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NC reveals Project M production process… Technology eye

NCsoft (CEO Kim Taek-jin) unveiled the trailer production process of ‘Project M’, which is being developed as a console platform.

14 developers who directly participated in the game and trailer production and introduced the behind-the-scenes story. It is part of NCing, an open R & D development culture that NC pursues.

The genre of Project M is an interactive movie that changes the story development and ending depending on the user’s operation and choice. 3D scan, motion capture, and VFX (VFX), such as NC’s own technology, are used to realize the expressions and movements of the character.


Users can get a glimpse of the development status in the project M trailer. The scenes in the video that seemed to bring the residential areas around us used 3D scanning technology. The 3D scan uses a scanner to data the actual image and implement it in the game. Through this, the development process can be efficient and at the same time produces natural results that are indistinguishable from the actual.

NC is also focusing on the UX design so that you can play project M comfortably. Considering the genre characteristics of the game with many directing and moving, you can see the game button that is well aware and does not interfere with the screen.

NC is delivering various information of the project under development with Nsing to the user. Project M Trailer has been produced as a real game content and has more than 5.3 million views. The company explained that the expectation for projectm M was proven in the overseas game market, where the console genre is familiar.

Japan’s major game magazine ‘4GAMER’ is a trailer video of Project M, The graphics written in 3D scan or motion capture are beautiful enough to distinguish them from live action. It also showed a high reproduction rate, such as losing.

Intensive practical training, recruitment of Netmarble Game Academy Boot Camp

The Netmarble Cultural Foundation will recruit the 2nd Game Academy Boot Camp on the 15th.

The Game Academy Boot Camp is a program that fosters game development experts through intensive mentoring for students with experience and capabilities. Last year, it was newly established for the 5th anniversary of the game academy.

Unlike the existing game academy, which offers eight months offline game development curriculum, Boot Camp will conduct online training training for about two months on vacation.

Boot Camp can be applied to individuals or teams (up to 6 people) if you have experience in game development or young people aged 13 to 18 with game planning and development capabilities. You can download and write the application from the announcement on the Netmarble Cultural Foundation’s homepage until 6 pm on July 19, and submit it to the [email protected] with your portfolio.

The final selected students after the document screening and in-depth interviews will be supported by expert coaching and app market launch for game development for two months from the end of July.

Lee Na-young, Secretary General of the Netmarble Cultural Foundation, said, The boot camp, which was held in 2021, provides advanced education on the entire process from the development and operation based on the educational know-how accumulated at the Game Academy. I hope and participate in the potential talents to go.


For more information, please visit the official website of the Netmarble Cultural Foundation.

Cartoon ponies! 2D -rated game Thems Fightin Herds: Deluxe Edition trial repo [Happinet Game Festival! ]

On June 10, 2022, the business day of the event Happinet Game Festival! ~ 2022 Summer Camp was held.

This event is exhibited by various games and videos, but in this article, the Japanese version of the cartoon-style cute animals, which will finally appear in the Japanese version, are the battle repo of Them’s Fightin ‘HERDS . will deliver.

This work is a fighting game where cartoon ponyes are brawl. Contrary to cute illustrations reminiscent of My Little Pony, you can enjoy local and online full-fledged matches and adventures. There is no complicated system and features a simple but deep system.

As a highlight of this work, there is a system like magic in addition to the weak, medium, and strong attacks. There are 11 characters in total, including the four characters that appear in the future. In the trial version, seven were used, but I used Arizona, which is a cowboy-like appearance. She has a magic that throws a throwing rope like a cowboy and draws her opponent. She can’t catch the opponent unless she has a certain time, so she will test her around her.

The animation of the fighting game part is slimy, comical and rich in the attacked characters. I wasn’t very interested in the honest cartoon-style animal character, but I felt cute while playing.

Each character has its own story mode. The story mode is not just about reading a common textbook, but also a full-fledged adventure with dungeons drawn with cute pixel art and mystery solving of the head.

In the dungeon search part, mysterious black enemies like snakes and wolves appear in some places. When you touch the enemy, the battle starts and becomes a fighting game part. In the range I played, the enemy is not very strong, and you can feel free to fight the command happily. While enjoying the battle that comes regularly, people who say Pony is cute but not good at playing seems to be able to play easily and satisfy.

THEM’S FIGHTIN ‘HERDS: Deluxe Edition, which will be released for PS4/Nintendo Switch in the fall of 2022, is a great edition that comes with a season pass that can receive additional content such as new characters, so it will be purchased in the future. Why don’t you consider it?

Finally, we will deliver a simple booth repo of the H2 interactive booth. In this booth, in addition to THEM’S FIGHTIN ‘HERDS, the company’s Dead Spirit: The Game (Evil Dead) and SIFU: Vengeance Edition were on display. 。

SIFU: Vengeance Edition is a package version that comes with various benefits in high difficulty kung fu action games that gain popularity on PC/PS4/PS5. Includes steel books, digital soundtracks, art books, lithographs, and official storybooks.

The booth displayed steel books, lithographs, and artbooks, and you could check the real thing.

Kaiserslauterns Niehues bomb job as a vacuum cleaner

One thing brings with it almost every coaching change: every player starts at zero, can recommend and hope for more playing time. Julian Niehues can currently sing a song. It is not the case that the 21 -year -old midfielder under Marco Antwerp was not in demand. But of his 17 missions in the past third division round, he only collected two nominations for the starting eleven. The third followed against Dresden in the first relegation game on Friday evening. Dirk Schuster had a specific plan with him.

“Julian had the task of keeping contact with the chain of four,” said Schuster after the 0-0 on the Betzenberg. Unlike predecessor Antwerp, the new coach again rely on a chain of four in the defense. Two more or less defensive midfielder on the six completed the rear network. One was never, the other Marlon Ritter. The fact that the fine technician knights in the ball again and again in the game and caused important accents there was also no earnings. He kept his back to his next man.

size as an advantage

“He made a bomb job as a vacuum cleaner before the defense,” Schuster praised his 1.95 meter tall player, who had moved to the Palatinate before the season of Borussia Mönchengladbach II. This size was one of the decisive reasons for Schuster’s decision. “I have to honestly say: Before the standard situations and the flanks of the Dresdeners, we had a bit of abdominal jokes before the game because we did not see ourselves so well with the number of players with this physicality,” the 54-year-old confessed. “Of course it helped us that Julian stood on the pitch and knocked a lot away.”

Admittedly, it was very difficult in the extremely tough game in a playful way to really put yourself in the limelight as an offensive player. However, for the actors with a focus on the game against the ball. Niehues took the opportunity for himself until the grains went out after a little more than an hour. “Then you saw that he didn’t play so many games. But he did it very well. It was the plan that he took Patrick Weihrauch out of the game and I can act with Mike Wunderlich. I’m very satisfied With him, “also had beneficial words ready for his teammate.

Ciftci and Hercher again options

If Niehues coped physically well and regenerated in good time since the beginning of the year, he will have good tickets in Dresden in the all -crucial second leg next Tuesday for a renewed starting elomination. But the team -internal competition could grow bigger. At least Schuster still hopes to have the short-term failed hikmet Ciftci (gastrointestinal complaints) with them again.

The trainer was even more optimistic with a view to a possible use of right -back Philipp Hercher, who had suffered a muscular injury a week ago in an internal test game. “It was a precaution. An operation today would probably have come too early, we might have broken something. We didn’t want that. I am in good spirits that he was available,” explained Schuster.

Florida im Derbyfieber

Florida Panthers – Tampa Bay Lightning

The starting point: It is the duel between two of the hottest title candidates in round two. On one side of the Stanley Cup winners of the past two years from West Florida-on the other of the Presidents’ trophy winners of the past round round from the Miami area in the east of the southern state.

Both teams faced each other last season, at that time in round 1. After a spectacular and goal -rich series, Tampa continued 4-2 on the way to defending the title. Have the signs turned now?

The staff: Tampa is worried about one of his most important players. Brayden Point injured the Maple Leafs early on the leg in game seven and no longer returned to the ice. The strong attacker was also missing during training on Monday. Lightning coach Jon Cooper described his efforts in game in Sunrise on Wednesday (1 a.m. CEST) night (very questionable “.

With Mason Marchment, Florida also has a failure on the offensive, which, however, weighs less seriously.

The main round: Both teams won two games each, in Tampa the Panthers won 4: 1, then the Lightning 3-2 to Overtime. The two games in Sunrise were particularly spectacular: Florida won 9: 3 at the end of 2021, and at the end of April Tampa returned 8: 4 in the same place.

Rangers tip: The potential failure of point weighs heavily, this time Florida wins 4: 2.

Carolina Hurricanes – New York Rangers

The starting position: Both teams had their love with the routine opponents in round 1. Carolina only won in the seventh and decisive game against the Boston Bruins, as the Rangers against the Pittsburgh Penguins about the three times Champions Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin. The “Broadway Blue Shirts” even picked up a 1: 3 series behind.

The play -offs had previously achieved both clubs confidently – especially thanks to strong defensives. The Hurricanes (202 goals) and the Rangers (207) were the two main round teams with the few goals conceded in the entire NHL.

Flo Rida - Wild Ones ft. Sia [Official Video]
The staff: The status of number-one goalkeeper Frederik Andersen, who completely missed the first round, remains unclear. Number two Anti Raanta, who was also injured at the beginning of the series against Boston, returned after just one game break and was not only a decisive factor in game seven.

The Rangers will be missing at least at the beginning of the series with the Rangers, who gained plenty of play-off experience with Tampa in the past two years. Until the end, the defensive striker had been seen on crutches.

The main round: All four games only found after the turn of the year. First Carolina won 6: 3 at home, but then lost 0-2 in front of a home backdrop. The two youngest duels until April in Madison Square Garden both went narrowly to the Hurricanes (4: 2, 4: 3).

Rangers tip: If Raanta stays fit or even returns Andersen, Carolina prevails 4-2.

Curious penalty gift: Insigne says goodbye to Naples

Even before the kick-off, it became emotional this Sunday in the course of the 37th Serie A game day when Insigned a farewell speech to the Tifosi in his last home game in the Diego Armando Maradona stadium in the Diego Armando Maradona.

The 30-year-old European champion, who was born on June 4, 1991 in Naples and, apart from three short rental shops, has always only wore the jersey of the Partenopei since 2006. With occupied voice and tears in the eyes, the visibly seized professional said, for example: “We celebrated, suffered and sometimes argued – but we always did all of this together. Like in a large family.”

And: “Everything I can say is ‘Grazie’! I always gave everything for this club.”

Insigne still leaves Hamsik behind


The dribble artist did that this Sunday at the duel with the CFC Genoa. Of course, as a captain, the veteran, who will join FC Toronto in the MLS after this season and after 16 SSC years, led his troop to the field. On this, apart from a few good approaches to the outsider of his favorite role, the favorite was justified and in the end clearly won 3-0, which made the genuates bitterly disappointed after the final whistle and also sank to the floor with tears.

The first descent since the series return in 2007/08 was almost certain.

Incidentally, the goals for the SSC scored Osimhen in the head (32nd minute), Joker Lobotka after a great solo (81st) and also insign itself (65th) – which, however, under curious circumstances: Because an awarded penalty initially set Insigne the left post, while colleague di Lorenzo used the margin to 2-0 in the meantime. Here, however, the VAR switched in because the player had run in too early.

So Insigne was allowed to run again and with a now clean end at the top left of the corner its 122nd goal for the Neapolitan – only Mertens (148) has more. The offensive man pushed the two club icons Hamsik (121) and Maradona (115) into the places.

FC Schalke 04 swears with a change of rhythm

It is not unusual that the Schalke have breakfast together in the morning. But that they leave the club premises for this. As part of the preparation for the last home game against FC St. Pauli on Saturday (8:30 p.m., live! At Schalke home), they stayed away during the week. Those responsible have chosen a domicile with a high ambience near their arena.

The current starting point will certainly have come up with the team breakfast. It is as diverse as clear: Schalke 04 can rise this weekend, even as a second division champion – the club can also gamble everything in the end of the season. Even the crash is possible in 5th place. Sports director Rouven Schröder outlined on Thursday at the press conference before the home game, how the balance is to be maintained from an euphoric mood and admonishing attitude. So one wanted to “allow the euphoria from outside, but always remain calm and factual internally”.

St. Pauli is entitled to win against us.

Rouven Schröder

The question of concentration should also have been the main topic at breakfast. “We haven’t flown to us throughout the season,” said Schröder, “we once played better and worse.” Büskens added: “These points keep us very awake.”

The content could also have been the fact that with a view to the season finale in Nuremberg, four Schalke are threatened by a yellow lock in a week. Büskens, whom at the moment hardly plague personnel problems, explained in a wink that he had instructed his players not to take too much time against St. Pauli during a substitution or to curb the “activity mode” in the direction of the referee.

After all, Schalke should have enough to do with his opponent. At the press conference, Schröder emphasized with the Hamburgers despite the concentrated Corona eruption: “St. Pauli will not be able to play with us with a fuselage or with a Notelfe.

Büskens and S04 Düsseldorf keep your fingers crossed

Born in Düsseldorf in Gelsenkirchen: Mike Büskens, a Schalke club legend. imago images

Also a topic when sitting together: the game of SV Darmstadt on Friday in Büskens’ birthplace Düsseldorf. This game is of fundamental importance with regard to the Schalke home game. Only if the Darmstädter should not win can the royal blue to make the climb perfect on Saturday. Büskens called several reasons for a success of the Fortuna, which were two most important: “Under Daniel Thioune they play a really good round, and it is also the last home game of the season for them, in which they want to say goodbye to their audience.”

Of course, this also applies to Schalke itself. On Saturday evening, when the ball rolls in the arena, the Eurofighter will also be present on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the European Triumph. Of all things, organizer Olaf Thon cannot be there because of a positive coronate test, but otherwise almost all UEFA Cup winners from 1997 will show face, led by their then coach Huub Stevens.

Büskens is “zero integrated”

While the clutodles, who beat Inter Milan on that May evening, act against St. Pauli as a lucky charm, Eurofighter Büskens is understandably “zero into the processes because of his coaching job. But I also have no head for”.

S04-PK vor St. Pauli | FC Schalke 04

His biggest wish will of course be to be able to initiate the Bundesliga promotion with his former teammates. At least on a home win that would make the way for what could follow what could follow in Nuremberg a week later.

Barcelona too strong: Bavaria threatens Euroleague

Mirotic fires Barca past Bayern! | Playoffs Game 3, Highlights | Turkish Airlines EuroLeague
With a defeat on Friday (8:45 p.m./Magenta Sport) in the fourth meeting again in Munich, FC Bayern would leave. In the event of a success there is a decision game in Barcelona.

The Euroleague title favorite from Spain showed itself significantly improved from the start after the surprising home bankruptcy from game two. Despite the home advantage, Bayern could not keep up against the Star ensemble, unlike in the two appearances in Barcelona. Led by the former NBA professional Nikola Mirotic, the guests led after ten minutes with 26:17. Until the break, the Catalans even expanded the lead to 18 points.

Bayern were much more attentive in the third quarter and were more than able to make the game more than balanced. After 30 minutes, the team of coach Andrea Trinchieri shortened the deficit thanks to the accurate Vladimir Lucic and a strong defense to ten points (49:59). With a fast 8: 2 run, Barcelona decided the game early in the fourth round and made the 2-1 series management perfect.

The best shooter at Bayern was Lucic with 17 points, while playing two with 25 points excellent Deshaun Thomas only came to four points. The outstanding Mirotic hit the best for FC Barcelona with 25 points.

Bayern Munich – FC Barcelona 66:75 (31:49)

Best thrower Bayern Munich: Lucic (17), Rubit (14), Jaramaz (13)
FC Barcelona: Mirotic (25), Smits (12)
Play-off stand: 1: 2

Stripping underwear with a spider web … Adult game is “full use”

In the largest app market in Korea, the Bad Spider Thief (Bad Spider Thief) game was ranked first in the first game.

The problem is that Spiderman is being served as an adult game that deodes a female underwear using a cobweb.

Users say, “How can I get a stripping game as an entire use game,” which is a clearer. It points out that the hole was pierced in the Korean game deliberation process.

According to Google Play Popular charts on the 20th, Mobile Games ‘Bad Spider Thieves’ were on the first place for the simulations. The overall game is ranked 5th in popularity rankings.

This game, which has been registered by Vietnam Game Developer ‘Abi Global LTD’, is a game of spiderman is a game of taking a woman’s underwear using a spider-line.

When the game is connected, the type of underwear to be collected is displayed on the screen, and the spider web is used to collect the underwear of the person’s clothes one by one.

The developer said, “Take the desired item and treasure to use the brain”, “says,” I do not have a good superhero, but there is also a bad superhero. “

The problem is that the game is being serviced as a ‘entire use’. The number of downloads allowed the game to use the game without any restrictions.

Dani Daniels Show Karlie Montana Episode 4
It was confirmed not only Google Play as well as the Apple App Store to be served as “4 years old or older”.

Users of the game are “how to make a variant game as a whole”, “” I do not have a lot of popular charts. “

The Game Water Care Committee, a game-rating deliberation, said, “The working team is in confirmation of the violation of the grade.”

Excellent: a lot of praise for BVB

Borussia Dortmund has agreed with a shooting festival on the top game at FC Bayern München. A wearing role played the 17 year old debutant Tom Rothe.

Tom Rothe did not worry about a dedication in the top match near Bayern Munich. After his remarkable debut including goal premiere, the only 17-year-old enjoyed the moments in front of the celebrating yellow wall.

“When you run here yourself, that’s already crass goose bumps, indescribable,” Rothe said wide grinning and added with a view to the Bayern game: “What comes in the near future, we will see.”

The U19 international led the 6: 1 (5: 0) protected from Borussia Dortmund against a VfL Wolfsburg completely overwhelmed in the first half with the leadership by head (24.).

“It took one, two seconds, until I realized that he is in it,” the left-part reported, who slipped into the starting eleven after a few failures and met as the youngest player of the Bundesliga story already met in his first game.

Trainer Marco Rose consecrated Rothe after the end training on Good Friday into his plans. After that he “not fall asleep so well,” he betrayed. But it was “a lot talked to me”: “I was not thrown into cold water.” Also Captain Marco Reus praised the newcomer: “He was nervously nervous at the beginning, as each one of us has been at his first game. He makes him outstanding.”

“We have been on the note for a long time”

Rose was pleased after the encounter of his successful chess train. “The boy has made that outstandingly. We have been on the note for a while,” said the BVB coach and stressed, “It is very clarified for his age.” For the club and the people here it is very important to “always install players from their own offspring they can be proud of”. So in the final phase Lion Semic (18) and Jamie Bynoe Gittens (17) gave their Bundesliga debut.

Erling Haaland scores twice as Dortmund CRUSHES Wolfsburg | Bundesliga Highlights

The game was at this time after the other goals by Axel Witsel (26th), Manuel Akanji (28th), Emre Can (34.) and Erling Haaland (38./54.) Long-decided – and not only Rothe felt happiness.

“It was really fun. We played very dominant, were handy, playful, and we shot beautiful goals,” said Rose and supplemented: “Overall, we brought the fans a beautiful barey day. It should become a kind of drug, always to have this mood. We want to make the stadium to a fortress with the fans. “

BVB qualified for the Champions League

The seventh Champions League entry into series is already perfect. At four outstanding games, the BVB has twelve points ahead of rank five – and Bayer Leverkusen (4th) plays at the end of the SC Freiburg (5.).

But now the German record champion is waiting. Seven defeats in a row has conceded BVB against Bayern. To finish this black series, it fits well that in addition to Rothe Haaland could rejoice after 422 minutes without a goal again and refused in the second half.

“He gave us a lot of depth in the game, also as a wall player. He was very present,” Rose praised the original violence from Norway. And in Haaland’s head, the game in Munich is likely to play a role.

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