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Fulda, Stadtallendorf and Eddersheim Report for Regionalliga

In contrast to the Oberliga Hamburg, from which only one team has applied for a regional league license, a trio wants to rise from the Hessenliga. Eintracht Stadtallendorf, the SG Baroque city Fulda-Lehnerz and the FC Eddersheim have requested their license on time. Anders Hessen Dreieich, who announced his retreat from the highest Hessian playing class, red-white Hadamar, FC Erlensee, the SC Waldgirmes, the FSV Fernwald and the SV Neuhof and the TuS Dietkirchen, who all waived to submit documents.

Thus, the climbing race develops into a three-sponsor in which the Eintracht from Stadtallendorf will be difficult to scramble the return to the Regionalliga. It remains exciting, who is allowed to participate in the relegation in which to meet the table seconds of the Oberliga Baden-Württemberg and the Oberliga Rhineland-Palatinate / Saar. Here, the SG Baroque city Fulda-Lehnerz with three points the nose currently just before the FC Eddersheim, which, however, has a game in the hindquarters. On Monday, the FCE can temporarily align with the FSV Fernwald in the duel. On Wednesday, the SGB is waiting for the Tutkirchen on Wednesday. On Tuesdays, RW Hadamar is guests in Stadtallendorf.

Later compensation

Nachholspiel I: FSV Fernwald - TSV Eintracht Stadtallendorf
The rest of the league can end the season in peace, unless one of the seven teams does not have ambitions to become a Hessian amateur master. Something from Friendly match on Saturday also had the duel between the SV Neuhof and the SC Waldgirmes, who agreed on a 1: 1 remor. Although both fought, the last will to achieve a goal, was not always visible. So it was rarely dangerous in the first passage. After the side change, little changed. However, many at least two hits. Inheritance, the guests first moved in the 68th minute from outside the penalty area with a placed shot. The substitute Pandza was able to be fouled in the final phase after the Pllumbi also came to the 74th minute, even by a penalty (86.).

U23 turns the game and beats Rheine with 3: 1

After two matches in a row, the ligabeide for the U23 of the SC Prussia Münster in the Oberliga finally went on again last weekend. The game was also the game against Eintracht Rheine in advance on the cant, because the young eagle had to continue to fight with personnel problems. “But alone as the topic came up, there have been a long faces. The boys wanted to play absolutely, “looks coach Kieran Schulze-Marma’s back and can now be glad as it run. His team delivered a good appearance against the Rheinenser and won earned 3-1. “I am very satisfied with the performance. We had a lot of possession, as expected, and had our plan for it. We have additionally paired that with a very tire performance and rewarded us with three very important points. “

Highlights SG Wattenscheid 09 vs. FC Eintracht Rheine - 12.Spieltag - Oberliga Westfalen

The game began very badly. Julius Hölscher, even an ex-Prussian, hit for only five minutes for the guests to the 1-0 lead. A shock, the Nick Selutin after a beautiful preliminary work of Marius Mausen but luckily could fastize quickly – 1: 1 (9th). The watches were up to zero early and it took until the decision should follow. First of all, above all, a picture introduced: the eagle carriers had defended the ball, Rheine. “FCE has left us a lot to us, because you are always danger to become impatient and want to go through things. We have done so, up to two short phases, but well prepared and the attacks cleanly prepared. “Nevertheless, it took up to 78 minutes when Marvin Benjamins forced a ball profit in the high pressing and then served the substitute Kevin Schacht. Bay full distance, 2: 1 (78.). When he was up to the age of six minutes later and a rebound of goalkeeper to 3: 1, the game was decided (84.).

“This was a very good appearance of all guys,” the coach showed satisfied after the game. The U23 was supported by the professional loan of Jannik Borgmann and Jan Dahlke, both of which were allowed to collect over 90 minutes of game practice. “These are definitely very valuable points for us. And the feeling that we can win the games is important. Now we have a week training with almost all guys, then we want to refill in Wattenscheid. “

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