IBU World Cup Biathlon 2021-2022 - Women's Sprint, Holmenkollen - Oslo, Norway
In Oslo today the last ladies persecution of Biathlon World Cup 2021/22 takes place today. Here you can follow the race in the live ticker here.

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After yesterday’s sprint, the biahlets continued the World Cup final today with a persecution in Oslo. In the live ticker of World Cup you can follow the race live.

Biathlon – Persecution of the ladies: The final score

Rank | Name | Time
1. | Tiril Eckhoff | 29: 55.70
2. | Marte Olsbu Roiseland | +24.20
3rd | Paulina Fialkova | +50.50
4. | |
5. | |

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Biathlon: Persecution of the ladies in Oslo now in the live ticker


Eckhoff can be celebrated highly deserved on the last meters and comes with the Norwegian flag in the goal. After the sprint yesterday, she is not beating today. Behind this follows Marte Olsbu Roiseland, which may also be pleased about the profit of the entire World Cup. Congratulations! This also applies to Paulina Fialkova, the third becomes.

Eckhoff will win

Tiril Eckhoff runs a very fast final round, Marte Olsbu Roiseland loses clearly. The last place currently has Paulina Fialkova. Does Chevalier-Bouchet come up there? Herrmann has pushed past Hauser to rank five. Hildebrand and Prussia are also in the top ten.

Fourth shooting

This is going to be exciting! Marte Olsbu Roiseland makes a mistake. Eckhoff shoots fast and remains without error! She now has just under ten seconds ahead. Chevalier Bouchet shoots a while. Paulina Fialkova shows a strong competition and remains without error. Herrmann risks and meets everything! Hildebrand, Hauser and Prussia also make it impeccable. Excellent!


At Anais Chevalier Bouchet, there was a stick break, which costs you a few seconds. However, you already have a big lead to the competition. Is the podium already forgiven? The distance between the Norwegians is the distance 14 seconds.

Third shoot

Roiseland makes Eckhoff a small chance, because she only meets four goals. But also Eckhoff has to go to the penalty. Chevalier Bouchet shoots quickly, everything meets and claims your third place. Behind it comes a trio to the shooting range: Hauser and Davidova but must complete an extrare, Paulina Fialkova moves over. Hildebrand, Herrmann and Prussian also remain error-free. Elisa Gasparin remains error free for the third time and thus makes many places well, 16 it is now for the Swiss.

Roiseland with 20 second lead

Almost a penalty lead Röiseland has now on her team-colleague and thus runs alone at the top.

Second shooting

Eckhoff with mistake! Marte Olsbu Roiseland uses this and runs alone on the 1. Chevalier Bouchet also meets everything. Davidova has to circulate a time, Herrmann even two times. Pity! Hauser makes it better and transforms all the shots. Hettich and Hildebrand still make it perfect and run on the ranks seven and eight. Also for Prussian it goes forward, she has already made 26 places well. After two mistakes in the first lying shooting, another for hacks is now added.

Significant distance

According to the two Norwegians, nothing comes for a long time: the residue of Anais Chevalier Bouchet, which runs in third place, is already 49 seconds. However, Herrmann is only ten seconds behind the athlete from France.

First shoot

The Norwegians remain without error. Was the pace too high for Hauser? She has to run two penalty trials. Davidova also has to go into the round. Herrmann remains without error and can thus make places. Hettich and Hildebrand as well as Voigt start their race without mistakes. Elvira Öberg makes it the same. Dunja Zdouc makes six places well through a faultless insertion. Also Franziska Preuß remains without mistakes and is now running under the first 30.

Duo from Norway leads

It was to be expected: Marte Olsbu Roiseland has overtaken Lisa Theresa Hauser and thus advanced in second place.

Distances similar

At the first meantime, the distances of the first four have hardly changed. Denise Herrmann has already gone past Jessica Jislova and runs ranked six.

It starts!

For fantastic conditions and under the jubilation of the domestic fans, Tiril Eckhoff starts, shortly thereafter Hauser and Roiseland.

Biathlon: Persecution of the ladies in Oslo in the Liveticker – before starting

Before starting: Marte Olsbu Roiseland can win the entire World Cup prematurely today: You can reach a 26th place. In addition, the profit of the small crystal ball in the persecution rating is only a matter of form, even there, it leads clearly before the Swedish Elvira Öberg.

Before starting: As so often, the hope of the Swiss Lena Häcki – she starts from Rank 18. Further back are the gas-parin sisters, all three have qualified for the persecution competition.

Before starting: Lisa Theresa Hauser has, as already mentioned, the best views of the podium. Dunja Zdouc already has a minute and 38 seconds behind Eckhoff, Anna Joup is shortly after Franziska Prussia and hopelessly on the track.

Before starting: All German athletes have qualified for the pursuer. With Denise Herrmann, Franziska Hildebrand, Janina Hettich and Vanessa Voigt even a German quartet is represented among the first 15. For them all the true to attack. However, Franziska Prussian must operate damage after a messed sprint, it starts the persecution of rank 45.

Before starting: Lisa Theresa Hauser has shown that you can annoy the Norwegians. With the second place of yesterday, she now has super maps on the front again. Their strengths are mainly due to the shooting range. Marketa Davidova also has opportunities on the podium, she starts as fourth. After that, the distances are already clearer, the French people still have outsider opportunities on the podium.

Before starting: This time the question arises: who can beat the Norwegians? Tiril Eckhoff goes to the track with seven seconds. Team colleague and over-flying Marte Olsbu Roiseland will start your competition with nine seconds behind, she became third in the sprint. Even today, the two Norwegians will be the measure of all things. In addition, you can set your home competition on the full support of fans – in Norway there are no viewer restrictions.

Before starting: Today’s persecution of the ladies is the last one in this biathlon winter. With Marte Olsbu Røiseland, the winner of the persecution worldcup is already clear, the Norwegian also leads to the entire World Cup. At the same time, the persecution is today the penultimate race of the season. Tomorrow is rising – also in Oslo – then the mass start.

Before starting: **** At 12.50, the run goes over 10 kilometers across the stage.

Before starting: **** Hello and welcome to the persecution of the ladies in Oslo.

Biathlon: Persecution of the ladies in Oslo today on TV and Livestream

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Biathlon: The stand in the world cup of the ladies

Rank Name Points
1 Marte Olsbu Røiseland 855
2 Elvira Öberg 749
3 Lisa Theresa Hauser 631
4 Hanna Öberg 620
5 Dzinara Alimbekava 589
6 Anaïs Chevalier Bouchet 585
7 Dorothea Wierer 548
8 Denise Herrmann 513
9 Julia Simon 510
10 Justine Braisaz-Bouchet 504