Amazon has launched a Pokémon t-shirt club by subscription. Earlier this week, Amazon officially launched the shirt club, which will send “t-shirts designed exclusively” made with works of art with official license every month. Each t-shirt will cost $ 19.99 per month with free shipping. Designs for the Pokémon T-Shirt Club are not available, although the subscription points to the designs and colors of t-shirts are elected by The Pokémon Company. Subscribers will also have the option of skipping a month or returning the shirt if they do not like the design. Shirts come in carvings for men, women and children. You can check the subscription page here.

The Pokémon T-Shirt Club is one of several launched by Amazon in recent weeks. Other brands include DC Comics, Hot Wheels, Sanrio, Barbie, Jurassic Park, Marvel and Dungeons & Dragons. While most t-shirt clubs are new and do not have products available to show the public, Dungeons & Dragons t-shirt club has existed for several months and has some different t-shirt designs to see. You can also try the quality of t-shirts and customer satisfaction by consulting the reviews on the D & D t-shirts page.

According to the first subscribers, the first shirt is based on the Johto region. However, the shared preview image on Twitter (and shown below) shows a shirt with the theme of the Hoenn region.

While there have been many unofficial Pokémon booty boxes and subscription services, “official” programs have had a relatively limited scope. Since Amazon seems to point to almost all “fanatics” important with his new initiative of the T-shirt Club, it makes sense that they want to include Pokémon.

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The shirt club is now available and the first shirt will be sent shortly after placing the order.