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Disappointment and frustration at BVB

The release of head coach Marco Rose near Borussia Dortmund is said to have left deep traces. With the designated successor Edin Terzic, not everything has apparently yet been clarified.

On Friday at the best lunch time at 12:30 p.m., the proverbial bomb hit: Borussia Dortmund announced the separation from Marco Rose. This is the result “an intensive season analysis on Thursday,” reported BVB.

According to the media reports, the Dortmund “elephant round”, consisting of managing director Hans-Joachim Watzke, the outgoing Roses director Michael Zorc, his designated successor Sebastian Kehl and consultant Matthias Sammer, as well as Rose himself. “Late” and “partly also loud” it became, “Sky” reported.

On Saturday, more details seeped through. Watzke in particular was skeptical about further cooperation with Rose, supposedly “in months”, as “Welt” wrote. At Rose, doubts were also matured in the course of the conversation with the bosses.

“Disappointment and Frustration” after season analysis at BVB

According to the “Ruhr Nachrichten”, the 45-year-old finally asked the question of trust. Specifically, he wanted to know whether he would sit in the saddle even in the event of a bumpy start of the season.

When Borussia Dortmund Nearly Went Bankrupt
There was no clear answer to this question. Rose did not promise the Roseing leadership either. The end of the collaboration as the best solution for everyone involved came up with the agenda.

The course of the meeting ensured “disappointment and frustration” among some participants, according to the usually well -informed sheet.

BVB: Edin Terzic’s obligation not yet perfectly

Roses designated successor is an old acquaintance: Edin Terzic, former interim coach and current technical director of BVB.

However, according to “RN”, the second term of the 39-year-old as head coach is not yet in dry cloths. Terzic, however, only have to “commit” after initial negotiations.

Further talks are scheduled for Sunday, it is said. After that, enforcement could be reported quickly.

BVB-Knipser Haaland in good time before top game in Munich again in form

For the flaring of the title fight, the Dortmund goalkeeping comes too late. At least as a fun brake at the planned masterpiece of Bayern, BVB could still be daft.

Especially since Torjäger Erling Haaland has returned back to the next weekend in time before the summit. “He is not painless, but you could see that he tolerates the pain very well,” said coach Marco Rose: “It’s getting better.”

At the 6: 1 (5: 0) -torfestival against the VfL Wolfsburg, the Norwegian had first watched the others at the goal shooting. On the 5-0 he then stopped and finished his approximately 400 minutes of thirst for thirst, the longest of his BVB time. He succeeded in euphorized 6: 0, despite his ankle complaints and the highest Dortmund half-time leadership in their own stadium quickly decidedly decided play 90 minutes on the square.

Erling Haaland leads Dortmund past Wolfsburg | Bundesliga Highlights | ESPN FC

Rose ensures amazement

In front of the game, Rose had still provided for amazement with statements about Haaland’s fitness condition. Even in your own club. “A little unhappy” the Dortmunder licensing player chief and early Torjäger Erlings director Sebastian Kehl called. In the foot, “certainly broken something broke,” Rose had said. But you could “do not push the boy in the tube, if he does not want it. He bites on his teeth, then possibly takes a tablet before the game and then it should work.” It worked amazingly good – even off the gates. “He played very well, gave us a lot of depth, was very present as a wall player and has laid the second goal great,” praised the coach.

However, it seems clear that the appearance on Saturday in Munich will be the fourth of the fourth of Haaland in the BVB jersey. And that it is not an immigration for Bayern. Munich’s Chief Executive Board Oliver Kahn acknowledged in the Torjäger Erlings1 “double pass” that one deals with the 21-year-old. But also clearly, the package from transfer and salary was “very, very far away from what we imagine. These are financial dimensions that are outside our performance.” So Haaland, whose change to Manchester City seems to be concretized, probably for the time being for the time being for the last time against Bayern. That too can be a motivation.

“That was really fun”

Motivated, the entire association is not to watch Bavaria in the finalization of the tenth title in series and an exuberant masterpiece. Rose is due to the interim gate-noise against Wolfsburg with five hits in less than 14 minutes in any case the hope for a seasonal finale with a lot of spectacle. “That’s really fun and felt great,” he said, “There was a great atmosphere. It should become a kind of drug to always have this mood.” In addition, the Dortmund can play a bit more reluctant, because the qualification for the Champions League has been at risk since Saturday.

At the low point, however, the mood is back in Wolfsburg. “In the first half, this was a desolate performance in all matters that requires a football game,” said coach Florian Kohfeldt: “That’s not possible, that was catastrophic. A neck stroke has served to throw us out of the train. And and The problem is unfortunately not new. “

That’s exactly why the coach has to collect, at least 21 Bundesliga playing in the Office, in addition to the two wins for safe league preservation, even diligent pluses for themselves before the seasonal analysis is pending. “Everything after the 1: 0 was not bundesliga appropriate,” said Torjäger Erling director Marcel Schäfer: “Such an appearance is not worthy of a VfL Wolfsburg.”

Borussia Dortmunds Can: We can do it better

Twelve points is currently the projection of Borussia Dortmund on the table fifth SC Freiburg. For five to graduating games and a significantly better goal difference (+28 to +12), this means for the BVB: Wins the team of coach Marco Rose on Saturday the home game against VfL Wolfsburg, then the minimum Bundesliga seasonal goal – the renewed Qualification to the Champions League – secured.

Erling Haaland scores twice as Dortmund CRUSHES Wolfsburg | Bundesliga Highlights

CAN: “We want to hold powers to the height”

It would be a reasonably reconcilient end result after a season, which went to plan in the Bundesliga scene in the Cup competitions but too many disappointments. This also sees defensive-all-rounder Emre Can so, looking at the upcoming season: “It’s like this in the whole environment: Everyone here shows the previous season a bit negative. The expectation is higher, in the club and in the team. We want to tear something. We want to hold trophies in height. We did not do that this year. We have to improve that. And we can do it better. ” Contradicting the fewest in view of already 13 defeats in 41 competitions.

Lost-lost credit can still recover the BVB professionals in the coming weeks. For example, by similarly dedicated services as recently at 2: 0 in Stuttgart. And also the duel at the production champion FC Bayern, who made a surprisingly from the Champions League on Tuesday, the Borussen at the next Saturday still offers the opportunity for partial reparation.

CAN: “Our goal is to be second”

Nine points is currently the residue on the Munich on the top of the table. The championship is therefore definitely not a topic in Dortmund. Instead, Can say: “Our goal is to be second.” The opportunities for eight points ahead of the third Leverkusen are good.

BVB: Discharge of Marco Rose apparently no topic

After the painful 1: 4-home building against RB Leipzig is at Borussia Dortmund Tristesse. More and more fans turn from the current BVB team, but above all from coach Marco Rose. Nevertheless, the club guidance from the exercise manager seems to be convinced.

Like the 2: 5 against Bayer Leverkusen, the 0: 4 at Ajax Amsterdam, the cup of pokal on St. Pauli or the 2: 4 against the Glasgow Rangers was also the latest performance of Borussia Dortmund again a wink with the whole fence. Many followers believe that the team needs a quick, profound change – and a new coach.

There are some documents: As Routinier Mats Hummels the BVB season on Saturday before running cameras for finished, scurried in the background some fans “Rose out!”. Already during the game it had become restless in the sold-out signal Iduna Park.

The return of the yellow wall on the southstanding tribute, the first game in the fully occupied stadium for 763 days – it became the disaster. The more remarkable is how Stoisch Michael Zorc, Sebastian Kehl and Co. hold to the battered rose.

According to “kicker”, the native of Leipziger is still “not for disposition” despite poor results in all trophy competitions and a changeable Bundesliga season.

BVB: Marco Rose remains guilty solutions

At the same time, decision-makers are not escaped, how few revealed Roses had been declarations for the total failure after final track.

“We had made a lot and wanted to get momentum for the final phase. So we braked massively today,” Although the 45-year-old was perfectly correct, but approaches for changes until the summer break was guilty.

More about this: Press Reviews: “RB Leipzig too strong for Labilen BVB”

However, if the BVB is similarly confused in the remaining encounters as most recently against Leipzig, the mood threatens to tilt with the Westphalia. At the latest then Roses Job should also be in danger.

BVB returnees proud: “Never abandoned me!”

He is something like the upturn in the squad of BVB. Felix Passlack was on the last Sunday against Arminia Bielefeld (1: 0) in the starting formation of Borussia Dortmund – for the third time this season. As the right-back even thinks about his Bundesliga comeback, he now revealed in an interview.

Felix Passlack | ⏳ |

For the first time ever since October 30, BVB head coach Marco Rose offered the Dortmunder home steam on the last matchday. In the home game against Arminia, Passlack was allowed to ran from the beginning, was replaced only in the 85th minute by Youngster Lennard Maloney.

For 23-year-olds itself, it was a great pleasure to finally taste Bundesliga air with and for the BVB again: “I just believe, that’s the wages of hard work. I never abandoned and I’m always donating,” Passplack said Conversation on the Dortmunder YouTube channel about his successful comeback.

The former U21 national player was very pleased to have defended the zero against Arminia Bielefeld together with his teammates: “More than defender is not actually.”

BVB in front of english week against Mainz 05 and 1. FC Cologne

Weekly, passlack had always been waiting for a use for the black yellow. But over months it had not been enough for him. “The coach said that I had earned it now. If he sees it, of course, it’s nice. I tried to give my best and help the team on the square,” reported the outer chest of communication With coach Rose.

Overall, the 1-0 home victory was important for the Dortmund to “come back in the rhythm and to win again. Now it is important to confirm that on Wednesday and on Sunday”; Add pasMarco Rose lacquer.

Wednesday, the catch-up game is at Mainz 05 (from 18:30 clock) before it goes on Sunday (from 19:30 clock) at the 1st FC Cologne around the next points. Whether passlack then comes to his sixth and seventh league use, remains to be seen.

BVB: Rose Kontert Stichei because of Patrik Schick

Before the top game against Bayer Leverkusen Borussia Dortmund plague great personal care. BVB coach Marco Rose expressed himself to a tip from the ranks of the Werkself because of the alleged interest in Torjäger Patrik Schick.

How coach Marco Rose explained on Friday at Borussia Dortmund’s matchday press conference, be it “unlikely” that the leaders Mats Hummels, Erling Haaland and Emre Can will be fit back in good time for the game against Bayer Leverkusen.

“Today two days before the game, all three are not team training, which is more than tight. It is not expected that one of those tomorrow comes,” the BVB coach announced. Only with Hummels there is hope that it could be enough at least for the squad, so rose.

Haaland had moved a muscle injury to Hoffenheim in the past Bundesliga batch against Hoffenheim, also Emre Can was most recently on muscular complaints. Hummels had indeed illicit.

BVB: Marco Rose is looking forward to Reyna comeback

With the healthy players, Rose also looks back on a very productive training week, in particular the defensive work in focus. Against Leverkusen, however, is now “measured in the square and billed. That means we have to bring this on the place now,” Rose announced.

A glimmer of hope for the coach represents the return of Giovanni Reyna. The offensive player stands after months of break because of a FASERRESSES before his comeback at the BVB.

“He was sick the week again a day. But it has come back directly the next day, because he really wants to be there. I am happy. He had two good training weeks, acting,” shielded his impressions.

How much use time he implants on Sunday for the American, but the football teacher let open.

“Patrik Schick is an excellent striker”

The latest tip of Leverkusens Coach Gerardo Seoane, according to which a change to BVB for the supposedly fraudulent Patrik Schick does not stand up upwards, leaves rose cold.

“I believe that everyone is allowed to have his opinion and the opinion should be respected too. That’s just an opinion and that I leave that way. Patrik Schick is an excellent striker and a good guy. I also have an opinion: Borussia Dortmund Always a worthwhile address, “the BVB coach made clear.

All statements from the BVB-PK for reading:

+++ Rose about the defenseors +++

“We do not do that with intention. But want to change it is more important. It must be in our head, still harder to defend our own goal. As we are set up, that is often very offensive. But even if it is not Your king’s discipline is, it belongs to football games. There will be damn better and become clearer. “

+++ Rose over the PK of Max Eberl +++

“I’ve seen them. Max is an extraordinary man and a top manager. And I like to discuss everything else with Max. And I also believe that it’s a topic that only us both for us, if we want to talk about it.”

+++ Will Leverkusen be similar to Hoffenheim? +++

“Leverkusen has a different structure as Hoffenheim. Often double-occupied wings not simply occupied wings like Hoffenheim. Leverkusen often has double passes, diaby, frimpong with many double passes. They are right up to table effects. There is really good work for years and always good guys to be brought to this. We basically want more of the game and more dominance. “

+++ Does the BVB put a fragrance brand against Leverkusen? +++

“Because you expect it from us, if we lose games, then that’s a problem. A victory does not set as many fragrances as a defeat at Borussia Dortmund.”

+++ Rose about the focus in training +++

“We have worked a lot on the subject of duel: Find two-fighting, lead you and then win. You have noticed in the games that we have to work on it. We had a red thread inside and it would be nice, Sunday then on the Place. “

+++ Rose over the Reyna return +++

“Gio is back, very cool. He was sick the week again a day sick. But it has come back directly the next day, because he really wants to be there. I am Happy. He had two good training weeks, acting. You have to look like, For how long it’s enough after the long break. “

+++ Rose over the plan against Leverkusen +++

“We have to defend well, diligent, intense. We have to be careful not to make a big impact exchange. Against Leipzig you played completely for a few weeks ago. You have to look relatively quickly, what is your plan on the day. We have to be really good against the ball and clean with the ball. We are not likely to lose balls quickly. I basically share the battle plan Final of the team tomorrow and on Sunday you will see him on the square. “

+++ Rose over Leverkusen +++

“Since the movie has not been shot yet, we have the chance to determine the script. Of course we want to improve our points yield and bring a good performance in a top game against a good opponent. We were allowed to experience that in the first leg and also The development afterwards in Leverkusen. “

+++ rose about the training over the pause +++

“We really had two very good training weeks. From the content and intensity that was very good. It is then measured against the table inside of the room and settled on the square. That means we have to take this on the place now. But we could train a lot now, The U19 has and helped the U23. Nevertheless, we also had a few failures: Emre, Thomas Meunier has only got risen yesterday. “

+++ Rose over paint +++

“Good development over the months. We know everything that he did not come here in good shape. He can now focus on his game and qualities now. But always the topic: he gets a lot of praise, but has to stay tuned and more Of course, I’ll help him. “

+++ BVB and Leverkusen at eye level? +++

“I believe that everyone is allowed to have his opinion and the opinion should also be respectful. That’s just an opinion and that I leave that way. Patrik Schick is an excellent striker and a good guy is. I also have an opinion: Borussia Dortmund is always a worthwhile address. “

+++ Rose over the staff +++

“Today two days before the game all three (Emre Can, Mats Hummels and Erling Haaland) not yet team training, that will be more than tight. It is not expected that one of those tomorrow comes. Mats maybe that was today Cycling at least. Since we have to look, if it will be something for the squad. That’s more than tight, is unlikely. “

+++ Let’s go +++

In these minutes, the press conference begins in Dortmund with Marco Rose. The BVB coach is already ready and awaits the questions.

+++ Missing Haaland and Mats Hummels the BVB? +++

Before the game against Leverkusen, the BVB again plagues injury worries. Top striker Erling Haaland Laborates since the last Bundesliga game two weeks ago in Hoffenheim at a muscle injury. The last signs pointed out that Borussia must probably inflict without her goalkeeper on Sunday.

Emre Can was also struck at the beginning of the week, Mats Hummels also ill. Marco Rose is likely to supply the latest information about BVB staff.

+++ Does the BVB return a spectacle? +++

BVB vs. Bayer – this pairing offered a regular spectacle in recent years. In the first round, the Dortmund won a thrilling game in Leverkusen with 4: 3 after leaving three times. Does Dortmund’s Chef coach Marco Rose expect an offensive firework of the two teams on Sunday?

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