Numbering series News are not remembered when the new news was, and I do not remember the Heroes of Mide and Magic (Homm). But the game for fans who remembered the HOMM series that boasted the demon-like immersion-like immersions will soon be early.

Songs Of Conquest - Gameplay Trailer

Ravation announced on May 25, the Turnbs of Conquest _ announced on May 10, on May 10, on May 10,

The Songs of Conquest is a lot of strategic elements that remember historical Homm2 or Homm3, and a large expectation of Homm fans. The biggest feature of the game is the growth of RPG elements and the strategicity of the battle, and the growth of the village of the player, and the base of the player.

The player can build a variety of buildings in the village and produce some buildings, and produce different kinds of soldiers depending on what require buildings. The hero takes these soldiers and acquires the above items or meet events.

Unlike a hero movement on the field in turn-on, the battle is turned into a hexa turned tactics. Employed soldiers can be operated as one unit, and these battles remember HOMM’s battle. Unlike HOMM, it is not a way to build a variety of buildings in one castle, but a way to build a variety of buildings around the castle. Even if you do not occupy the castle, you can play the way to plunder the surrounding building.

Art design and graphic production implemented as pixel art were also attracted attention from the time of public. The Pixel Art in the Songs of Conquest adds a taste to take advantage of a variety of colors, and the background implemented with 2.5D supports up to 4K high resolution, topographic height and smooth shader, and more realistic light sources.

The player must select one of the four faces with different properties and backgrounds in the game to achieve the victory requirements for each map. In addition, the level editor may include, and it is also possible to directly manufacture the upper surface of the appropriate terrain.

The Songs of Conquest will start its early days on May 10, and will be launched later with Steam, Epic Games Store,, and more.