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Long -distance relationship Formula 1: Green light for Audi and Porsche

The green light for a Formula 1 entry from Audi and Porsche also delighted Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen in Melbourne. “It is great that we get new manufacturers in sports, especially because there are many teams who have the potential to be top teams,” said record world champion Hamilton, welcoming the two Volkswagen company daughters.

Verstappen: “It is very exciting”

“It is very exciting and also very important for Formula 1,” said the current Champion Verstappen on Friday, for which Porsche could play a very important role in the future. “Of course we already have ten great teams, but it is also nice to have really big brands in your back.”

Audi and Porsche took a crucial hurdle on the way to the premier class of motorsport on Thursday. In its meeting, the Volkswagen supervisory board confirmed “Planning of the two group brands for a possible entry into Formula 1”.

Translated freely, this means that the head of the family gives the two daughters the blessing when choosing a partner. Whether dates also become fixed relationships is just the attractive offspring.

“Finale phase”

As Audi announced, one now has “fundamentally to get into the premier class of motorsport in 2026 in order to demonstrate” ahead of technology “. However, a decision for an introduction has not yet been made, you are “in the final phase of the evaluation”.

future regulations is crucial

F1 Car v BMW M1000 RR Superbike v 911 Turbo S: DRAG RACE

The VW concert daughters Audi and Porsche have been associated with a Formula 1 entry for months. Delegations were also involved in preliminary talks about the future regulations. And these technological guidelines are crucial for starting.

100 percent of sustainable fuel

Formula 1 meets interested manufacturers with a standard compromise. From 2026, the hybrid engines are to be operated with 100 percent sustainable fuel. The combustion engine in the unit should only contribute 50 percent of the service, the rest is electrical. That fits the future alignment of the car industry.

In addition, one has agreed on an end to the expensive and complex engine component MGU-H, which gains energy from the exhaust gas heat of the engine. The Automobil World Association FIA published a blueprint in December 2021.

This drive formula is to be adopted in summer – but it could only be autumn. Only then would Audi and Porsche say yes to the long -distance relationship in four years.

commitment more predictable

Formula 1 is an attractive playground for manufacturers – also because it wants to position itself more and more sustainably. The tightened budget border, which has decreased to $ 140 million this year, makes the commitment financially predictable. Ferrari and Mercedes even work profitably in the former monetary destruction roundabout.

takes over Audi ex-world champion McLaren?

Who should be the chosen ones for the VW subsidiaries? Audi is associated with a takeover of the McLaren sports car brand, which is also represented in Formula 1 with Mercedes as an engine partner. The British are a top candidate solely because of the rich past with former world champions such as Niki Lauda, Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna and Lewis Hamilton.

“Auto, Motor und Sport” called another, far less dazzling alternative in the Swiss clean team, if there should be no deal for financial reasons. Clean is adaptable. From 2006 to 2009 BMW gave the tone in the team, now the racing team is called Alfa Romeo. Sebastian Vettel’s Aston-Martin team at Audi is said to have also asked for a collaboration.

And Porsche? A partnership between the sports car builder and Red Bull for the current world champion Verstappen is considered an ideal solution. There have long been contacts, both brands would probably also go well together from the image. The fact that Verstappen has a contract by the end of 2028 also means planning security.

It is also speculated at a time when the partnership could announce. The Red Bull home game in Spielberg on the second weekend in July is mentioned. But also away from the asphalt: until then a lot can happen.

Formula 1 – Saudi Arabia-GP: F1 plays with the fire! Heating discussions to rebels

The Formula 1 pilots around Max stapping and Lewis Hamilton puts the heads in Jedda for hours – and left the racetrack on Saturday morning around three o’clock practically wordlessly.

The decision of Formula 1 leadership, the teams and the organizer, despite the close explosion at the discharge of the great price of Saudi Arabia (Sunday, 19.00 clock in the Liveticker) seems to be unchanged.

“Ready and totally focused for tomorrow’s qualifying,” tweeted Red-Bull Pilot Sergio Perez after the end of the pilot’s meeting, which apparently not closed as a group not closed behind the decision of the top. The topstars remained silent in the social media.

As among other things, the BBC and SKY UK reported, after heating discussions, the pilots were also taken to continue the race weekend.

The third free training is scheduled on Saturday for 3 pm (in the Liveticker), previously routinely at 12.30 clock a press conference with selected team bosses scheduled.

“The authorities have confirmed that the event can be continued as planned,” the Formula 1 had initially communicated on Friday night. Afterwards Formula 1 Managing Director Stefano Domenicali, FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem and the local authorities received the drivers and team bosses.

Domenicali: “We are confident”

“We have received the full assurance that the country is in the first place for the country,” said Domenicali after this meeting.

The Saudi Responsible Had “all necessary systems set up to protect this area, the city and the places we drive. So we are confident. For this reason we will continue the event.”

Yemeni Huthi rebels had attacked an oil refinery on Friday afternoon near the racetrack in Jidda and thus enlarged the worries about safety at the Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia. During the first free workout on the Jeddah Corniche Circuit was suddenly to see a big cloud of smoke after an explosion, it smelled of burned oil.

The second free training was started with a quarter of an hour delay, according to the unit, all media appointments of the driver were canceled.

Horner: “The sport must stand up”

“That there are these attacks here in Jeddah, is clear,” said Red Bull Motorsport Consultant Helmut Marko: “The rebels know exactly what event takes place this weekend and want to use the stage of course. But as long as the safety of the formula 1 can be guaranteed, we should drive. “

F1 continuing with Saudi Arabian GP as planned after Jeddah 'attack'

And Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff said at SKY: “Team boss has been assured that we are protected here. That’s probably the safest place where you can be in Saudi Arabia right now. That’s why we’ll drive.”

Similarly, Red-Bull team boss Christian Horner said: “Sports must come together. Any active terror can not be tolerated. A situation like this is unacceptable. Stefano Domenicali and the FIA ​​President take care of it. There are all guarantees from the Organizers. We will drive. “

Domenicali denies rumors around driver

Automotive World Association Chief Ben Sulayem tried to appease: “What are the Huthis? On the economic infrastructure, not on civilians and not on the racetrack.”

They have “the facts tested and at high level the assurance that this place is safe. The security is guaranteed, so let us race,” the 60-year-old added.

Domenicali demonstrated a little later the rumor that some drivers did not want to continue. “You will be on the track, you will see,” the Italian assured.

Damon Hill: “The Formula 1 plays with the fire”

Meanwhile, SKY -Experte Ralf Schumacher assumes that on the formula 1 large pressure is loaded – and the race should therefore be pushed through. Allegedly, the royal class from the Saudis concases around $ 900 million for ten years.

“It’s about political influence and a lot of money. Formula 1 has a long-term contract and does not want to risk that,” says Schumacher, who has made his way home after attacks. An appropriate post on Instagram confirmed such rumors. In addition, according to Bild, SKY commentator Sascha Roose and reporter Sandra Baumgartner have started the journey home. In addition, all other journalists be released whether they will remain in Saudi Arabia due to the circumstances.

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“The Formula 1 literally plays with the fire,” said the former F1 pilot Damon Hill. After all, according to Wolff, the team was released whether you want to participate in the race or not.

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