Again four goals fell. Only: This time the hits were still distributed one-sided. Unlike 3: 1 in the first leg last September, the German U 21 remained without conceding on Friday night against Latvia – and gained clearly 4-0. The increase in German selection also emphasized Jonathan Burkardt after the final whistle at “ProSieben Maxx”. “If you see the development from the first Latvia game to that, then this was really a step better, much better.” All “guys have today performed”.

Brilliant Burkardt

Above all, Burkardt convinced. Because the development of the team compared to the first leg was especially recognizable by the Mainz. While in Latvia, in Latvia on the left wing had gone a penalty on the left wing, the captain of the team blossomed in the second leg in a central role.

With self-confident dribblings, fine feints and a normal constant analysis, the 21-year-old was the invigorating fixed point in the German game – and also the crucial factor. After a mistake of the Letten chased Burkardt the ball cold-cut to the lead to the net before he assisted at Ansgar Knauffs 2: 0. Burkardt marked the third German and second personal queues then worth seeing via Schlenzer.

“The Best” made of the tense situation

It had been a “very nice game” for the teams, said the matchwinner modest. And that, although the game before kick-off due to numerous failures at the DFB juniors under no good star. Nevertheless, the tense personalage “in the team absolutely” has not been an issue. “We made the best of it.”

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Due to the significant victory, the German selection was able to defend the table leadership in Group B now before on Tuesday (5 pm, live! At Jonathan Burkardt) the top game in the second Israel rises. Which feeling of Burkardt and Co. would now take the journey towards Petah Tikva? “With a good in any case.” The threesome against Latvia have given self-confidence, emphasized the man of the evening. “And I hope we will win the game in Israel then.” A similarly inflicted Burkardt should certainly help.