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According to appeal: Nagelsmann criticizes Sc Freiburg

On the fact that Bayern threatens after the alternating error of Freiburg a stake through the DFB Sports Court, Oliver Kahn had reacted completely. Julian Nagelsmann can not say that of themselves.

“I’m not so relaxed as the CEO, I’m honest,” says the Bayern coach on Tuesday at the press conference before the first leg in the Champions League quarterfinals at FC Villarreal. The judgment of the DFB sports court could “just go in one direction”.

Nagelsmann kritisiert Freiburg nach Einspruch wegen Wechselfehler

The procedure of the Freiburg responsible criticized Nagelsmann explicitly explicitly: “From a personal point of view, I can not understand that Freiburg will do that. Because in the 18 seconds, I think I did not have two goals. I personally did not have it because I think That you exploit a mistake of a third party to come to themselves, because the pressure of the fans or sponsors becomes so big. “

“I have clearly communicated to the club that we do not appeal

Nagelsmann continue: “I do not know if you can knock on the shoulder in November at the Annual General Meeting with the sponsors on the shoulder, you should play internationally due to the three points you have done athletic de facto just not won. I would not be so happy if that would be the case. That’s why I have clearly communicated the club that we do not appeal. In the end, everyone has to decide for themselves. “

He had the objection “not so expected”, but he also “not surprised”, said Nagelsmann. “This is the topic for me as well.”

Comment: Two major defects in the legal system – that’s why the Freiburg opposition is correct

Kahn complains of lack of revenue from international TV

Board of Directors Oliver Kahn The German Record Champion Bayern Munich has complained to the lack of revenue of the Bundesliga from international TV contracts over the English Premier League.

“Here is a landscape disproportion, and solutions from the Bundesliga, how this tremendous difference can be reduced again,” said Kahn TZ / Münchner Merkur.

“Currently, the annual revenue from the International TV Treaties of the Bundesliga amount to less than 150 million euros per year – the Premier League concedes more than two billion euros over the same period,” scared Kahn. In order to continue to be able to keep a sporty with investor clubs, FC Bayern sets a four-point plan.

Oliver Khan The Ships Dealer show some of his Shipsooo to ????????????????
According to the Kahn “Sponsoring” as well as “a clever and efficient act on the transfer market and the constant further development of our junior work” are counted. In addition, you wanted to “further expand the closeness and quality relationship with our fans”. The fourth factor is “the ability to victory and mentality that distinguishes the club for decades and the festival is enshrined in the DNA of Bayern”.

If it is possible to successfully act in these areas, “we will experience another sporty and economically successful decade of FC Bayern,” said Kahn.

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FC Bayern | Do not understand excitement: Kahn rejects allegations in the contract poker

CEO Oliver Kahn is covered by the excited debate about the future of the three Bavaria top players Robert Lewandowski, Manuel Neuer and Thomas Müller.

“I do not understand this whole excitement around these topics,” Kahn said in ZDF “players Roberts Studio” after the 4-0 of the spreadsheet in the Football Bundesliga against Union Berlin. New (35), Lewandowski (33) and Müller (32) would have all the valid contracts, “also for the next season”, as Kahn stressed.

The 52-year-old continued to reject the accusation that the club is “hesitant” in terms of discussions with the three routiners. “We always said that we will put together and that this has a high priority with us. That has not changed.”

Contract negotiations you can not “rule shortly in the passage,” Kahn noticed. Even the players would have certain ideas. It is therefore necessary for “a process of approximation”.

FC Bayern has “a difficult phase”

The trio is one of the top earners in the Munich squad. Another extension over 2023 beyond two years, the Bayern could possibly cost up to 150 million euros in the overall package.

Thomas Muller: Bayern Munich LOVES a final…and final year of a contract ???? | ESPN FC

“We have to see that our quality in the team and the economic component match,” said players Roberts board Hasan Salihamidzic before kicking the Union game in the TV channel “SKY”.

“We have a difficult phase, financially,” emphasized Salihamidzic after two years Corona Pandemic. Kahn, in turn, sees “no reason” for the players, “leave the FC Bayern. The players know what they have on this club,” said the former Bayern goalkeeper.

Trainer Julian Nagelsmann reaffirmed on Saturday night again that all in the club “wish that the players stay”. He did not receive any opposite signals from his captains. “We’ll make our job already,” Salihamidzic assured the fans.

FC Bayern: Become Uli Hoeneß and Karl

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Uli Hoeneß shaped an era at FC Bayern. But the two creators also mix strongly in their heart club after their farewell from day-to-day business. Will you become a problem for the new club guide around Oliver Kahn and Hasan Salihamidzic?

Advice are also beatings, says the vernacular. Whether at transfer matters or the cadre planning: Karl-Heinz Rummenigge always has a parate for FC Bayern.

70 Years of Uli Hoeneß - The Documentary | FC Bayern
Of course, the 66-year-old would like to ask for his opinion, he can look back at around 30 years in responsible positions at the record champion. And even the current Bavaria leadership is likely to benefit from his expertise.

But the special thing: not infrequently, he practices criticism of current players of Bayern or engages in the transfer policy. An official post of Bayern has not been in FC Bayern since last summer since he had voluntarily issued the CEO to Oliver Kahn.

There would be about his public criticism of Summer Transfer Marcel Sabitzer, the “much cost” but did not improve the “squad”. There would be Rummenigges assumptions that the FC Bayern does not require Erling Haaland. And above all his, partly exclusive, opinion in the Causa Niklas Sule would be.

Junction at FC Bayern for Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

The ex-Boss wanted to be no tear to the release-free transfer to league-rival Borussia Dortmund changing center defenders namely. The international has “never really prevailed on his position,” Rummenigge was “Sky” at the end of January.

It did not take long, since the Slee advocates countered – namely from their own ranks, after all, the 26-year-old to date was the Bayern defender with most missions in the squad.

Thus captain new the opinion of his former supervisor could win little, is “an important cornerstone”. Not least attributed head coach Julian Nagelsmann was disappointed that the defense man did not want to extend and congratulated the BVB to the coup.

FC Bayern: Uli Hoeneß turns against Oliver Kahn

As is known, Uli Hoeneß, who has, as a simple supervisory board member, has a direct influence on the skills at Bayern. The Honorary President was conspicuous in the recent past in Ulis issues, he was for structural all the louder.

That had to determine the own bossboss and the Ulis board at its own body.

The discussion was published in the spring of the discussion about a possible playoff reform in the Bundesliga. While Oliver Kahn confessed, the idea in principle opposite opposedly opposite, highlighted at “Servus TV”: “That’s his opinion – my opinion is not. I think that’s ridiculous.” The concept is “but only a law against Bayern Munich,” the 70-year-old weathered.

No less brisant was Hoeneß ‘chat in an interview with the “time” in which he became known that his protegé Hasan Salihamidzic in the course of the conflict with Triple coach Hansi Flick within the association was considered very controversial. Previously, he had ruffled Salihamidzic in the “11bect” podcast because of its strategy on the transfer market. Statements that “Brazzo” could hardly help raise his standing.

“No clear structure” at FC Bayern

How to Toxic that constellation is for the current leadership, in Felix Magath recently emphasized one, who knows the inner life of Bayern only too well. The ex-coach worked between 2004 and 2007 at the Säbener Straße and knows about the ongoing influence of Uli Hoeneß.

At FC Bayern there is “unrest” and “no clear structure” in the leadership roots, as the former responsible persons still hug their threads, Magath was finally judged at “Sky”. Salihamidzic, for example, have a problem that he can “never decide everything al1. He must first discuss things with Hoeneß when it comes to contracts like Robert Lewandowski or Manuel Neuer.”

In addition, Magath had doubts about how well the relationship between Kahn and Hoeneß was. It is clear only that the ex-goalkeeper has as CEO and successor to Rummenigge “a very heavy job”.

Does the new leadership of FC Bayern have to dissolve?

A way out for the new leaders such as Oliver Kahn and Hasan Salihamidzic would be a complete encapsulation of the former creators.

As long as the personal opinion of Uli Hoeneß and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge is set equal with the attitude of Bayern, they also engage in day-to-day business.

In reverse, Kahn, Salihamidzic and even Hoeneß Successors Herbert Hainer are also looking for their own profile, which is the basis for a new era at the record champion.

And last but not least: as long as further (rat) blows of Uli Hoeneß and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge will follow.

Gerrit Kleiböhmer

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