The Pokémon Company and Game Freak have announced the next generation three years after Pokémon Sword & Shield. The next main game comes back into two editions and is exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. We summarize all the official information about Pokémon Karmesin & Purpur for you.

Note : This item is continuously updated with new info.

Table of contents :

  • Release
  • Differences of the editions
  • Setting
  • Construction of the game world
  • Gameplay
  • Starter
  • More Pokémon

Release – When are Pokémon Karmesin and Purple appear?

Pokémon Karmesin and Purple appear at the end of 2022 for the Nintendo Switch . There is not a more detailed date yet, but in the coming weeks Game Freak and Nintendo are expected to comment.

Get ready for a November release : Great Pokémon editions appeared in recent years in November. Whether sword / shield, Let’s go Pikachu / Evoli or radiant diamond / luminous pearl – all the main terms and remakes had a release in November on the switch. The only exception so far is Pokemon-Legend Arceus, which was published in January 2022, but also more likely to be understood as a spin-off.

That’s the latest (and only only) trailer to Pokémon Karmesin / Purple :

What are the differences of editions?

According to the first pictures, the clothing of the protagonists depending on the edition seems to have a different color, properly expressed to the differences of the two editions but not yet. As a rule, it is above all exclusive Pokémon, which are then exchanged via the exchange function between Karmesin and Purple. Sometimes smaller story elements and characters are different.

Open World – Setting and construction of the game world

Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet Official Announcement Trailer

Game Freak is finally launched in Karmesin and Purpur into a completely open game world with a whole new setting.

The setting: Spain and Portugal

As the first trailer shows, the new region is based on the Iberian Peninsula. Accordingly, it goes into a sunny setting with shiny beaches and Mediterranean architecture. You read more here:

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more on the subject

Pokémon Purpur / Karmesin has a real Open World and Spain as a model


No name yet : Even if we know the setting in itself, the name of the region is still unknown.

Structure of the open game world

How Game Freak has been announced on the website, the ninth generation will be open. Thus you can run directly from a city to the next and have an Open World who wants to explore. Basically, the natural zones of sword and shield are now expanded to all routes in the game. The Pokémon also runs free outside, but also within the cities.

Gameplay – how to work and fight

In the foreground of Pokémon, as always the fights and the catching handle. Both mechanics has hardly been expressed. Since the game has an open world, many think that gameplay elements return from legends Arceus, but that’s not sure.

For players * inside of every age : How Nintendo confirms on your own website, the new editions should respond again every1. This suggests that the game returns to the old formula, as legends Arceus was released only from 12 years. In addition, it is clearly said that fighting will be denied to catch the monsters.

These are the starter Pokémon

As in any other edition too, there are starter-Pokémon, which you can choose directly at the beginning. Since it is a new generation, the three starters are also completely new:

  • Felori (plant)
  • Crocale (fire)
  • Kwax (water)

All anticipation of the starters with their further developments will also get a second type again. But that’s not confirmed yet and is expected to be unveiled just before release.

All other Pokémon in Karmesin / Purple

The trailer shows that the new region will accommodate old Pokémon again. For example, Pikachu, Enton and Larvitar and other favorites are already visible.

All Pokémon shown so far can be found here :

Pokémon Karmesin / Purple

All previously confirmed Pokémon in Gen 9


Special forms? As soon as we know how the region is called, we will certainly see new forms of well-known Pokémon again. So far, however, the monsters shown were visually in their normal form, as we already know them.

What are you looking forward to Pokémon Karmesin and Purple?