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NFL Power Rankings: In the brand-new episode Icing the Dare Detti

As a small benefit, the team likewise has a look at the end of the field of participants. To hear now in the brand-new edition.

The new episode is introduced with 2 competing power rankings. Footballing professional Christian Detti Detterbeck and Dare Detti editor Michael Bächle each existing the leading 10 of the NFL groups who have the finest leads in February 2023 in Super Bowl in February 2023.

The next episode Icing the Dare Detti will be on June 16.

02. June 202201: 00: 10 hours

ITK # 14: Very Early Top 10 Power Positions

In the new episode of Icing the Dare Detti Dare Detti and Michael a first season forecast-and present your particular leading 10 in the power position. Which NFL teams do you believe belong to the top team as well as why? The following episode of Icing the Dare Detti will certainly be on June 16.

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May 19, 2022

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The brand-new episode is introduced with 2 competing power rankings. Footballing expert Christian Detti Detterbeck and Dare Detti editor Michael Bächle each present the top 10 of the NFL groups that have the finest prospects in February 2023 in Super Bowl in February 2023. In the new episode of Icing the Dare Detti Dare Detti as well as Michael a first season forecast-and existing your corresponding leading 10 in the power position. Which NFL teams do you believe belong to the leading group and also why? The following episode of Icing the Dare Detti will certainly be on June 16.

Icing the Dare Detti is now readily available on the Dare Detti application, the Dare Detti website and also on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Podcasts and also Google Podcasts.

HSV scorer Glatzel: We feel the longings

His personal quota is already making him the winner. With five goals, HSV goalkeeper Robert Glatzel is leading in the goal scorer list of the current DFB Cup competition before the final between Leipzig and Freiburg, and in the league the 28-year-old increased his hit account on Saturday in 2-1 against Hannover by double pack to 21. Nevertheless, he makes it unequivocally clear that this is not enough for him: “Of course we want to climb now.”

Glatzel: “If that works like this, it makes you proud”

It is also due to Glatzel that the leap to the Bundesliga is possible again before the last matchday in Rostock. After a double pack in the first leg against Hansa, the knot burst at the former Heidenheimer, he has already completed his best season in professional football and says: “It is something nice and special. If it works, it makes you proud.”

08. May 202206: 15 minutes

KICKER WEEKNACHLE week -back from 8.5.2022

Bayern Munich cannot win against Stuttgart either, Schalke 04 rises directly to the Bundesliga, Wolfsburg celebrations celebrate championship titles








Ingolstadt - HSV Hamburg 0:4 Höhepunkte | Tor Robert Glatzel,Sonny Kittel,Sebastia Schonlau,Kaufmann


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“We have a lot of positive energy”

Personal success should now also follow as a group. And the view of having a goal in mind – unlike in the past, should not paralyze. In the final phase of the season in which the HSV played everything in the three previous years, of all people, this time, a catch -up hunting has not yet been achieved. Seven points behind five games before the end of the three-point rule in 1995/96 has not yet caught up with a second division, but Glatzel brakes: “That is only worth something if we also win in Rostock now.” And it believes in the inspiring effect through the climbed 3rd place. “After the Darmstadt defeat in Düsseldorf, we already had the situation on Friday that we had the relegation place against Hanover in our own hands. And we accepted them well. We have a lot of positive energy and we are now taking them to Rostock.”

A path that started in Kiel four weeks ago is to be crowned on the Baltic Sea. After the 0: 1 at the storks, Glatzel had ticked off the ascent in a very emotional TV interview, internally, he now explains, an appointment was then made. “We have committed ourselves to the fact that things cannot go on in such a way that it is always missing. Glatzel and his colleagues now want to provide this proof this next Sunday so that the season goes into extra time. He says: “We feel the longings of the people in Hamburg. But I think they were felt everywhere on Saturday: in the ranks and on the square. We know that we are safe in the relegation with a win with Hansa. And Then of course we want to win them too. “

Hannover 96: Boss child is aiming for return to the Bundesliga

Hannover 96 wants to bring the relegation to Karlsruher SC on Friday evening against Karlsruher SC (6.30 p.m., live! At Leitl). And then initiate a turning point.

Hannover 96: Bei diesen Abgängen kann der Blick Richtung Bundesliga-Rückkehr gehen!

budget of around 40 million euros

96 boss Martin Kind had announced that after the recent saving and shrinking course of the recent past, switching back to attack mode and wanting to take the return to the Bundesliga target with a budget of around 40 million euros. With concentrated financial strength, after the remaining remaining in the 2nd division as soon as possible, it should go up again, with fresh faces.

promising conversations with Neumann

Fabian Kunze looks like the harbinger of a new time. 96 agreed with the 23-year-old Bielefelder 96. In promising discussions, the Lower Saxony are also with Phil Neumann. The 24-year-old, once with league competitor FC Schalke 04, is a designated successor to defender Marcel Franke, who has no future in Hanover. Max Besuschkow also has a short past. The contract of the midfielder in Regensburg expires, 96 in his sights.

For the attack, FC Bayern about Nicolas Kühn, a lost son who was born in Wunstorf at the gates of Hanover, would have to be negotiated after Aue about a return to 96. Havard Nielsen also focuses on the offensive. The 28-year-old Norwegian from first division relegated Fürth could be a kind of addition if the coach Stefan Leitl in Hanover hires. With Leitl, Martin Kind and sports director Marcus Mann (once in 2006/07 Leitl’s teammate near Darmstadt 98) achieved an agreement at the beginning of this week – always provided that 96 manages to stay in the league.

For the Berlin Derby very questionable: Luthe is ill

After information information is the Routinian, who had already missed injured injured, now ill. In addition, the 35-year-old was recently operated.

FAN THROWS SHIRT BACK at the PLAYER... | The Berlin Derby
Luthe had missed the home game against the 1st FC Cologne (1: 0) last Friday due to a blessur. The dear gate of the Iron should take part in the team training at the beginning of this week to be able to be for the Derby with Hertha BSC (Saturday, 6.30 pm, live! At information) first candidate for the place between the posts.

Luthe use unlikely – RönNow is ready

Luthe was missing on Monday while training, as on Tuesday. After information information, the 35-year-old is ill. It should not be a (renewed) corona infection, but a flu infection. The fact that Luthe is available for the capital duels with Hertha is considered unlikely. As a substitute, Frederik Rönnow is ready, which could come to his fourth use in the league.

Luthe had missed the game against the VFB Stuttgart (1: 1) in mid-March, as he had to go to a positive Covid 19 test in quarantine. At the 0: 4 of Bayern, the 35-year-old returned a week later between the posts, but did not good figure (information-grade 5.5).

Operation in the international

An injury should have been co-responsible for the problems. After information information, Luthe underwent in the country break after the game in the record champion to a small intervention. This should be fine, it says in Köpenick, and not the cause of the now imminent failure of the final man in the capital of the CBY.

Di Salvo nominates Fischer, MBOM and BissEeck

On Wednesday, di Salvo could only train against the Laten on Friday (18.15, live! At Friday) in Aachen only with 14 healthy field players, the staff was once again decimated on Thursday. Jordan Beyer von Borussia Mönchengladbach and Kevin’s pity of Sc Freiburg are now also out of the short term. Beyer will be missing the U 21 due to illness, a pity must fit due to an injury.

Di Salvo has reacted for the duo with the postnonomicization of a trio. So Jean-Manuel Mbom from Werder Bremen, Kilian Fischer from the 1st FC Nuremberg and Yann Aurel Bisseck from the Danish first divisional Aarhus GF. While the U 21 represents new ground for the two defenders Fischer and BissEeck, MBOM already knows the processes. The midfielder came to the five times so far.

His last appearance was not a pretty pretty. After 19 minutes, for the 22-year-old in the EM qualification against Poland was over, due to a emergency brake Mbom saw the red card. However, there was already 3: 0 for the Poles, which ultimately won 4-0 and so the race in group B made exciting again.

Listen to the new episode “Friday meets Dazn” now:

21. March 202201: 40: 26 hours

KMD # 124 – Danny Röhl

High visit this week at KMD! The co-trainer of the German national team Danny Röhl is guests and speaks in the podcast for the first time in detail about his role as a wizard of Hansi Flick, the extremely successful common time at FC Bayern, his cometary rise in the world’s top football and His ambitions for the future. Of course, Alex and Benni plow themselves through the expired Bundesliga weekend, discuss with Friday reporter Patrick Kleinmann over the game break in Bochum and have an important announcement to make: KMD Goes Twitch! And on 30 March for a good cause. All information is in the new edition!

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KMD # 122 – Stefan Kießling


KMD # 121 – Johannes Spor

Have you heard of water determination according to Karl Fischer?

KMD # 120 – Kevin Trapp


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