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FC Schalke 04 swears with a change of rhythm

It is not unusual that the Schalke have breakfast together in the morning. But that they leave the club premises for this. As part of the preparation for the last home game against FC St. Pauli on Saturday (8:30 p.m., live! At Schalke home), they stayed away during the week. Those responsible have chosen a domicile with a high ambience near their arena.

The current starting point will certainly have come up with the team breakfast. It is as diverse as clear: Schalke 04 can rise this weekend, even as a second division champion – the club can also gamble everything in the end of the season. Even the crash is possible in 5th place. Sports director Rouven Schröder outlined on Thursday at the press conference before the home game, how the balance is to be maintained from an euphoric mood and admonishing attitude. So one wanted to “allow the euphoria from outside, but always remain calm and factual internally”.

St. Pauli is entitled to win against us.

Rouven Schröder

The question of concentration should also have been the main topic at breakfast. “We haven’t flown to us throughout the season,” said Schröder, “we once played better and worse.” Büskens added: “These points keep us very awake.”

The content could also have been the fact that with a view to the season finale in Nuremberg, four Schalke are threatened by a yellow lock in a week. Büskens, whom at the moment hardly plague personnel problems, explained in a wink that he had instructed his players not to take too much time against St. Pauli during a substitution or to curb the “activity mode” in the direction of the referee.

After all, Schalke should have enough to do with his opponent. At the press conference, Schröder emphasized with the Hamburgers despite the concentrated Corona eruption: “St. Pauli will not be able to play with us with a fuselage or with a Notelfe.

Büskens and S04 Düsseldorf keep your fingers crossed

Born in Düsseldorf in Gelsenkirchen: Mike Büskens, a Schalke club legend. imago images

Also a topic when sitting together: the game of SV Darmstadt on Friday in Büskens’ birthplace Düsseldorf. This game is of fundamental importance with regard to the Schalke home game. Only if the Darmstädter should not win can the royal blue to make the climb perfect on Saturday. Büskens called several reasons for a success of the Fortuna, which were two most important: “Under Daniel Thioune they play a really good round, and it is also the last home game of the season for them, in which they want to say goodbye to their audience.”

Of course, this also applies to Schalke itself. On Saturday evening, when the ball rolls in the arena, the Eurofighter will also be present on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the European Triumph. Of all things, organizer Olaf Thon cannot be there because of a positive coronate test, but otherwise almost all UEFA Cup winners from 1997 will show face, led by their then coach Huub Stevens.

Büskens is “zero integrated”

While the clutodles, who beat Inter Milan on that May evening, act against St. Pauli as a lucky charm, Eurofighter Büskens is understandably “zero into the processes because of his coaching job. But I also have no head for”.

S04-PK vor St. Pauli | FC Schalke 04

His biggest wish will of course be to be able to initiate the Bundesliga promotion with his former teammates. At least on a home win that would make the way for what could follow what could follow in Nuremberg a week later.

Semi-finish entry! Union Berlin defeats BVB

Union Berlin is just one step away from the trophy in front of your own front door.

The Bundesliga club won the quarter-finals against the second division FC St. Pauli with 2: 1 (1: 1) and is for the first time since 21 years in the round of the last four. As a regional design, Union was sensational even to the final in 2001, to a renewed appearance in the Olympic Stadium only a victory is missing. St. Pauli had previously kept the reigning cup winner Borussia Dortmund from the competition on his way to the quarterfinals.

SHERaldo Becker (45th) and the substitute Andreas Voglsammer (75th) and the substitute Andreas Voglsammer (75th) for Union met at Tuesday evening. Daniel-Kofi Kyereh (21.) had launched St. Pauli, which can now focus on the ascent race in the 2nd league. Voglsammer still met the post in the detention time (90. + 1).

“The little quixtche luck was missing,” said St. Paulis Captain Leart Paqarada in the “ARD” interview. “We were better and in the lead, but then two individual mistakes have been punished tough hard. That’s a pity.”

Union struck a high pace at the beginning and sought the direct path forward. Several times, the team of coaches met Urs Fischer in the last third, but then remained too inaccurate in his actions.

Kyereh meets the goal with the first shot

The momentum of the first minutes was lost in the episode. The favorite Berliners were surprisingly difficult in the game design. Passes went into empty, running paths did not agree, gaps in the well-stocked Hamburg defense hardly emerged. The fast attackers Taiwo Awoniyi and Becker were barely staged and had to fall back sometimes.

Defensively stood Union, but was promptly punished for one of the few dropouts. Timo Baumgartl brought Kyereh in front of the penalty area. The mature free kick turned the Ghanaer into the long corner. It was St. Pauli’s first goal shot.

Medic slips off, Voglsammer to the spot

Union Berlin vs St. Pauli 2-1 | Highlights | DFB Cup 2022

The Berliner responded, raised the pressure and came to several possibilities in their best phase before the break. St. Paulis goalkeeper Dennis Smarsch was mostly on the spot, but made an unfortunate figure in front of the first goal: the Smarch trained at the Union-Stadtrival Hertha BSC slipped when run away, Becker met for deserving compensation.

After change, the level of encounter increased increasingly. Both teams were largely neutralized in midfield. Union came to the opposing penalty area more often than St. Pauli – and again benefited from a slip-up of the guests. Before the second goal St. Paulis Jakov Medic lost the stand, the way for Voglsammer was free.

Press to BVB-Off: “In Dortmund you say bye!”

Already in the second round of the DFB pokey for defending champion Borussia Dortmund was over! The BVB was defeated by a largely uninspired and passionless game at the second division FC St. Pauli with 1: 2 (0: 2) and had to bury the ambitions prematurely at a renewed pokey victory. At the Hamburg second league leader, however, the joy was huge to have finally showed it to a great favorite. The pressing matches to the cup of cup at the millennium:


Kicker: St. Pauli creates the surprise and turns off the BVB. On Tuesday evening, there was a cup surprise in Hamburg: A brought-in-playing FC St. Pauli sat down with 2: 1 against Borussia Dortmund and took the title champion from the competition.

Ruhr’s news: Borussia Dortmund is in the middle of January at the crossroads. On the completely unnecessary out of the Champions League follows the cup lamination at the FC St. Pauli. And it turns again the mental question. No final scorching more, no late salvation in Extension: The BVB leaves after a 1: 2 (0: 2) from the FC St. Pauli from the DFB Cup. The blaming is self-deluded, not undeserved and bitter.

Hamburger Morgenpost: The miracle from the Millerntor: St. Pauli Grandiose against Dortmund! At 22:37 o’clock the sensation was perfect: a grandiose FC St. Pauli has eliminated in the DFB Cup the defending champion, won over 2000-flexible and insanely loud fans With 2: 1 (2: 0) against Borussia Dortmund. And that was not luck, but even deserves thanks to great performance!

West German general newspaper: BVB-Blamage! St. Pauli throws title defending champion Dortmund. The BVB is playing a great title chance. In the second round of the DFB pokey, Borussia Dortmund loses 1: 2 at the second division FC St. Pauli. A tough disappointment for The BVB, because the mission title defense is finished early.

Image: Cup Lust in Kiev, Cup Frustration in the Post! Embarrassing 1: 2 in the Cup Object Phone at the second league leader St. Pauli. Dortmund misses the final in Berlin — and thus the second seasonal goal. Also, with the Co-found In the Champions League it had not worked before.

N-TV: Defenders goes K.O.! St. Pauli throws sensationally Dortmund out. The second division of St. Pauli throws the Pomadig-based Bundesliga Level Borussia Dortmund from the DFB Cup and is in the quarter-finals. This excreted all the trophies of the past 27 years.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: In Dortmund you say bye! The poked door was located far open to Borussia Dortmund after Bayern-out. But against St. Pauli followed a miserable performance — and the Hamburgs have been in the quarter-finals for the first time since 2006.

More: Network reactions to the cup sensation between St. Pauli and the BVB

Dortmund1: BVB hounds according to Cup Flamage. The BVB underlie in the secondary final at second league leader FC St. Pauli with 1: 2 (0: 2). This is after FC Bayern Munich, who in the 2nd round to Borussia Mönchengladbach failed, also eliminated the second big favorite.

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