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Werder wins the dream destination – Schalke

On Saturday night , the FC Schalke approached the rise rack – thanks to a convincing 5-0 victory in the “buddy” – duel at Erzgebirge Aue. After a balanced initial phase, the pendulum struck in the middle of the first half in the direction of the scarce, where Winter-Neugendang Vindheim celebrated an excellent debut. The Norwegian scored with a gate and two templates. In addition to Vindheim, Terodde, the substitute Doppelpacker Latza and Pieringer met. While S04 climbed into fourth place with this convincing appearance on the densely staggered second league tip, the location in the basement for the penultimate Aue was still a trace of serious.

Dreamtorfestival in the top game

The top game between Paderborn and Bremen in the afternoon had countless highlights to offer. Toprak met at a free-kick Michel on his face, the following penalmeter parished Pavlenka against the fouled. But since Friedl went too early in the penalty area, repeated – Muslija turned safely (15.). After Platte Post Officer (23rd) hit Ducksch for compensation (35th), but only three minutes later, Muslija the leather worth seeing in the long corner for 2: 1 pause guide for the SCP. But it still made a plate in the 57th minute, his puppet made of a good 40 meters surprised Pavlenka.

1994 November 3 Werder Bremen Germany 3 Feyenoord Holland 4 Cup Winners Cup
But only shortly thereafter, the double Werder Answer followed: Only Schmid hunted the leather into the angle (59.), then hit Füllkrug to 3: 3 (66.). Only two minutes later, Flatten’s next dream gate was conceded (a foul on Toprak preceded), in the 72nd minute then Ducksch’s perfect Schlenzer in the gate angle (away from the filling jug). The last word had Werder’s captain: Toprak squeezed the leather after a corner to 4: 3 over the line (86.), after five minutes of reflection time the madness in Paderborn had an end.

Jendrusch unhappy: Darmstadt is attached to the top

Actually, Ingolstadt started in duel with Darmstadt, but was back after a quarter of an hour. An exception of clikes led to his volley shot received the predicate “untenable”. The lilies were tone and had several top chances to expand the lead – among other things Kempe hit the latte (36th). In the second half replaced Jendrusch in the FCI Tor Stojanovic. The new keeper dropped in the 62nd minute a shot of Tietz forward, but flour left the 2-0 in marginal shot. Not so Joker Seydel, who sat down at a similar scene, but this time the leather sinked in the gate. The SVD is thus new leaders in the German Unterhaus.

Verkoek against Heidenheim without target water

Rostock had a slightly more structure in his actions and two really good opportunities in a competitive first pass to Heidenheim. Malon’s header touched the outer post (19th), too Roßbach’s header missed the goal just scarce (23.). In the second half, both teams flicked with goal scenes, marriage Verkeek took from the best position (63.). The attacker also had high-caliber opportunities in the 69th minute and above all in the 90th minute, but simply did not bring the leather in the gate. So it remained in the zero number flattering for Heidenheim.

Jatta brings HSV the city championship

So win winner: Kittel & Co. cheer after Jattas 2: 1. Getty Images

Both host HSV (penalty shooting against Cologne) and St. Pauli (surprise victory against Dortmund) had surprised in the DFB Cup and had each moved into the quarterfinals. In the CityBerry on Friday were first the red sounds, Alidou (3.), Heyer (6th, to the post) and Jatta (19th) recorded huge opportunities. But the hit fell on the other side: Amenyido headed after a free-kick flank across Burgstaller, who pushed the leather from short distance by head over the line.

Shortly before the break, St. Pauli-Keeper Vasilj was on a VUSKOVIC header to the spot, even Glatzel missed from the best position. After further good chances, the HSV came in the 58th minute to the highly deserved compensation through Schaulaus Header. But that’s not enough: after Kittels Steilpass hunted Jatta the leather to 2: 1 turned into the stitches (70th) game. Since Burgstaller failed with a Schlenzer (81.) and Dittgen in the detention time at Heuer Fernandes, it remained 2-1 for the HSV, which lies back only three points behind St. Pauli.

Dusseldorf loses again to zero – Dovedan runs golden

Dusseldorf against Nuremberg, that was the duel of two returnees. Fortunas Hoffmann was for the first time after his cervical vortex injury since November on the square, Nurembergs Köpke celebrated his starting style debut after four applications. The club laid a classic early start: Dovedan ran in the shot of Templemann and faked it untenable for Keeper Kastenmeier (2.), Mathenia preserved the FCN in the 13th minute with a parade against Narey before compensation.

In the 35th minute Banzanik missed the gate after a counterattack – it stayed at the pause at the 1-0 for the FCN. In the second half weighed the overweight back and forth, Schindler came by head countable very close (54, Castmeier parished). In the 79th minute, Kraus rescued just before the line after a shot of Appelkamp, one of very few scenes in the second section. Nuremberg participated in the points and remains with the ascent race, Düsseldorf drove the third league line in a row without its own goal success. The 20th matchday in the German under house at a glance

Bremer SV celebrates canter victory nine goal

Miguel Angel Garcia Cortez (birthed December 15, 1987), best recognized as Mikey Garcia, is an American specialist boxer. He has actually held numerous globe championships in four weight courses, consisting of the lineal junior welterweight title from 2018 to 2020; previously he held the WBO and also Ring publication featherweight titles in 2013, the WBO junior lightweight title from 2013 to 2014, the WBC and also IBF lightweight titles between 2017 and 2019, and also the IBF junior welterweight title in 2018. He has actually likewise tested when for the IBF welterweight title in 2019.

Introducing the Bremer SV and SC Borgfeld a peat festival was preprogrammed. At the 12th match day, not only the leader on the Kellerkind Borgfeld, but immediately with 48 gates achieved the second best offensive on the 39 counterparts Defensive of the Bremen league. Despite clearly distributed game shares, the SCB slaughtered long Wacker and had to give himself only once to the 70th minute as Oscar Garcia Garcia and marked the 1-0 in the 30th minute. In the 70 minute, the hitherto-acting defense bulwark of the guests broke under the continuation of the BSV but ultimately in itself. Kaiser opened the scores in the 72nd minute. Only ten pointer revolutions later it was suddenly 5: 0. Merconess had took the result (73.) and Matat (80./82.) The result was screwed to the height. Shortly before the end, NTAMAG made half a dozen full and made for the 6: 0 final score. With an incredible gate ratio of 54: 7 after only twelve matches, the Bremer SV continues and deserves the league. On the other hand, the SC Borgfeld continues in the basement with seven points.

As in the last few weeks, the Brinkumer SV offers the leader Bremer SV but no breather and remains the classprimus in the neck. Against the third party representation of the SV Werder Bremen, the favorite had a slight game over long stretch and brought his entire offensive strength to the square. So the opponent was as often beaten this season before the pause whistle. Within six minutes Janssen (34.), Safi (39.) and Wang (40th) of their team brought a comfortable break guide. This managed Brinkum mainly after the side change and did not exuder the same offensive crow as in passage one. Nevertheless, the team of Mike Fabel in the final phase was successful again and screwed through USCHPOL to 4: 0 (83.). In the detention time, the otherwise extremely harmless home owners still succeeded in the honorary goal to 1: 4 (90 + 1). Brinkum thus continues with 30 points a counter behind the Bremer SV. Werder III meanwhile ranks ranked twelve.

Behind the Lace Duo continues to be tabular wasteland and that, though the narrowest pursuers, OSC Bremerhaven, KSV Vatan Sport, Gewestemüde and Neustadt were all able to retract three points. The third placed OSC Bremerhaven hit the HAVENHAUSER FV with 1: 0. Also, the KSV Vatan Sport also defeated the Blumenthaler SV Final 2: 1. Geestemüde Rank the Lehr Turnerschaft in a gripping duel with 4: 3 down, and BTS NeUstand went to the 3-1 against SV Hemelingen as a winner from the square.

Nine Goals in Vegesack

Probably the most spectacular duel occurred last weekend at the grounds of the SG Aumund vegesack. After high-maintenance 90 minutes and incredible eleven offenses in one game was ultimately a 5: 4 on the scoreboard. From kick-off path indicated that it would become a goal. After eleven minutes it was already 2: 1 for the home owners, which even before the break even set 3: 1. After the side change it continued back and forth. In the 82nd minute many thought, the patient had taken an end when Bremerhaven s Tunjic had set a triple pack to 4: 4. The Lucky Punch should then be able to succeed the home roof this afternoon. As so often that day, a SGAV actor was not properly attacked in front of the SFL box – this time it was Lokman Abdi – and completed a much rejuvenated 5: 4 victory hit. In the table, the SG Aumund vegesack could pass to Werder Bremen III and occupies only the eleventh table space with four points away from the relegation places.

In the table tool field, the TUS Comet Arsten moved past a 2: 1 away win at the Tus Schwershausen and thus remotes itself from the relegation places. The FC Union 60 Bremen also gained important points in the fight for the league. The team of Frank Dahlenberg won 4-0 against the table shotgun light BSC Hastedt.

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