Jonas HECTOR: Mein Idol ist Cecs Fabregas | 1. FC Köln
Interim team captains Director Jörg Jakob’s 1st FC Cologne assumes that team captain Jonas Hector will no longer change the club. The contract of the 31-year-old at the football Bundesligist expires on 30 June 2023. “I do not think he will play again for another club in Germany. He will stop or extend the FC again,” Jakob said the “Kölner City-Anzeiger”. Hector has been playing since 2010 at 1. FC Cologne. The 51-year-old will exercise the job to the job of the new Cologne team captainschef Christian Keller on April 1 and then hand over the shops to Keller. The most important task is to clarify the future of the chief trainer. Steffen Baumgarts contract also runs until 2023. “The personnel of the coach enjoys the highest priority. Christian Keller knows that it will be the big topic,” Jakob said.