He changed shortly before transfer in the last year from Hannover 96 to SV Werder, developed since one of the absolute power carriers in Bremen: Marvin Ducksch convinces as a goalkeeper at the Bundesliga relegated, also hit his club on the last weekend for his club at 1: 2 against the 1st FC Heidenheim. The list of interested parties for the center atmosphere is meanwhile longer.

The Werder-near Portal “Deichstube” reported that the native of Dortmund has long just called the interested clubs not only in football Germany. From the same number of top leagues in Europe, it should give inquiries for ducksch, it says in the media report.

Thus, among others, the Torjäger from the Italian series A or the FC Granada from the Spanish La League has been in the focus. From Greece, Paok Saloniki should also be interested.

From the German Football House house is also reported on a supposed interest of the 1st FC Union Berlin.

It is clear that Ducksch still has a long-term contract until 2024 on the Weser. In the case of non-rise, however, it seems rather unrealistic that the molded attacker would actually fulfill it.

Ducksch already met 15 times for Werder Bremen

According to the report, the former self-generation of Borussia Dortmund can leave the Bremen for the fixed transfer fee of 5.5 million euros.

Werder’s head coach Ole Werner responded lastly stressed relaxed on the speculation around its best scorer: “Among us said: It would also be a bad sign, if there would never be something about a player from us. That would mean that we mean as a gray mouse through the Liga sailing. “

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Ducksch has scored 15 goals for Werder Bremen in the 2nd Bundesliga and ranks outstanding 15 goals with the club currently with leader SV Darmstadt 98 on the third place in the table.