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Eintracht Frankfurt extends with defense star in front of the Great Europa League

One day before the grand finale in the Europa League against the Scottish opponent Rangers FC, Bundesliga club Eintracht Frankfurt brewed an important personnel. Before leaving to Spain, where the final against Glasgow will take place in Seville on Wednesday evening from 9 p.m., the SGE announced an extension of the contract.

Central defender Tuta has extended until 2026 at Eintracht Frankfurt. This was reported by the clubs from the Main metropolis on Tuesday afternoon on social media.

The Brazilian’s original working paper ran at the Hesse until 2023.

“I have invested a lot to establish myself in this team. And of course I still have big plans for the future,” the 22-year-old was quoted at the Frankfurt club homepage.

Tuta a fixture in the harmony defense

Ausrasten in Sevilla: Eintracht im Europa League-Finale | hessenschau
The defensive player has been playing for the SGE since last season and has played for Eintracht since the 45 Bundesliga games. In the current season, he also wrote to the great success story of the Frankfurter in the Europa League. In the knockout phase, he was used in five of the six games, only he missed the second leg at FC Barcelona in the quarter-finals.

“We are very pleased that such a talented and important player like Tuta has signed in Eintracht in the long term. He took the next development step this season and has become a fixture in our team. Therefore it speaks for Eintracht Frankfurt that it speaks that that He stays with us, ”said Frankfurt Tutas director Markus Krösche on Tuesday about the contract extension with Tuta.

The defense lawyer took the step to Europe in January 2019 and was awarded the Belgian first division club KV Kortrijk for a year after his first half of the year in Frankfurt. Eintracht had once paid almost 1.8 million euros for Tuta to FC Sao Paulo.

Elversberg and FSV: No sanctions possible

The pictures of the non -aggression pact between FSV Frankfurt and SV Elversberg in the Southwest Regionalliga are viral throughout Germany. In the last twelve minutes of their meeting, the actors of both teams had obviously agreed on a mere manual of the 1-1 dial, which guaranteed their respective season goals: Elversberg the championship and FSV Frankfurt.

Some (Elversberg) pushed the ball in their own half, the other attempted attempt to conquer the play equipment. While cubs were celebrated after the final whistle, the uninvolved observer inevitably remains an extremely fader aftertaste. As well as the question: If not the referee had a handling of preventing the unworthy hustle and bustle – and now there are no subsequent sanctions for the clubs?

“No obvious and clearly assigned offense”

The 24-year-old referee Jonas Brombacher from Wittlingen was not given an intervention on the field, as DFB-Schiri apprentice and regular expert Lutz Wagner clarifies: “In terms of rule, there was no obvious and clearly assigning offense.” The overall scenery could be regarded as unsportsmanlike behavior – but who specifically should the impartial to be accountable for this? After all, it is neither forbidden to play for pure possession of the ball like Elversberg, nor to put it completely on counterattacks like the Frankfurter.

A tacit agreement cannot be proven naturally

3. Liga-Party in Frankfurt? Elversberg und FSV feiern gemeinsam | FSV Frankfurt – SV Elversberg
Likewise, there is no basis for subsequent investigations from the association side. The sports court of the Regionalliga Südwest – unlike the control committee at DFB level – generally does not work ex officio, but only in the event of a complaint, as the chairman Prof. Dr. Andreas Pitz confirmed in conversation with the Regionalliga on Monday.

Nothing had been received at the league office until shortly before the end of the opposition period in the late Monday afternoon – and no longer expected anything in accordance with the intensive exchange with the suffering clubs SSV Ulm or SG Sonnenhof Großaspach.

In addition, Schiri Brombacher had not made a special report. One would have been due if, for example, the referee would have perceived an explicit agreement. A tacit agreement, however, naturally does not remain noticeable. She will still go into the history books of the Regionalliga Südwest – as an unpleasant chapter.

Angry and disappointed: invalid record for Xavi

Before the duel in the Europa League quarter-finals with Eintracht Frankfurt, Barcelona was excellent in shape, did not lose 15 times in a row. The Catalans were also the clear favorite against the Hesse – and lost after a 1-1 in the first leg at home with 2: 3 against a Bundesliga club that plays unleashed.

With the Europa League, the last title chance this year was g1. A defeat that should leave traces sustainably, as is currently evident. In addition to a 1-0 in San Sebastian, there were two 0-1 home defeats against Cadiz (17th place) and Rayo Vallecano (11th place). Three bankruptcies in the time -honored Camp Nou in one season in a series like now under Xavi, that had never been done before.

“Xavi writes history,” it said in the Madrider Sportblatt AS, but “against his will”. Like a “disaster”, the latest home bankruptcy on Sunday was against Rayo, the Catalan sheet of sports was titled. So the wind around FC Barcelona turned within a few days. “We ended up on the ground of the facts,” Xavi also stated after weeks.

Xavi Admits He’s ‘Disappointed, Upset’ By Barcelona

“Five final games” for Barcelona

“I am angry and disappointed because we had a golden opportunity,” said the former world-class middle field man. With this mistake, Barça put on the match ball to the rival Real Madrid, because the royal can be against Espanyol Barcelona Spanish champion on Saturday, a draw would be enough for currently 15 points.

And what about the Catalans? “We complicated the situation,” said Xav **** i. The Catalans have “five evenings” in the fight for the Champions League. However, the starting position looks quite comfortable there, because there is five gaming days before the end of the season Barcelona has six points lead in place five. “We have to motivate ourselves and improve a lot,” says Xavi. Of course, it is also clear that the qualification for the Champions League is the absolute minimal goal. The season is already screwed up for the proud FC Barcelona without title. “If you win, everything is wonderful. But these are the moments when personality shows,” the coach now also takes on the team.

Eintracht Frankfurt: due to baking whistle? Martin Hinteregger supposedly threatens lock

Martin Hinteregger from Eintracht Frankfurt has become entangled at the 1: 2 defeat against Sc Freiburg.
The Austrian allegedly threatens a subsequent barrier.
The central defender had arrived in the 73rd minute in a duel in Frankfurt’s penalty area Freiburg Philipp Lienhart in the face.
This shows the TV images.

So wurde Martin Hinteregger in Frankfurt empfangen
However, the scene did not have direct consequences.
Referee Felix Brych took the situation first when Lienhart went to ground with pain-distorted face.
The video assistants from Cologne did not incorporate.

Articles and videos about the topic
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According to information of the bild -zeitung, the DFB control committee wants to look closely at the scene on Monday.
The suspicion of an opportunity continues.
Hinteregger could still be blocked.

Fans of Eintracht Frankfurt is apparently brawl in Seville with West Ham

Frankfurt-Ultras greifen West-Ham-Fans an! (am Abend in Sevilla...)

After the eighth final first leg in the Europa League between the Spanish first division of Betis Seville and the Bundesligist Eintracht Frankfurt (1: 2) it has come to severe riots in the Andalusian metropolis. According to media reports, it should have given numerous injured and arrests. On an internet video of Andalusian sports direction Estadio Deportivo, it can be seen how Frankfurter fans and supporters of the English Premier League club West Ham United deliver a violent street battle in the city center. The arrival of the police was also recorded on the video. Articles and videos about the topic * Sow after victory: “Two goals are almost too little” * “Goose bumps back”: Eintracht despite opportunity giant “Happy” * Top sport live on Dazn. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly. The two camps hit each other, as West Ham starts at the FC Seville on Thursday in the Europa League.

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