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Tiktok with video games? The popular application is preparing for the next logical step

Without a doubt you know Tiktok , the popular original application of China that allows thousands (if not millions) of users every day see short videos made by the community. Over the years, Tiktok has quickly established himself as the essential social network and today concentrates most of the global influence figures.

But while the application exclusively offers this type of small videos, it seems that Bytedance , the founding company of Tiktok, now wants to turn to video games. As if its users did not spend enough time to the application, they would also have to play it.

Tik tok games?

A Reuters survey published on May 20 tells us about the intentions of the Chinese giant with respect to the video game industry. Tiktok games are not new, in Vietnam the system is already underway for a few months. But why Vietnam? Simply because the country has a young population, with 70% of its population under 35 This represents an astronomical amount of Tiktok users. Therefore, the area is more than propitious to prove such a characteristic, before applying it to the rest of the world.

Even according to Reuters, the Bytedance Plan would be to launch these video games in Southeast Asia this year . As for other continents, international users should be patient.

Tiktok and video games, a long history

** It is not the first time it is possible to play on Tiktok. But this time everything is different because the games that will be available on Tiktok will come from the wide catalog of productions owned by Bytedance, or at least they will be closely related to them.

As the Chinese application constantly adds new functions to retain the valuable loyalty of its young users, it would not be unlikely to see video games on the platform. They will undoubtedly be productions destined to bring the community closer and, as always, to promote content exchange .

If Real Life Was A Video Game Simulator

Why add games to the application?

As Bytedance said to Reuters:”We are always looking for ways to enrich our platform and regularly try new functions and integrations that contribute value to our community” _. So first, everything points to a continuous search for innovation.

Second, of course, money . If there are games in the application, there will also be many ads. Therefore, the Chinese company intends to make profitable the implementation of this type of functionalities collecting profits through advertisements. Quite simple, right?

Ultimately, this would allow Tiktok to attract a new category of users , mobile players. They have been, for a few years and thanks to the success of Candy Crush, Angry Birds and others, a significant number of people. Therefore, this great community may resort to Tiktok, if the application creates video games worthy of that name. One thing is safe, we can’t wait to see what this new function holds us!

PS4 will soon receive some exclusive games of Nintendo Switch

The PS4 will obtain some exclusive games of the Nintendo Switch console in the near future. Of course, none of these games are games published by Nintendo, since the Nintendo Switch games published by Nintendo remain exclusive to Nintendo Switch. However, that does not mean that games are not notable. The first is the house of the dead: Remake that was released exclusively in Nintendo Switch this week, but now it appeared in PSN backend (through Gematsu). This not only filters a PS4 port, but indicates that you will soon arrive at the console.

Game number two was filtered exactly in the same way. _ Shadowrun_Trilogy was announced for Nintendo Switch last year and is scheduled to get to Switch at some point this year. This week, the game was climbed to the PSN back-end (through Reddit), once again, does not only filter the existence of a version of PS4, but indicates that this version of the game will be launched soon.

The third and last SWITCH game that will arrive at PS4 has been officially confirmed, and that is Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Tow N, which has just been announced for PS4. The game, which was launched for the first time in Switch and since then has come to PC, will reach PS4 this summer.

Next, you can read more about the three games and see the progress of the three games:

Trilogy of Shadowrun: «Trilogy of Shadowrun_ comprises three worship tactical role sets that take place in a future Distópical Ciberpunk in which magic has woke up again, bringing back to life high fantasy creatures. Initially created as a board role game more than 30 years ago, this unique scenario in its kind has earned a large number of followers during the last three decades ».

The House of the Dead: Remake: «The House of the Dead: New Version is a rehery version of the game introduced in 1997 on the Arcade platform. An arcade shooting on classic rails receives a completely new entourage and changes in the game to adapt to modern game standards ».

Status history: Pioneers of Olive Town: «Welcome to Olive Town, a peaceful community established by your pioneer grandfather and the friends of him. Now that you have taken care of the farm of him, it is your work to continue with the legacy of it. Plant crops, breeding animals, build relationships and know the residents of your new home! »

Análisis STORY OF SEASONS: PIONEERS OF THE OLIVE TOWN ???? La Semilla del Éxito (Nintendo Switch)

For more game coverage, including the last in Nintendo Switch and PS4, click here or take a look at some of the links below:

New PS Plus confirmed: three subscriptions, prices, advantages, integration with ps now and more

It is official, PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now will merge from next June. This hincludes been confirmed by the head of the division, Jim Ryan, on the official blog of the platform: “This June we are going to merge PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now in a new subscription service PlayStation Plus that will provide players from everything The world more options through three subscription levels “, promises.

According to Ryan’s words, the main objective “is offer selected content high quality”, which includes “a wide variety of games”. And what are the different types of subscription available? Check out the following information:

All Subscription and Prices options

PS Plus Essential


  • Includes the same advantages offered by PLAYSTATION PLUS currently, ie:
  • Two games downloadable per month
  • Exclusive discounts

NEW PlayStation Plus Premium & Essential - 5 Things You Need to know
* Cloud storage for saved games
* Access to the online multiplayer


  • includes usual; € 8.99 per month / € 24.99 to the quarter / 59,99 € per year



  • Includes all the advantages of the Essential level
  • Add a catalog of up to 409 of the best titles for PS4 and PS5, including great successes from our PlayStation Studios catalog and external includessociated developers. At the extra level, the games are downloadable.

  • Prices: € 13.99 per month / € 39.99 per quarter / € 99.99 per year

PS Plus Premium


  • Includes all the advantages of the essential and extra levels
  • Add up to 340 more games, included:
  • PS3 titles available via streaming transmission in the cloud
  • A catalog of popular clincludessics, available in streaming and download from the original PlayStation, PS2 and PSP
  • This level also includes access to limited time game tests so that players can try certain games before buying them.


  • € 16.99 per month / € 49.99 to the quarter / € 119.99

PS Now will stop operating includes an independent service E and the accounts will be migrated to PS Plus Premium until the previous subscription is expired. “Since the launch, we intend to include titles such includes Death Stranding, God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Mortal Kombat 11 and Return.” Sony collaborates with PlayStation Studos and external developers to continue expanding the library.

Di Salvo: It was extremely much on the game

_ from Israel reports Carsten Schröter-Lorenz _

In the next few days he would like to be one thing: catching up. This told Di Salvo in the digital press conference in the catacombs of the Hamoshava stadium in Petah Tikva. In this March international game phase, the 42-year-old spent much more time on the phone than on the training lawn. Due to the massive failure wave, he was rather poor administrator as a selection coach, which ten days have tailored to his forces.

On Tuesday evening di Salvo was clearly to look at the great relief. For mental and physical exhaustion, joy and pride is proud of this significant victory at the first pursuer, which moves the participation in Romania and Georgia-planned EM finals 2023 within close proximity. The U-21 Chefoach, which has been amorted in October 2021, finally took time for the questions of the time.

time: Mr. Di Salvo, what went through the head, when you last signed so dimensionally strong captain Jonathan Burkardt shortly before the kick-off in Israel, that he can not play?

Antonio di Salvo: I just wanted to make the last cabin approach and have heard with one ear, as Johnny came in and something in the direction “does not work,” said. ” Since the antennas were extended directly. 30 seconds later our team doctor came and said Johnny can not play. There was no time to moan or ask, but only the thought, who is the next 1. Then luckily, Jan Thielmann put into the game, which gave the template to the crucial gate.

How is Burkardt?

He felt a muscular hardening at the back of the thigh. The last feedback of our doctors is that luckily nothing happens, nothing is torn. But Johnny had remembered that he possibly remotely lost after the first sprint and makes us the first change option. That was an experience for him and for his personality a step, because he made a decision that was important to the team. That was difficult for him, but he did just right.

If I’ve seen how the boys have acted as a team, how many meters this team has put off in this game, that’s unbelievable.

Antonio di Salvo

What did you think about the Burkardt failure as the summit of the recent personnel dizers at the moment of the final whistle?

I thought at first, that can not be because I had just heard from the bank, it’s still to play 30 seconds. I had to listen three times and look to feel a great relief. It was extremely much on the game and could have been on the other hand. I am unbelievably proud of the team because they stood under pressure and knew, with a defeat, the first place in the group is g1. Our victory is not undeserved, but Israel has asked us everything. We could not have complained with a draw and possibly in a narrow defeat.

What did best have fallen on the appearance of your team?

We have analyzed the first six games of this cycle from September to November 2021. We have often talked extremely often that we have to show heart on the place that willingness to play. If I’ve seen how the boys acted as a team, how many meters this team has put off in this game, that’s unbelievable. On the basis of such running values you can show, these are the basics and with these basics you gain games.

Despite the victory – where are the biggest deficits?

I just do not want to talk great about deficits. At the end, I do not know exactly how many players have missed and how the team would have looked when we had been complete. It is perfectly clear that a team has to find himself. We had little possibilities to train processes. We played Friday against Latvia, on Saturday in the player’s record training only ten players exercise, on Sunday you can not do so much two days after the game and then end training. That’s why virtues and values such as team spirit and readiness are in demand in such situations.

Especially in the first half has partially the body language of Malik Tillman and Ansgar Knauf, which have been visible to ball losses or referee decisions, instead of directly replicate, would not be fitted in the otherwise good overall picture of their team. Did you address that at half time?

I have already addressed that from the outside during the game. You have to be careful as well as I find that the referee has shown a good performance. Rather, I have said the team in the break that we will not get many situations in the offensive and that was the same. But the few situations must be pulled through. That was not the case in the first half often, now we are at things that it is important to improve.

Please explain what you concrete.

Both on the left and on the right we had two, three scenes in which we have to be a great dealer if we want to achieve a goal. If we are past an opponent, we are not allowed to go half the fight and go inside again, but with full power towards Gate. At our hits, Jan Thielmann did it outstanding, shaken the opponent, was sprinted forward and was not left al1. Noah Katterbach also has a sprint and has pulled the action up to the goal.

I’m totally humbly approaching the tasks, while we know that we have made a huge step, but not quite enough.

Antonio di Salvo

How valuable was on the other Armel Bella Kotchap in the internal defense?

Everyone in the stadium and in front of the TV has seen how important he was. We got him, because he is in Bochum in the square a scary presence in the square. I hoped for that he can help with his robustness and speed of the team. He has clarified some situations with his pace, continued to rescue and in the end still blocked a shot. It was a really good performance.

Now the EM ticket is only one point away on the silver tray.

Ignazio Di Salvo | Youtube Backing Tracks JAM#1 | Mellow Soulful Groove Guitar Backing Track in F

It is definitely nice that it is tangible. But I can count, there are still six points in two games to be awarded. Finally, we play in Poland and Poland must win to true the opportunity to become second. And Poland was against Hungary, our next opponent at home, even back to the 95th minute. The games must first be won. I’m totally humbly approaching the tasks, knows that we have made a huge step, but not quite enough.

They were in the five years before CO trainers of Stefan Kuntz, have brought the EM title twice and were once with the U 21 second. Each time these very different teams have developed enormously over the two years before the tournament. What can such a fabricated work victory against heated backdrop against an aggressive-intense opponent effect for the current generation?

It strengthens the belief that a team that works with great team spirit can achieve extremely much. In addition, the boys have a good quality. This victory, the entire constellation in these difficult ten days are extremely valuable for the development of this team.

Westphalian messages rise to the eagle partner

Whether at home games, away games or testing matches. Whether during training camps, press conferences or annual general meetings: The Westphalian news has been a faithful companion of the SC Prussia Münster for decades. By reporting first-hand, a connection has emerged, which underlines the cushioning daily newspaper of the Münsterland for over 20 years as a partner of the sports club. For this purpose, the WN has been sponsoring at Hammer Straße since 2004 and will expand this commitment in the future as an eagle partner and extend the long term – regardless of where the way for the Prussia continues in summer.

“We are very happy about this support and are proud that the Westphalian news uses us as a partner in this crucial period of the season.”

Sports Director Peter Niemeyer

A strong sign, which also appreciates sports director Peter Niemeyer: “We are very happy about this support and are proud that the Westphalian news uses us as a partner in this crucial period of the season. For us, this is an important and clear sign that we are on the right path and, together with our partners, want to continue league independently. “

“With the continuation of our cooperation, we want to support the positive development of the association this season and beyond.”

WN Managing Director Marc Number Man

For Marc Number, Managing Director of WN, the support is especially important at this stage in which the outcome of the season is still open, especially important: “We stand for trust, reliability and regional connectedness. Both our customers and our partners. For many years we are already involved for the SC Prussia Münster. With the continuation of our cooperation, we want to support the positive development of the association this season and beyond. “

Steam Next Fest will return with hundreds of free demos: Date and first details

Valve hJune announced through the official Steam blog the celebration of the Steam Next Fest 2022 , what happened June a Steam Games Festival. With the same spirit June in previous editions, the event will offer this month of June Hundreds of free demos of launches that will arrive at the platform in the coming months.

Best FPS Steam Next Fest Demos - February 2022

When the Steam Next Fest 2022 is celebrated

Steam Next Fest 2022 will start this June 13 at 7:00 p.m. (CEST) and will end the June 20 at that same time, 7:00 p.m. (CEST) . “We announced the Next Fest of Steam, a celebration of several days of the next releJunees. Explore and try the demos of hundreds of games, see the developer retransmissions and chat with the teams about your preparation games that are about to get to Steam, “explain in the official portal, that It allows you to create a reminder to be notified in our calendar when the dates are approaching.

In total, a full week of free game demonstrations that will be launched soon; From small independent titles brimming with talent to others than, surely, will speak in the industry. An opportunity to discover, ultimately, accompanied by retransmissions in which the interaction between creators and amateurs is fundamental, thus breaking some of the barriers of events such June E3, where there is more distance between both parties.

Changes in the eligibility criteria of Steam Next Fest games

One of the particularities of this Steam Next Fest is that one of the preceptive standards of previous editions does not apply. If we remember, before it wJune mandatory that all available videogames had a premiere predicted at most in the next six months. Not now.

“All games that have not been releJuneed are eligible. There are no restrictions bJuneed on your early launch date, “underline developers. Registrations are open until next April 21, deadline for creators. If you are a creator or creator of videogames, in this link you can consult the necessary documentation to participate in the festival.

1. FC Cologne vs. BVB | Marco Rose: Overall for me a fair draw

The 27th match day of the Bundesliga has caused a lot of new voltage especially in the relegation battle. Borussia Dortmund meanwhile loses the connection to the FC Bayern. So the parties saw the encounters talking to “Sky” and “Dazn”:

1. FC Cologne – Borussia Dortmund 1: 1

Marco Rose (Trainer Borussia Dortmund)…

_… to the game: _ “We got well in the game, have taken the gate. Since we used a room that we have discussed before. After that we had a counterattack, but then half an hour left until the break Only Cologne active. It was chance on an opportunity and the compensation was totally fair. In the second half we had a good access and the better chances. Overall for me a fair draw. “

_… About his relationship with FC-Coach Baumgart: _ “We are very good friends, often telephoned under week. Baumi has lived behind the past week: he was in Augsburg, at Union and in Mainz. Now it was time that I visited him. Large secrets in football are no longer there. We watch each other everyone, but every coach has his ideas and it has been for both for one point. “

Steffen Baumgart (coach 1. FC Cologne)…

_… To the game: _ “It was a good game. In the first half even a very good, in the second half – with the changeover of Dortmund – we have had problems. Overall, what the guys have torn off, However, what we want to see. So I am very satisfied. “

_… About the problems that the triple chain prepared for the FC: _ “If we play at the front with modests and othersson at the front, both of whom work to me of their bodies, the start is missing on the triple chain. We have to react faster, that is a learning process for us. To the end we went to two sixly, we could have done earlier – we all improve all. This is true for me and also for the boys. You also have to say that Dortmund is good at the moment has made, because they have not found any access in the first round. “

_… About the BVB season under Trainer Rose: _ “What comes to me too little is, if you have to fight all year round with injuries. If Mats hummels returns after three months, he can not immediately recover show. That’s too short in the evaluation. If a team wins six of the last nine games, playing twice draws and actually only involved from Leverkusen the pants – what every team can happen – is the evaluation too bad. Passion that is laid on the day: Since the superstars are not all always fit, the team has gathered better and that is a development that the BVB has made. They play a good season – all others can see it differently. We can see it differently talk about the two competitions – I see the services. “

Salih Özcan (1st FC Cologne)…

_… To the result: _ “With the 1: 1 and the service we are satisfied. There you can not complain about there.”

_… to the game: _ “We had our scheme, wanted to be courageous and come over the intensity. We have done that, you have seen that. In the end we make the gate and it’s 1-1 off.”

_… About his lack of nomination in the DFB squad by Hansi Flick: _ “We talked about it, but I have agreed that I want to play the season well and wants to retrieve my services at the club. Then looks One, what happens in the future. “

Marius Wolf (scorer Borussia Dortmund)…

_… about his goal: _ “I have, as we discussed, the depths were sought and Jewish is outstanding the ball. That I also reMade him, I’m all the more.”

_… to the game: _ “We did not find the access to the central defenders and did not come so consistently in the attack, as we have made this before the game. We have discussed that in the halftime and better after the pause get in the square. “

Tough Draw for BVB in Cologne! | Köln - Dortmund 1-1 | All Goals | Matchday 27 – Bundesliga 2021/22

_… About the 50,000 spectators in Cologne: _ “That’s what matters the football. It is for us players and the fans Geiler, if the hut is sold out. Everything is more fun. All the more beautiful in Cologne – me Could not make a game in front of the full stadium last year, now I have made it up. “

_… About the shape of the BVB: _ “We have a busy week behind us. We wanted to win all three games, now we have brought a point here. We have to continue working, now is the country break and I hope that again everyone fit. “

Mark Uth (1st FC Cologne)…

_… To the game: _ “In the first half we were the better team, we only sleep with a long ball – wolf then makes the gate outstanding. Then we are on the pusher and have the better chances we have to get the balancing do. In the second half, we have made it hard work against the ball and the structure lost. In the end, the draw is fine. At home 50,000 spectators are there nothing more beautiful than winning the BVB, but a point is also beautiful “

_… About the form of FC: _ “In the first half we are against Borussia Dortmund the better team – that says everything. We play a great season, want to do the same way and let’s see where we end up. “

_… About the team goals of the team: _ “We have nothing to do with the descent – now we look up and see how far we come.”

Manuel Akanji (Borussia Dortmund)…

_… To the game: _ “It was an intense game, it went back and forth. Unfortunately, we could not take the three points at the end.”

_… to the question of which team would have earned the victory rather: _ “Of course I am on the Dortmund side and we had many opportunities in which we can play more in the second half. There were several such situations in the second half We do not finally do the goal. “

_… About the conversion at halftime: _ “We have switched to a triple chain, as we could do more pressure on the outside of the flankers and since we have good headball players with our three major domestic defenders against the Cologne striker. The Charges were good, unfortunately it was not enough to shoot another goal. “

VfL Wolfsburg – Bayer Leverkusen 0: 2

Florian Kohfeldt (coach VFL Wolfsburg) to the game: “We had the systematic scoring chances, while Leverkusen was more of the standards and shots from the second row – up to the last five minutes. We made a decent game in the structure and our chances worked out. However, we ripped it through little moments. So a game you have to end with a draw. Let’s shoot the first goal, say all of a highly deserved victory. It’s a pity. We played against the table inside and table-four and were twice in the game in it, where you can say that we can win the game too. Then we are not awake in small moments and do not do that. We have to learn that. Even if it’s young players, these mistakes do not go.”

Gerardo Seoane (Trainer Bayer 04 Leverkusen) to the game: “Fight belongs to the Queen luck too. We know that it was not a performance, as it reflects the result. However, in the past few weeks, we really had some Good performances that have also not reflected in the results. We can play better and have admitted too many chances. However, we also had good sequences in the game forward and were ripped off in the last quarter of an hour. “

Lukas Hradecky (Torwart & Captain Bayer 04 Leverkusen)…

… To the success of Bayer: “There was a lot of pressure. I personally looked forward to Paulino, who runs for the team and finally his ketchup bottle is bursting. The only he decides the game, makes me even more.”

… For offensive efficiency of the Werkself: “It would have surprised me if we had stayed three games without goal. Wolfsburg also had bad luck, sovereign was not.” Nevertheless, it was important three points. “

… to question whether the team pressure in the fight for the Champions League places ferment: “Pressure is actually just a headache and a challenge. If you are hunted, we want to play Champions League, you have to endure. We have shown that now: we were not only playful, but also fighting there. “

Kerem Demirbay (Bayer 04 Leverkusen) to the game: “We deserved 2-0 won. We knew it was not easy due to recent weeks. Nevertheless, we have already made a good game against Atalanta. That However, is the way: we want to go to the Champions League and that’s how it works. “

Maximilian Arnold (Captain VFL Wolfsburg) to the game: “We have committed too many individual mistakes and giving away the game again. As against Freiburg we have recently produced the game in the last minutes and had many chances of having goals achieve. So we are there with empty hands and are all very disappointed. “

Lukas Nmecha (VFL Wolfsburg)…

… to the game: “It was an annoying game, we have given many chances. Also, I had my chance, sometimes that’s the way: If you do not use your chances, do the others at the end of two. That happens to us lately Time too often and we have to work on it. ”

_… To the performance of the VFL: _ “We have made mistakes. We have built well, have created chances – even better chances. We also played better, but in the end, it’s about meeting and the goal for Keep the opponent. However, we did not do that. “

… About the goals of the team in the rest of the season: “We all need to tackle the next seven games. If we make our chances, say all, we did a great game, but we do not have to try. not to make any mistakes at the end of the games. “

RB Leipzig – Eintracht Frankfurt 0: 0

Domenico Tedesco (Trainer RB Leipzig)…

_… To the game: _ “Due to the huge opportunities we had and not used, we are disappointed than the opponent. There were Giantendinger, which we normally use.”

… to question whether RB had to work on the opportunity recycling: “We do not have to work on the opportunity recycling, as we usually achieve many goals, but I would have preferred if we achieve only three goals against Fürth and in this Game make a booth. However, you can not choose that. Your goalkeeper did that well, he is a good goalkeeper. “

… To the upcoming international game pause: “Because of us you can continue to continue, we are doing well. Also, if we could not win this game, we played it quite well. We take the pause as she comes. “

Ansgar Knauf (SG Eintracht Frankfurt) to the game: “We have enforced our plan from the beginning, have played in the depths and some counterparts that we have to play better to lead to the lead. In the end it became one Mistighing game, it went back and forth. We have defended it well, have everything enclosed and take a point with it. That’s going to be seen over the gameplay. “

Kevin Trapp (goalkeeper SG Eintracht Frankfurt)…

… to the game: “We at any time contributed everything to the game, it was a very powerful game. It has seen that we have left a lot of power in the past few weeks after we have completed many intensive games. Nevertheless, it was one Ordinary performance, we had our chances to achieve a gate. Something luck also belongs. We wanted more, but we wanted to win and get three points in front of the country break to get the connection forward. At the end of the 0: 0 but alright. “

… For the upcoming international fible break: “Most of us drive to your national teams, so it will not be a real break. Nevertheless, the last few weeks had been very intense, in which we had to play against strong teams. That costs grains, what to do in The game has seen. Nevertheless, we have performed well and have done many things well. Leipzig came just to chance when we made mistakes. “

Benjamin Henrichs (RB Leipzig)…

… To the game: “In the end we have to make ourselves the allegations. We played good chances, Trapp has kept good. With the chances we had, we have to achieve at least one goal and we have to arrive. “

_… To question whether the draw is disappointing: “In any case, when you see the game, I think that Frankfurt can live well with the point. We have placed more and well played. However, if we played well, Do not do goals, it does not matter in the end. “

Bayern Munich – Union Berlin 4: 0

Julian Nagelsmann (coach FC Bayern Munich)…

… to the game: “With the result I am satisfied, we play too zero, even though we had some failures in defense to complain. UPA did that, Nanzou also and he even shot a goal. We have even shot a gate First half two large opportunities allowed and lost too many balls in the game. We did not get a chance where Union played us, it happened to ball losses. But all we have played to zero, which is valuable, and made four goals. You have to take a result as it is. “

… to question whether the break would come at a good time: “This is a popular question in front of the country break. It comes when she comes, you can not influence that. A proper break it is actually just for the coach, Everyone else drives away and play. I do not need a break, but will ski again. ”

… about the upcoming contract decisions at Bayern: “In the end, this is always a joint decision. As the strategy is when the right timing is. We are all the same place and in the same building, all over the Away and there certainly fall a few words and there will be appointments where you can know everything. We wish all that the affected players will stay. Then it will give the talks. The Bayern Munichs fronts and the financial hedges of the players are like that that you can relax in the situation. “

Urs Fischer (Trainer 1. FC Union Berlin)…

… About the support of the fans despite the significant defeat: “It’s exceptional, it’s not the first time we lose and still celebrate. I think the fans reward that the team gives everything. Also After the 0: 4 we did not stop and have continued. Then do it also applaud. “

… To the height of defeat: “It’s already hard. Especially in the first half it was so that Bayern did not play us on the wall. Only at the goals we do not look good, we have to accept that And defend it better. We had chosices themselves to achieve a goal and had the first opportunity to go to the lead. “

… For the expansion of his team: “You have to use the chances in Munich, because you will not get ten such opportunities. We did not get that, we’re doing well, do not make a lot of ways, do not have much. Sometimes But the necessary competition happiness is missing but also the necessary quality in front of the gate, such a thing to sink. “

… about the targets for the rest of the season: “We continue to reach the goal of reaching the 40 points. Now we have brought four points in seven games – that’s too little. Thus we are not satisfied. Then we are still satisfied The pokal half-final as a highlight. It is now about regenerating the break and tackle the next tasks. “

Joshua Kimmich (FC Bayern Munich)…

… to the game: “We had just admitted some situations that were unnecessary in the first half. Nevertheless, it was a deserved victory. It has noticed that the attitude and approach were fitted, we were there from the beginning. We were there If it already decided in the first half, shortly after the break we achieved the 4-0. The result was perhaps something too high, it could have been 4: 1. Nevertheless, it was deserved. “

… For the future of Robert Landwoski: “I do not talk to him about it. I do not know how the conversations are or if it gives. Robert throws himself in full and I do not feel that he’s with the thoughts Elsewhere. So I do not expect that he wants to go. “

… To the performance of Nianzou: “He can play a big and good role in the Bavarians. He has not had any injury for a long time after he was injured twice at the beginning. He did not have many games yet, against Benfica he has also From which nothing made a top game. Now I found that he did that well. “

Bastian OCCIPKA (1. FC Union Berlin)…

… to the game: “The chances given were a key to defeat. We would have had to achieve a hit from our clear chances in the first half. At the same time, the point is that we achieve quasi three owners. These gates should not happen – Just not in Munich. Then we are fast on the loser road. “

… About the simple goals: “You can be played out, but we have to believe in your own nose and acknowledge that we are to blame ourselves that we did not get out anymore. It was not that Bayern clearly It was better, but so that we did not do the goals at the front and collected in the back simple goals. “

… About Kingsley Coman: “He is an absolute world class player, what should you say there? He does that in the one-counter-one situation well, overall we have nevertheless defended it well, which always goes through, is very clear. “

Rani Khedira (Captain 1. FC Union Berlin)…

… In support of the fans despite the significant defeat: “Something is only available at Union Berlin. That’s the special thing that accounts for the club. The fans are incredible. No matter if you win or lose: if you get your heart The place leaves what we do will celebrate you. “

… to the game: “We were well in the game in the first half and were courageous. We had our possibilities, but make three gifts. Then it will be scary hard in Munich.”

… to question whether the amount of defeat was entitled: “No, not necessarily, we absolutely wanted to collect with the 0: 2 in the cabin and ourselves again. Then it is maximally unhappy that you start a unnecessary penalty, And then the game has run after the 0: 3. “

… to ask what Bayern makes so strong: “This self-confidence and the dominance you have. Also the self-image, let the ball run quietly and to lure you. Then you have it sovereign at the 4: 0 played. “

… to question what he has come from the defeat: “That you can not allow any mistakes against big opponents at the level and have to be scary efficiently. We were unfortunately not and therefore we go as a clear loser of the square.”

Kingsley Coman (scorer FC Bayern Munich)…

… to the game: “We have played very well and defended together. In the end we win we earned. We were efficient and worked well to create opportunities.”

… to championship fight: “We left a few points last week. We want to win to enlarge the gap.”

_… about the support of the fans_: “That’s always good. We play again with many fans and hear more. We are very happy with it, it is much nicer.”

Hertha BSC – TSG Hoffenheim 3: 0

Mark Foteringham (co-coach Hertha BSC): “I am Megastolz on our boys. You believe I made a good job made against the ball very compact work. They had a good distance between the chain and the first line, And when we won the ball, we came forward with momentum. I always had contact with the coach, the boss was always there. “

Sebastian Hoeneß (coach TSG Hoffenheim): “The bottom line was a deserved victory for Hertha and a total disappointing impression of us. We first had control in the opposing half and the biggest chance of the first half. Then it is But the Hertha, who uses a standard situation – and then it runs in your direction. “

FSV Mainz 05 – Arminia Bielefeld 4: 0

Bo Svensson (Trainer FSV Mainz 05): “It went very well for us. The resolving of Leandro Barreiro has done us very well. With the 2: 0 we were up to the top and have the game controlled to the End. You do not expect that you get more than one penalty per game. “

Frank Kramer (coach Arminia Bielefeld): “We had a conceivable bad start and have used a very long time to find a proper access to the game. In much too many situations, the opponent has easy to enforce. That’s very Disappointing from us. We have to hold ourselves the mirror, roll up sleeves and show another face. “

SPVGG Greuther Fürth – Sc Freiburg 0: 0

Stefan Leitl (coach SPVGG Greuther Fürth): “I am very satisfied with the defense power. Overall, the guys did that really well, that was a good reaction. I am happy with the point, with the way, With the energy we have brought to the square today. In this respect, the guys deserved today. “

Christian Streich (coach SC Freiburg): “I am basically satisfied with the way we have played. With the attitude, with the presence. But we have played unclean, and then you do not get enough chances. We have to accuse ourselves. I also have to say: I look for Fürth Totally gladly. If you are so often at the ground and come back to a 1-6 and try to play football, I have to pull the hat, you have to pull the hat You first get it. “

VFB Stuttgart – FC Augsburg 3: 2

Pellegrino Matarazzo (coach VFB Stuttgart): “One has seen that the team lives, we wanted to do that, and we deserved the game. Emotions, passion, cohesion, that’s important in football. That was very emotional 3: 2. The fans were unbelievably supportive and a factor why we could turn the game. “

Markus Weinzierl (coach FC Augsburg): “A bitter defeat. On the whole, we played a little football after the guides. The opponent was simply dominant and thus the standards have come about. We have come to little relief at the front get. The balls were too fast, we could not free ourselves and the pressure was getting bigger. “

VFL Bochum – Borussia Mönchengladbach 0: 2 (Cancel)

Markus Gellhaus (co-coach VL Bochum): “As a first thing you have to apologize in all the clearness. That’s embarrassing and unacceptable. We wish the line judge that he is back as soon as possible again. The frustration of the players sits deep They wanted to clarify this in a Bayern Munichy competition. ”

Christian Peinfinger (co-coach Borussia Mönchengladbach): “It’s sad that a game has to end like that. I hope, the line judge is accordingly well again. That it takes such an end, is of course bitter, that has Nothing lost on the football field. “

Horizon Forbidden West: Solution to all breeding states

Solution to all breeds in Horizon Forbidden West: Even in the second part there are plenty of machines that are just waiting to be bridged from you. These bridges, with which you control the machines and fight for you, but must first be activated. This makes her by closing the breeds distributed in the world. The first breeds Tau and Gemini are part of the sixth and fourteenth Mainquest, so can not be overlooked or bypassed. Besides these two, there are four more in the game, which are pure optional. We have all matched in this guide all together and described in detail how you can solve them best. If you not only unlock new bridges, but also want to know how you bridge the gigantic long-cold, you’ll also look at our Lany’s guide.


You can discover this brutstooth right early on your journey. Source: PC Games In the entrance area of ​​the Brutstatten you can climb over the ventilations on the side. Follow the tunnel from cables to get out of a cable slide that brings you deep inside the breeding ground.

It lands in a field with machines. Draws this or sneak over and just follow the given path. In the next right room, two machines are waiting for you again. After you have defeated you, you can climb to the left and jump on one of the passing cars to get over the abyss. Go to the left as soon as you are in the next area and climbs again over the ventilation. Then jump to the opposite side using your slider and follow the way.

The path you can climb along is always easy to see. Source: PC Games uses the mechanical arm as soon as you have arrived at him to overcome the gorge over the 1. On the other side, you go down a bit down to bridge a door there. Behind the door, another area awaits you in which machines patroll. After you have defeated her, she continues to follow the way up and climbs over various machine formats such as arms and weighing, which have the way to you. The obviously glowing markings along the way, as well as Aloy’s constant statements, which would be meaningful to do, do not help to get off the way.

After this detailed climbing passage you are already in the final room with the breeding house. Here you have two broadlowns in combat and then can then bridge the core.


Brutstatte Iota can be found far in the north. Source: PC Games At the Location of the Brutstatt, you will find a huge metal door in the ground, which can not be opened. Northwest of the Brutstätteur, you will find a great gorge, through which you can get into the interior of the Brutstätte. If you mark the brutstooth as a destination on the map, the area you seek to see is narrowed. So jumps in the gap and keeps climbing in the depths to get into the breeding ground.

Arrived in the actual brutstatten, you must first glide over an abyss and then lands directly in an area with hostile machines. Then look for ventilations that you can bridge to climb over them. Then follows the rightly glowing climbing markings about the forging. After bridging the door you come back to an area where your machines have to defeat. Climbs over the ventilation up and you come to the most interesting part of this breeding area.

In this breeding ground the long necks are made. Source: PC Games In the next room, you will learn that the long halves are made here. Bridged the network uplink in this room and you will reward with the fight against a scroll. After gaining the fight, you can bridge the core. In itself, the breeding ground is already completed. The long-necked of the in the room but blocks the platform that would bring you up and thus also the actual outcome of the breeding ground. If you do not come out, you are logically easy to go in. So go under the platform that would drive you up and climbs deeper into the brut.

You come through several rooms where you climb along the climbing markings and struggles again and again against smaller machines. It continues so long until you come to an area in which a long-necked head hangs and the enemy machines are also sufficient. Then climbs along the markings on the head of the long neck and frees him from the shotgops by which he stuck.

The head then catches to move. Stay on it and does the machines approaching from afar. The head flies at a certain point through a barrier that can not happen to her. Best looks right and uses your gripping hook to draw you to the nearby platform.

Here you just follow the path and comes in the final room of the brutstatte, where you then find a complete long-neck for bridging. Uses the rope slide and climbs over the mechanical arm to get to the saltbite long neck. The shock wave, which he generates when bridging, will tear him off and so she comes with him from the breeding ground.


The Kappa Brutstätte can be found in the northwest. Source: PC Games This brut is only accessible by a dive. Defeat all the machines that have gathered around the entrance to dive in peace.

The Earte Room hosts a snapmaul, which can not fight under water but to keep you down. So swims as undiscovered in the middle of the room and there further down to get deeper into the breeding ground. Just follow the tunnel until you get a way again to go to land and get it out in the actual interior of the brut.

Find all relic truins in Horizon Forbidden West


Horizon Forbidden West: Solution of all reliktruins – Puzzles tips

Solution of all 9 reliktruins in Horizon Forbidden West: Tips on all the puzzles of the nine ruins with all locations of the ornaments.

Pushes the box, which waits in the room on you, in the pool, from which you have just come and climbs over them the lead up. You use machines that you should defeat. Then go on the way up and uses your glider to get the lead to the other increase. Follow the way and you should be almost at the core.

You can enter the room with the core right early, but you still have a long way to go. Source: PC Games The climbing markings will, however, will break them when trying to burst them and so you have to go a “little” detour before you are at the core. Defeat the machines in the room and then uses the platforms coming from the water to climb upwards. Just follow the markings and you come in the pump room. Even climbs along the way along and defeat the machines that sit down in the way. You now arrive at the first pump with which you let the water level increase, which offers you new movement options.

Horizon Forbidden West Review - Nog beter dan Zero Dawn
Go over to the platforms, which now stand straight out of the water and climbs there to the box. Uses this box to get further up. Here you can now activate the second pump that can increase the water level even further. Unfortunately, you will not come out of the room, as the output can not be reached from the water. Here comes the box back into play, which fortunately floats on the water. If she pulls a slightly forward with the gripping hook and then dive back to the first pump to reduce the water level.

Attract the box here as far as you can between the two characteristics. Source: PC Games Here you have the opportunity to move the box with the gripping hook over the water throughout the room. Towards below the point where you want to climb up later. As a good indicator, the platform currently projecting out of the water acts, as it almost enters a U-shape into which the box in the middle fits perfectly. When the box is placed, you use your gripping hook to get a floor higher and let the water level rise again. Now you can leave the pump room over the box.

In the next room, some machines are waiting for you who defeated them. Again, there is another box that pushes them under the climb marks to achieve them. Uses up a floating car to give you from him

to bear the next area. Follow the path and you finally come out in the main chamber of the breeding ground.

Meanwhile, the water level is there but so high that you can not fight the machine anymore. Floats from here again into the pump room and the lower pump to set the water level to a value that does not hinder you in the fight. In the pumping room you reach you by bridging a brut door in the main room and about this will come back to the main room.

Now you finally have the opportunity to compete in a decent Arena against the Flutschlitzer. After you have defeated him, you can finally bridge the core and have completed the breeding ground.


This breeding ground can be found far in the southwest. Source: PC Games The real entrance is a bit offside. Source: PC Games The Brutstättech Chi is not easy to enter by the front door, as it is tagged. You must therefore find an alternative entrance nearby. Mark the breeding ground as active quests, because then the area in which you are looking for is strongly limited. After you have found the entrance and climbed behind the waterfall, you just follow the tunnel in the interior of the brut. Rashes the disc on the right side that reaches it after abseiling.

Arrived in the next room, her gripping hook pulls out the blue canister to use it to climb. Defeat the machines in the next room and uses your gripping hooks again to pull the whole canister from the wall. The top is too high and can not be reached from the ground. So use your spear to deplish the box that still sticks to a machine and pushes this box under the medium climb marks. Now if you climb the piece up here, you can reach the lead from the top canisters with your gripping hook. Then use the box again to follow the climbing markings that lead all the way up.

Continue and defeats all machines in the next room. The mechanical arm in the middle of the room holds a box that can pull her with your gripping hook. But not the box is released, but the complete arm moves. This uses you to your advantage and moves the arm so that he reaches the lead, on which you want to go. You can then simply put up with your gripping hook on the arm and then come across the arm on the lead. Promote the network uplink and the platform where you stand, drives you into the room where the brewing core is located.

If you try to bridge the breeding chicken, it will come to a mistake and you have to recover a missing part. Scans the column in which the part is missing to get a track displayed to you. The track leads up a spot not a closed wall. Get a bit left and follow the little tunnel until you arrive at a box that pushes her through the barrier in front of you. Now goes back through the tunnel and pushes the box so that you can climb the ventilations to the left of the barrier. At the top, you follow the track and then uses the rope slide to get into an area full of scrap heaps.

Scans the environment and searches this scrap field after a functioning regulator component. A machine will attack you. So you have the required component, but there is currently no way back for you. First of all, go to the climbing course nearby. Here you have to pull canister from the wall again. On the other side, you bridge the network uplink and creates such a bridge over which you get the component over.

Just put the component on the box and then moves the arm. Source: PC Games follows the way and you get back into the room with the mechanical arm. Position them in the lead that you can place the component on the box. Then you move in again as he was originally aligned. You will be attacked by a few machines. After you have defeated them and the arm is properly aligned, you pull up and take the component in the breeding core room. Just use the elevator again, but pays attention to the machines he brings this time. If you have arrived again at the core and have used the missing part, you have to defeat a sleeve tooth and then can finally bridge the core.

From Benjamin Lachmann
& Maik Koch
10.03.2022 at 20:01

2K Games: Message: Lego

As reported with the plans of the company, 2K Games and Lego have signed a partnership, which should include several Lego sports games.

The beginning makes a Sumo Digitally developed LEGO football game, which should appear to the football World Cup this year. This is followed by a Lego-Open World racing game of Visual Concepts, whose publication is considered 2023. In addition, another Lego sports title should be in development based on a large sports franchise.

According to the sources Plane 2K Games its sports offer, which currently consists of WWE and NBA titles, to expand and see Lego as the perfect partner to address younger players.

For the video game division of LEGO breaks with the deal a new era. Previously, the popular building block company had an exclusive deal with TT Games for years. The British Studio has developed various Lego titles since 2005, which often spread on licenses of well-known brands such as Star Wars, Marvel or Harry Potter.

TT Games should even have a veto right in terms of lego titles from other game developers. As reported, LEGO plans this type of agreement, however, does not continue to continue.

!Game of Bricks LED for LEGO!
Neither 2K games nor Lego has officially officially expressed the reports.

2K is going to make the soccer game that we have been asking for years, but it is not what you expected

One of those news that has left us with his mouth open. We have been asking for a 2K ** football game for years and finally they will do it… although based on the LEGO universe. That is what they count from VGC in an exclusive news, where they indicate an agreement between the Toy brand and the video game publisher.

Apparently, fruit of this agreement will start a production of games that will exploit a sports line with these charismatic characters. Thus, they indicate that this path will start with a soccer game developed by Sumo Digital , Studio with extensive experience and whose last work is Sackboy: Big Adventure.

There will be more, and will continue with a “Open World Lego racing game” that is already under development under Visual Concepts, responsible for the WWE 2K saga. Of course, the change is drastic, but the proposal seems interesting and simple. Come on, they have won us.

According to the aforementioned source, it is expected that the soccer game arrives this year to take advantage of the thrill of the Qatar World Cup 2022 . The racing game would arrive at 2023 and there would be more, since they say that a third Lego sports title is also being developed, based on an important sports franchise.

With this idea, apparently 2K seeks to expand its sports games with the aim of attracting a younger audience and, in this way, they have considered that Lego is the best partner for the cause. In addition, they point out that _ “2K plans suggested that the Lego Sports Games could include guest characters from some of the popular cross-country licenses, such as Marvel, Harry Potter and DC” _.

Now, it is only necessary to wait for an official announcement about it to know more about these curious projects.

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