penalties over the KSC in the DFB Cup Finals speaks volumes. The HSV had to participate against the Baden so much and kept in the end, though the Derby defeat was certainly in the bones, the nerves – even thanks to the matchwinder between the posts.

The number one of the HSV initially did not look good and the 0: 1 by free kick was neglected. Due to two held penalties in the penalty shootout, the final man mutated in the end, however, to the hero. This year Fernandes did not want to accept that at “Sky”. He rather spoke of the great atmosphere in the sold-out Volksparkstadion with 25,000 spectators. “For that you play football, for such cup evenings,” the 29-year-old stuck.

Boldt was sure that Heuer Fernandes “at least one holds”

For himself praise “Ferro” rather not, only his rest he raised. The praise for the keeper took over others. Sports Management Jonas Boldt Attested the goalkeeper a consistently “outstanding season” and was “sure he keeps at least one”.


Character and morality crucial

Boldt seemed prior to the penalty shootout anyway. In the cup, it is finally used to (even in the previous two rounds, the HSV decided on the progress against Nuremberg and Cologne from the point, D. Red.), “that it always goes into the extra time. The boys have everything enclosed and Today we rewarded again. “

For Boldt, morality was decisive at the end of success. The way in victory speak “for the character. This is not the first time this season that we have come back”. Heuer Fernandes agreed, but had also made something else: the support of the fans he underlined again, as she missed “goose bumps”. “I love these moments – like more,” the keeper swarmed.

To win so many fans such a dramatic game is just beautiful.

Robert Glatzel

Robert Glatzel, who shot both HSV goals in the regular season and brought the red-to-the renewal the extension only in the detention time, felt likewise. “Unbelievable, really indescribable. To win so many fans such a dramatic game is just beautiful.” Especially if you remember “that almost felt for two years has been played without fans”, so the “outstanding” attacker for this year Fernandes.

Fortan is the “final very clearly the dream and the goal,” said Glatzel. Successfully inflicting the success. “Such happings are unique and that will give us a good feeling, even if we played 120 minutes,” said the attacker with a view to the upcoming task on Saturday night in the top game at the 1st FC Nuremberg (20.30 pm, live! At Glatzel).

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