After the Chaos weeks at his Formula 1 team Haas Mick Schumacher distracted while playing squash. Before launching into his second Formula 1 season the son reeled from world champion Michael Schumacher undaunted his training stint, and was held in Bahrain also time for relaxation. After a year of training of driving in Afterward lame Haas has the 22-year-old take the next step. “We have everything together, what will bring us hopefully forward and constant in the points,” Mick said Schumacher.

Haas is considered surprise package

This season is a huge opportunity. Formula 1 has undergone its Technical rules a radical cure what the Grand Prix will provide more exciting and unpredictable results. Haas applies to the sample as always vague impressions even as a surprise package.

Despite the dilemma of Russian dependence and test delays Schumacher and his team are confident. “Generally, it is very positive. However, we need to focus on to make it even to the end of the race,” Schumacher put a minimum requirement. The new engine of Ferrari was also “a good step forward, it feels good.”

Schumacher has learned a lot in his first season. Even if he never perceived as a beginner. “I do not feel any different, I did not feel well last year as a rookie.” Said Schumacher, who will celebrate his points debut in this season. “I felt very comfortable in my skin.”

To experience from 22 Grand Prix or the vibrations from the environment come. After the Russian attack on Ukraine to Haas separated from the second driver Nikita Mazepin. The US team severed the connection to the Russians as well as to the Russian title sponsor Uralkali. Because freight problems Haas started then even later in the tests in Bahrain.

Even those hurdles help the ripening process. “Expectations happen now, even to himself,” remarked Sky TV expert and uncle Ralf Schumacher before the season starts on Sunday (16 pm CET LIVE! At Magnussen) in Sakhir, where his nephew a year ago when debutant equal finished the race and finished 16th. “You have to perform.”

“This is not intimidates me”

The first reference of a racing driver is always the teammate. After separating from Mazepin must Schumacher against the Danes Kevin Magnussen made, which was already driven 2017-2020 for Haas. “I feel good and I know what I can,” assured Schumacher. “Therefore do not intimidate the one too.”

Schumacher wants to learn from Magnussen – the 29-year-old once again turn out to be fairly stable rival. “It is important to understand that you can benefit from each other, but at the same time to the same points fight,” Kevin Magnussen said.

His father Jan Magnussen was formerly active in the pinnacle of motorsport. “He grew up with racing blood. I know what that means,” said Kevin Magnussen over Schumacher.

“Kevin is a tough racer, Mick but that is good”

The 'hidden wins' of Mick Schumacher's rookie F1 season - and what Ferrari thinks

Empathy is nice, the Formula 1 but still a merciless cut-throat competition. “Kevin is a tough racer, Mick but that’s good,” was team boss Günther Steiner. “This will help him in his development.”