“We annoyingly annoy us. I’m very eaten that we did not manage today to pass against Atalanta,” Robert Andrich said after the game. “We have to accuse ourselves that we simply do the gate in the crucial moments,” says the midfielder, which undoubtedly all played on the two missed bulk opportunities of Moussa Diaby in the initial phase of both game halves.

EURE FRAGEN an Robert Andrich | Unsere Nummer 8 beantwortet Fanfragen | Bayer 04 Leverkusen

A little less emotionally Andrichs Coach analyzed in the Europa League: “We have shown a good game over wide routes. From a solid defensive we have created enough danger in the switching game to achieve a gate. Atalanta has defended well. We had enough Chances for a gate, but just not ripped enough, “Gerardo Seoane said, ultimately, especially in the” bad 40 minutes in Bergamo “saw the main reason for failure.

Similarly, it saw defender Jonathan Tah, who also made a lack of clarity as one of the main causes of it, that it had – as in the 0: 1 in the derby against Cologne on Sunday – again did not work with a goal success: “We have it better than in the first leg made. Especially in the second half we have exercised a lot of pressure on the opponent and had many situations to make the gate. In the end, this one hit just missed. We are very disappointed, it was more possible. “