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Cartoon ponies! 2D -rated game Thems Fightin Herds: Deluxe Edition trial repo [Happinet Game Festival! ]

On June 10, 2022, the business day of the event Happinet Game Festival! ~ 2022 Summer Camp was held.

This event is exhibited by various games and videos, but in this article, the Japanese version of the cartoon-style cute animals, which will finally appear in the Japanese version, are the battle repo of Them’s Fightin ‘HERDS . will deliver.

This work is a fighting game where cartoon ponyes are brawl. Contrary to cute illustrations reminiscent of My Little Pony, you can enjoy local and online full-fledged matches and adventures. There is no complicated system and features a simple but deep system.

As a highlight of this work, there is a system like magic in addition to the weak, medium, and strong attacks. There are 11 characters in total, including the four characters that appear in the future. In the trial version, seven were used, but I used Arizona, which is a cowboy-like appearance. She has a magic that throws a throwing rope like a cowboy and draws her opponent. She can’t catch the opponent unless she has a certain time, so she will test her around her.

The animation of the fighting game part is slimy, comical and rich in the attacked characters. I wasn’t very interested in the honest cartoon-style animal character, but I felt cute while playing.

Each character has its own story mode. The story mode is not just about reading a common textbook, but also a full-fledged adventure with dungeons drawn with cute pixel art and mystery solving of the head.

In the dungeon search part, mysterious black enemies like snakes and wolves appear in some places. When you touch the enemy, the battle starts and becomes a fighting game part. In the range I played, the enemy is not very strong, and you can feel free to fight the command happily. While enjoying the battle that comes regularly, people who say Pony is cute but not good at playing seems to be able to play easily and satisfy.

THEM’S FIGHTIN ‘HERDS: Deluxe Edition, which will be released for PS4/Nintendo Switch in the fall of 2022, is a great edition that comes with a season pass that can receive additional content such as new characters, so it will be purchased in the future. Why don’t you consider it?

Finally, we will deliver a simple booth repo of the H2 interactive booth. In this booth, in addition to THEM’S FIGHTIN ‘HERDS, the company’s Dead Spirit: The Game (Evil Dead) and SIFU: Vengeance Edition were on display. 。

SIFU: Vengeance Edition is a package version that comes with various benefits in high difficulty kung fu action games that gain popularity on PC/PS4/PS5. Includes steel books, digital soundtracks, art books, lithographs, and official storybooks.

The booth displayed steel books, lithographs, and artbooks, and you could check the real thing.

New PS Plus confirmed: three subscriptions, prices, advantages, integration with ps now and more

It is official, PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now will merge from next June. This hincludes been confirmed by the head of the division, Jim Ryan, on the official blog of the platform: “This June we are going to merge PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now in a new subscription service PlayStation Plus that will provide players from everything The world more options through three subscription levels “, promises.

According to Ryan’s words, the main objective “is offer selected content high quality”, which includes “a wide variety of games”. And what are the different types of subscription available? Check out the following information:

All Subscription and Prices options

PS Plus Essential


  • Includes the same advantages offered by PLAYSTATION PLUS currently, ie:
  • Two games downloadable per month
  • Exclusive discounts

NEW PlayStation Plus Premium & Essential - 5 Things You Need to know
* Cloud storage for saved games
* Access to the online multiplayer


  • includes usual; € 8.99 per month / € 24.99 to the quarter / 59,99 € per year



  • Includes all the advantages of the Essential level
  • Add a catalog of up to 409 of the best titles for PS4 and PS5, including great successes from our PlayStation Studios catalog and external includessociated developers. At the extra level, the games are downloadable.

  • Prices: € 13.99 per month / € 39.99 per quarter / € 99.99 per year

PS Plus Premium


  • Includes all the advantages of the essential and extra levels
  • Add up to 340 more games, included:
  • PS3 titles available via streaming transmission in the cloud
  • A catalog of popular clincludessics, available in streaming and download from the original PlayStation, PS2 and PSP
  • This level also includes access to limited time game tests so that players can try certain games before buying them.


  • € 16.99 per month / € 49.99 to the quarter / € 119.99

PS Now will stop operating includes an independent service E and the accounts will be migrated to PS Plus Premium until the previous subscription is expired. “Since the launch, we intend to include titles such includes Death Stranding, God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Mortal Kombat 11 and Return.” Sony collaborates with PlayStation Studos and external developers to continue expanding the library.

Steam Next Fest will return with hundreds of free demos: Date and first details

Valve hJune announced through the official Steam blog the celebration of the Steam Next Fest 2022 , what happened June a Steam Games Festival. With the same spirit June in previous editions, the event will offer this month of June Hundreds of free demos of launches that will arrive at the platform in the coming months.

Best FPS Steam Next Fest Demos - February 2022

When the Steam Next Fest 2022 is celebrated

Steam Next Fest 2022 will start this June 13 at 7:00 p.m. (CEST) and will end the June 20 at that same time, 7:00 p.m. (CEST) . “We announced the Next Fest of Steam, a celebration of several days of the next releJunees. Explore and try the demos of hundreds of games, see the developer retransmissions and chat with the teams about your preparation games that are about to get to Steam, “explain in the official portal, that It allows you to create a reminder to be notified in our calendar when the dates are approaching.

In total, a full week of free game demonstrations that will be launched soon; From small independent titles brimming with talent to others than, surely, will speak in the industry. An opportunity to discover, ultimately, accompanied by retransmissions in which the interaction between creators and amateurs is fundamental, thus breaking some of the barriers of events such June E3, where there is more distance between both parties.

Changes in the eligibility criteria of Steam Next Fest games

One of the particularities of this Steam Next Fest is that one of the preceptive standards of previous editions does not apply. If we remember, before it wJune mandatory that all available videogames had a premiere predicted at most in the next six months. Not now.

“All games that have not been releJuneed are eligible. There are no restrictions bJuneed on your early launch date, “underline developers. Registrations are open until next April 21, deadline for creators. If you are a creator or creator of videogames, in this link you can consult the necessary documentation to participate in the festival.

Crimesight, Konami Detective Set, will come out in April

CRIMESIGHT Release Announcement

Crimesight, the multiplayer detective title announced by Konami last June, already has a launch date: it will be on April 14. The game is set in a futuristic version of London where crimes can be predicted using an “analytical developed program used online data”. This has caused the number of crimes to be reduced all over the world, but at a given time, the system predicts a grim that could “take the world to chaos”. The creators of the program develop an artificial intelligence called Sherlock to investigate and prevent this event. Sherlock will have to prevent the criminal – that, of course, is called Moriarty – Comet the crime, while Moriarty will have to try to create the perfect crime. The trailer explains that the game will be between two and four players, and that takes place in a kind of virtual board. Crimesight will leave on April 14 on PC.

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