Whether the happily achieved 1: 1 draw against the VFB Stuttgart last Saturday the Bielefelder on the way to the league has decisively brought further, it can be argued about it. After four defeats and without a separate goal, however, the draw and the associated step of the penultimate place on the relegation platz meant a small turnaround. “Everything that is positive and can give you a good feeling is important,” said Frank Kramer. “If the point gain is worthwhile and it shows in the table, one takes note of the positive.”

The game against the Stuttgart took the Bielefelder coach to the occasion, the relations in small and in the big creation. “We played against the VfB, who had a good run. Me and the team was clear that this will be a hard nut and you have to find the fight for the game.” Thus, given the significant opportunity plus of the guests from the perspective of the Ostwestfalen became more likely to become a partial success.

Spieltach #28, VfB Stuttgart: Die Pressekonferenz nach dem Spiel

Large successes would undoubtedly be if there is countable opponents in the next two games against the paper and the possibilities for the possibilities for the – albeit – VfL Wolfsburg and then at home against FC Bayern. “I do not want to pack up the next two tasks,” says Kramer and prefer to look at the entire residual program of his team: “There are still six games. We have to see that we are now focusing on the next task that is at the next VfL Wolfsburg. “

“What’s easy for Arminia Bielefeld in the Bundesliga?”

The fairness with the economically significantly more situated Lower Saxony takes the 49-year-old on the occasion for a fundamental meaning question: “What is simply in the Bundesliga for Arminia Bielefeld? We know exactly that we should value every single point we can get hold of And because we have to earn it hard. If you look at the requirements, then we would not have to play one or the other game. ” In fact, it would be a hopeless request for the Bielefelder, the budget and the associated possibilities on the transfer market or in the salary structure would always be decided on victories or defeats. Kramer: “But it’s the beautiful football that you can achieve something with a good team spirit and a madness expense, determination and unity.”

The residual program of the Bundesliga clubs.