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BVB remains to increase an insane Friday evening series

On Friday evening of the 5th match day it was Marco Reus who brought Borussia to the winning roadway beforehand with his goal in the 16th min. Once more, the BVB captain was the suit winner.

On January 30, 2004, the royal blue took the three points from Dortmund with a goal of ebb sand as well as a resulting 1-0 win in Signal Iduna Park. After all: At the end of the period, the black yellow (55 points) landed in the table with five points in advance of 6th area a ranking in advance of the area competitor from Gelsenkirchen (50 points). Back after that, master became Werder Bremen.

Friday evening, floodlights, a residence game: all of this appears to be the preference of Borussia Dortmund. Due to the fact that the 1-0 win versus Hoffenheim in Signal Iduna Park is a great deal of even more victories at the beginning of the weekend break. As the Dortmundschau figured out, as a BVB follower you can’t fail when seeing a stadium on Friday evening

According to this, Borussia Dortmund has not lost the last 32 house games on the stated day of the week, however. There were 24 wins and also 8 attracts. The only decrease of anger: BVB gathered the last loss on Friday evening versus FC Schalke 04-that was currently 18 years ago!

BVB: Reus will certainly end up being a match victor on Friday evening.

The green-whites are currently much from that, but on the penultimate matchday they kidnapped three factors from the signal Iduna Park by an incredible catch-up in the last stage (3: 2), but on a Saturday afternoon.

With a 1-0 triumph against 1899 TSG Hoffenheim, Borussia Dortmund took a seat at the very least briefly to the top of the Bundesliga in the top of the video game a minimum of momentarily. On top of that, the BVB has additionally broadened the TSG with the success.

extra: Marco Reus is again a match victor at BVB

Friday evening, flood lamps, a home video game: all of this seems to be the preference of Borussia Dortmund. As the Dortmundschau located out, as a BVB follower you can not go incorrect when checking out a stadium on Friday evening

The 33-year-old is commonly the pioneer for success for his team, marching as a captain with his crucial gates-in this instance even one of the extremely special Friday evenings.

Exactly how vital Reus is for his team is specifically impressive: the offensive guy for Borussia Dortmund racked up for the 45th time in a Bundesliga ready 1-0.

The only drop of anger: BVB accumulated the last defeat on Friday evening against FC Schalke 04-that was already 18 years earlier!

Basketball European Champion: Theis returns to the DBB

The stricken NBA Vice-Chamber Daniel Theis goes back to the German national team in Munich on Friday evening.
Whether the 30-year-old can show up at the European Basketball European Championship ought to be selected Tuesday.

This was announced by the German Basketball Bund.
Theis (Indiana Pacers) missed out on the Supercup in Hamburg last weekend break because of knee problems.

The facility from Salzgitter was likewise missing out on at the World Cup certification game on Thursday in Sweden.
Theis will certainly be increasingly stressed in the coming days, it said in the DBB announcement.
The German group will play in Munich (3:00 p.m.) at the European Champion basic wedding rehearsal against European champ Slovenia.
The battle with the team opponent at Eurobasket becomes part of the World Cup credentials.
In the European Championship opening game in Cologne, the DBB group will certainly handle France on Thursday (8:30 p.m.).

Leitl: I have not given a club a promise

The sporting fate of the cloverlate is sealed with the descent, the game at Union Berlin on Friday evening (8:30 p.m.) is nothing more than a leak for points from Franconian perspective. Basic decisions are important. The Von Leitl reads: he leaves the Ronhof. “I made a decision,” the 44 -year -old began, and he put the emphasis on “one” later. It was very difficult for him and a process over several weeks. At the time of the Berlin, she finally betrayed it, the day after the Berlin, the day after the 1: 4 against Leverkusen and the descent.

“We have been able to spend an intensive and successful time in the past almost three and a half years,” summarized the still coach. With “We” I “mean” all employees, fans and sponsors who have contributed to the chance of success “. He expressed a “very special thanks” to sports director Rachid Azzouzi, for the trust, support and open and honest communication. With the latter, Leitl delivered a steep template, as Azzouzi had shown himself disappointed on Wednesday that Leitl’s conversations with Hannover 96 have learned about the media and not personally. On Thursday, the coach defended questions with the reference to “a meeting that is common in the industry”.

Leitl: “Everything can happen”

In Hanover, it is assumed that Leitl will become a new trainer. But he fades: “I have not given a club a promise, everything can happen.” It is quite possible that the finalization of his new commitment depends on the fact that 96 creates relegation in the 2nd division. It is considered very likely, but is not yet fixed.

A new speech is needed, a new energy, I am no longer ready.

Liem Le:

Stefan Leitl

Leitl preferred to talk about the past and the present about the future. “I did not make the decision against the SpVgg, but for myself. I proudly look back on what was achieved.” For example on the relegation in 2019, the promotion 2021 or David Raum and Anton Stach, who played below him and are now national players. Now he handed over a team that descends from the Bundesliga, but will be in their foundation and, thanks to Rachid Azzouzi, will also be well positioned in the coming season. He had decided not to want to stand in the way of a fresh start. “It takes a new speech, a new energy, I am no longer ready for that.” Honorary, but also with a tasty, Hanover was supposed to retain the relegation at the weekend and Leitl will then be presented there immediately.

Oh yes, in the end it was also about the staff: Jamie Leweling, unlike Max Christiansen, returns to Covid-19, but Jeremy Dudziak (tonsillitis) fails again, and Paul Seguin and Havard Nielsen are still missing.

Hannover 96: Boss child is aiming for return to the Bundesliga

Hannover 96 wants to bring the relegation to Karlsruher SC on Friday evening against Karlsruher SC (6.30 p.m., live! At Leitl). And then initiate a turning point.

Hannover 96: Bei diesen Abgängen kann der Blick Richtung Bundesliga-Rückkehr gehen!

budget of around 40 million euros

96 boss Martin Kind had announced that after the recent saving and shrinking course of the recent past, switching back to attack mode and wanting to take the return to the Bundesliga target with a budget of around 40 million euros. With concentrated financial strength, after the remaining remaining in the 2nd division as soon as possible, it should go up again, with fresh faces.

promising conversations with Neumann

Fabian Kunze looks like the harbinger of a new time. 96 agreed with the 23-year-old Bielefelder 96. In promising discussions, the Lower Saxony are also with Phil Neumann. The 24-year-old, once with league competitor FC Schalke 04, is a designated successor to defender Marcel Franke, who has no future in Hanover. Max Besuschkow also has a short past. The contract of the midfielder in Regensburg expires, 96 in his sights.

For the attack, FC Bayern about Nicolas Kühn, a lost son who was born in Wunstorf at the gates of Hanover, would have to be negotiated after Aue about a return to 96. Havard Nielsen also focuses on the offensive. The 28-year-old Norwegian from first division relegated Fürth could be a kind of addition if the coach Stefan Leitl in Hanover hires. With Leitl, Martin Kind and sports director Marcus Mann (once in 2006/07 Leitl’s teammate near Darmstadt 98) achieved an agreement at the beginning of this week – always provided that 96 manages to stay in the league.

Spectator dispute: 1. FC Cologne goes next step

In the dispute over more viewers at the Games of the Football Bundesliga, the 1st FC Cologne called the Constitutional Court of North Rhine-Westphalia on Friday evening.

The supreme constitutional judges will make a decision still in the evening, said a spokeswoman for the “German Press Agency”. The club had previously announced this step towards the constitutional body in Münster.

The 1st FC Cologne is injured in his fundamental rights. In this case, a gear before the Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe or before the NRW Constitutional Court is possible.

Previously, the North Rhine-Westphalian Head Administrative Court rejected an urgent application of the Cologne against the Corona Protection Ordinance of the country.

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The FC wanted to reach that already at the coming game against Eintracht Frankfurt this Saturday not only 10,000 but 25,000 spectators in which the arena may be allowed. This had rejected the OVG in the early evening. The country’s decision to give the protection of the population in the Corona pandemic a higher priority than the economic interests of the football associations higher, is comprehensible.

Confederation and countries had decided on Wednesday that from 4 March nationwide national major events – to which the Bundesliga games are counted – should be geared to up to 25,000 fans (at a maximum utilization of 75 percent). From 20 March, all profound protective measures against the coronavirus are to fall.

Hoene after 5 0 The Cologne are extremely brave but

Julian Nagelsmann was coach when the TSG Hoffenheim celebrated her to today s highest victory in the Bundesliga, Sebastian Hoeneß came to him on Friday evening but unexpectedly near: instead of 6: 0, as in March 2018, this time it was 5: 0, also against the 1 , FC Cologne, who has lost five times in series at the TSG – at 1:21 goals.

Boah, Hoeneß said that s why when he was asked in Dazn what I liked the most. There was so much while I think that I will not get everything together now.

Hoeneß: We never got Cologne in the game you want

A few things spontaneously fell spontaneously: The team performance, which was just good from the first to the last second in all game phases ; Or that his team has shown a lot, a lot of energy in the square and at all things we ve done. We have never left Cologne in the game you want.

The Hoffenheim Matchplan was not without risk: Basically, it was about leaving the front man on man, Hoeneß revealed the Cologne with a triple chain. And then, therefore, the short-term amendment in the red zone, so before our defenders, through the Joker , the two six, to control and simply be extremely aggressive.

Thus, playing balls conquests gave themselves. The Cologne , explained Hoeneß, are extremely courageous, and that has it extremely worn so far, but we have made sure they are vulnerable to ball losses.

That evening that was not overlooked. Almost all goals fell according to the pattern described and brought Hoeneß the highest victory of his still young Bundesliga coach career. 4: 0 he had already won twice, in Augsburg on the 1st matchday and against Werder Bremen on the 22nd game day of the preseason.

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