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No procedure against Frankfurts Hinteregger

At the 1: 2 defeat of Eintracht against the Sports Club on Sunday Hinteregger Freiburg’s Philipp Lienhart had caught his hand on his hand after a two-sided scramble.
Although this is small on the TV pictures, this is small and seen on the edge, which does not matter anymore at all.
“The DFB Control Committee will not initiate a procedure in this regard, because the prerequisites for the subsequent punishment of a crass of a strange behavior in accordance with paragraph 8, point 8 of the legal and procedural order of the DFB here are not here. The scene was checked in detail by the video assistants, the referee

Has decided on (simple) foul play and thus hit a fact decision, “a DFB spokesman took a Freiburg Philipp request.
The evaluation by one of the impartial excludes a subsequent barrier.
On the subject:
Two persons at the goal post costs the Eintracht 7500 Euro

Eintracht Frankfurt: due to baking whistle? Martin Hinteregger supposedly threatens lock

Martin Hinteregger from Eintracht Frankfurt has become entangled at the 1: 2 defeat against Sc Freiburg.
The Austrian allegedly threatens a subsequent barrier.
The central defender had arrived in the 73rd minute in a duel in Frankfurt’s penalty area Freiburg Philipp Lienhart in the face.
This shows the TV images.

So wurde Martin Hinteregger in Frankfurt empfangen
However, the scene did not have direct consequences.
Referee Felix Brych took the situation first when Lienhart went to ground with pain-distorted face.
The video assistants from Cologne did not incorporate.

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According to information of the bild -zeitung, the DFB control committee wants to look closely at the scene on Monday.
The suspicion of an opportunity continues.
Hinteregger could still be blocked.

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