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Lol: Riot forgets two champions that despair the community and need changes as soon as possible

Riot Games has always been quite predictable when it comes to updating League of Legends . Although each new patch includes a few surprises, developers usually focus a good part of their efforts on solving the immediate problems that affect the video game. However, for the second time the company has forgotten two of the most problematic heroes of the qualifying items in order to make the changes that will reach the video game in the next version. We refer to Zed and Teacher Yi, as successful as feared by the community at all levels of MMR.

The two forgotten champions in the next patch

If we take into account all League of Legends skill levels, Master Yi and Zed occupy the first two positions in terms of Baneos . The swordsman is blocked from the meetings in 36% of the occasions while the master of the shadows stays out in four out of ten games. Very high figures that are accompanied by victorious rates that are not less interesting. For the first time in a long time, the central lane laggedly exceeds 50% in its victory rate. A fact that still rises more in the case of Jungla, which counts 52.6% of the confrontations for triumphs.


Statistics are some of the most terrifying that are currently registered in qualifiers. It is true that both have been hated by the community for some time. However, the dance data has worsened throughout the last five patches making the situation even more serious. As if that were not enough, the rates of victories of both have shot themselves after the latest Riot Games changes. Especially serious is the case of Zed, which offered acceptable performance and somewhat higher than the average with respect to its category of champions, since the murderers in the central lane rarely win half of their games.

Riot Games’s oblivion in the next Patch 12.17 also surprises since the developer has justified many of her adjustments or reductions in power depending on the Baneos Rate. That a hero receives too many vetoes is a big problem. Players who really enjoy him can barely use it and those who do not want to see him must sacrifice themselves in all games. It seems less serious than when a League of Legends character is simply too powerful. However, it is even more difficult to reverse the situation **. Viago, for example, was in a similar case and the developers dedicated weeks to solve it.

The initial changes to Maestro Yi and Zed seemed to be coupled to the company’s new philosophy. Riot Games was trying to make both champions feel better offering important quality of life and statistics improvements. However, what we all expected from the developers of League of Legends is that once they were satisfied they carried out a reduction of power that balances the victories of both characters around the previous levels. Something that has not yet happened or will take place in the next version.

Ultimately, it should be noted that League of Legends developers are focusing most of their changes to the next Worlds 2022 . However, it does not seem to carry out small adjustments to begin to direct the situation of these two characters was an unassumable or difficult challenge to combine with this task. Why they have not done so, therefore, it will continue to be a mystery.

LOL – Patch 12.5: This is the new Skins Abejita that the community was waiting for

They were some of the most anticipated skins by the community of League of Legends and will return to the game on the next 12.5 patch. The cosmetics inspired by bees will be back by adding four new champions to one of the collections of most beloved aspects by the community. The chosen ones to receive a new appearance corresponding to this thematic care have been nunu , orianna , ziggs and heimerdinger . All aspects have already been presented by Riot Games.

LEAKED SKINS! Patch 12.5 Bee Skins for Orianna, Ziggs, Nunu & Willump & Heimerdinger | New Skin LoL

With these additions, developers fulfill their early start promise, when they promised the return of this Skins line due to the success that its premiere had over the past year. With the incorporation of these aspects there will be a total of nine characters belonging to the universe of the beaders . Among them stands out Singed, which leads it with the role of beekeeper.

So are the Skins Bee of the 12.5 patch

Since it could not be otherwise, yellow and black colors dominate a theme dedicated to this family of insects. A trend that recovers the somewhat most casual cosmetics that we have already seen in the latest updates and exit a pending Riot Games account. The developers have already shown how cosmetics will be seen and have published their illustrations.

Heimerdinger and Ziggs

In a chaotic Splash Art Shared, Heimerdinger celebrates the end of almost 600 days of waiting from the launch of its party version in the pool. He does it accompanied by Ziggs, who also had to arm himself with patience: in this case there were more than 500 days that the version of him hextech arrived.


The child and the Yeti of him have not had to wait too long. Less than a year has passed since they received the cosmetics spatial wave, and now add a new aspect to their collection.


She occupies a prominent place as a queen bee in these skins, and puts brake a drought that she shared with Heimerdinger. The last aspect of her was also a party in the pool almost 600 days ago.

All these cosmetics will be available at League of Legends from the next Patch 12.5 . According to the Riot Games updates calendar, the version should be entered into the game next March 2.

The January 27 update of Call of Duty: Vanguard almost 30 changes in the game

A new Call of Duty: Vanguardia Update is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X and, according to the official update patch notes, perform almost 30 changes in the game, although none Of these is extremely important. That said, the changes will not only affect multiplayer players, but also to zombie players. Meanwhile, those who only play the campaign do not need to consult the patch notes.

At the time of publication, it is not clear how big the update file size is on a given platform, which means it is not clear how long it will take the download at several Internet speeds. The patch notes are not thin, but there is nothing important, so the file size should be smaller.

Next, you can check the full and official update patch notes:



  • Paradise
    • The Believers in Paradise have been adjusted to address the comments of the community after players reported that they began with the enemies.
    • An engendro was corrected that caused the player to fall through the map.
    • An invisible collision was added to avoid the generation capture of one point of generation to another.


  • fortified
    • FORTIFIED now adds protection against the following:
    • Washed of mortar
    • War machine
    • Explosions of Flamenaut

CALL OF DUTY VANGUARD Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 Campaign FULL GAME [4K 60FPS] - No Commentary
* Explosions of ammunition boxes
* Gammon pumps
* Portfolio charges
* Fortified no longer protects against the following:
* Goliath
* Sliding pump
* Bombing race
* Fire bombardment race
* Direct shooting of pitchers

Cold blood

  • Cold Blooded now protects against dogs

Weapons and accessories

  • The “Invocation” grid of Graveyard Shift Bundle is now visible in Gunsmith
  • An error was corrected that caused Subsonic to disable Ghost involuntarily
  • An error was corrected by which weapons’ icons appeared in interactive objects such as doors

User interface / visual effects

  • An error was corrected that caused the player to seem to be on fire, even when damage was not being inflicted.

Private Party

  • A control problem was solved where the match ended prematurely when a codaster disconnected



  • A problem was solved in which Ring of Fire Tier II inflicted inconsistent damage
  • The damage of an improved fire ring no longer causes damage to zombies above or below the ring placed.
  • Ring of Fire damage now scale correctly by level
  • A problem was solved by which deaths with artifacts would charge the artifact for additional use

Call of Duty: Vanguardia is available via PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. For more coverage about all things, click here.

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