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XXL Club World Cup comes later

The new Club World Championship with 24 teams is carried out after the cancellation in 2021 probably at the earliest in the season 2024/25 for the first time.

“We have not yet set a new appointment because there are more important things in life,” said FIFA President Gianni Infantino at the 72nd Congress of the Football World Association in Doha: “This is one of the discussions about the international play calendar from the year 2024 “

Although the calendar is already “pretty full,” the 52-year-old led: “But maybe we can find a week where we can develop soccer worldwide. We have to think what format we can think of.”

CRINGE: FIFA-President Gianni Infantino Speech In Quatar (29.03.2022)

So far, the club World Cup will be held with the winners of the continental competitions, but the extension to 24 teams was already decided in 2019.

Because of the pandemic and the resulting shift of the European Championship and Copa America, however, the premiere event planned for 2021 was deleted.

Russias football federation pulls against World Cup

The Russian Football Association wants to draw against the exclusion of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and all international competitions in front of the International Sport Court CAS. The objection announced the association on Thursday.

Russia’s national team should have taken on the World Cup playoffs against Poland on 24 March. On Monday, the country was excluded from all competitions by the World Association of FIFA and the European Football Union UEFA in response to the invasion of Ukraine.

The Russian association will now demand the resumption of all men and women’s national teams in all competitions, and also apply to CAS an “accelerated procedure” in this matter. Opponents Poland had already announced to take in the play-offs in any case against Russia.

From the point of view of the association lying for the decision of FIFA and UEFA “no legal basis”. The decision was hit “under the pressure” of the opposing associations, and in addition, one did not want to explain his own position.

Already on Monday, the association had criticized the decision as a “discriminatory”. The Football World Cup will take place from November 21 to 18 December in Qatar.

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The FA urges FIFA, UEFA to ban Russia from World Cup & Women's Euros

The Russian Sports Minister Oleg Matyzin had announced a few hours earlier, also against the exclusion of the Winter Paralympics in Beijing on Friday also complain to CAS. Here, Russia hopes for a decision “Still before the opening ceremony”.

2K Games: Message: Lego

As reported with the plans of the company, 2K Games and Lego have signed a partnership, which should include several Lego sports games.

The beginning makes a Sumo Digitally developed LEGO football game, which should appear to the football World Cup this year. This is followed by a Lego-Open World racing game of Visual Concepts, whose publication is considered 2023. In addition, another Lego sports title should be in development based on a large sports franchise.

According to the sources Plane 2K Games its sports offer, which currently consists of WWE and NBA titles, to expand and see Lego as the perfect partner to address younger players.

For the video game division of LEGO breaks with the deal a new era. Previously, the popular building block company had an exclusive deal with TT Games for years. The British Studio has developed various Lego titles since 2005, which often spread on licenses of well-known brands such as Star Wars, Marvel or Harry Potter.

TT Games should even have a veto right in terms of lego titles from other game developers. As reported, LEGO plans this type of agreement, however, does not continue to continue.

!Game of Bricks LED for LEGO!
Neither 2K games nor Lego has officially officially expressed the reports.

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