Solution to all breeds in Horizon Forbidden West: Even in the second part there are plenty of machines that are just waiting to be bridged from you. These bridges, with which you control the machines and fight for you, but must first be activated. This makes her by closing the breeds distributed in the world. The first breeds Tau and Gemini are part of the sixth and fourteenth Mainquest, so can not be overlooked or bypassed. Besides these two, there are four more in the game, which are pure optional. We have all matched in this guide all together and described in detail how you can solve them best. If you not only unlock new bridges, but also want to know how you bridge the gigantic long-cold, you’ll also look at our Lany’s guide.


You can discover this brutstooth right early on your journey. Source: PC Games In the entrance area of ​​the Brutstatten you can climb over the ventilations on the side. Follow the tunnel from cables to get out of a cable slide that brings you deep inside the breeding ground.

It lands in a field with machines. Draws this or sneak over and just follow the given path. In the next right room, two machines are waiting for you again. After you have defeated you, you can climb to the left and jump on one of the passing cars to get over the abyss. Go to the left as soon as you are in the next area and climbs again over the ventilation. Then jump to the opposite side using your slider and follow the way.

The path you can climb along is always easy to see. Source: PC Games uses the mechanical arm as soon as you have arrived at him to overcome the gorge over the 1. On the other side, you go down a bit down to bridge a door there. Behind the door, another area awaits you in which machines patroll. After you have defeated her, she continues to follow the way up and climbs over various machine formats such as arms and weighing, which have the way to you. The obviously glowing markings along the way, as well as Aloy’s constant statements, which would be meaningful to do, do not help to get off the way.

After this detailed climbing passage you are already in the final room with the breeding house. Here you have two broadlowns in combat and then can then bridge the core.


Brutstatte Iota can be found far in the north. Source: PC Games At the Location of the Brutstatt, you will find a huge metal door in the ground, which can not be opened. Northwest of the Brutstätteur, you will find a great gorge, through which you can get into the interior of the Brutstätte. If you mark the brutstooth as a destination on the map, the area you seek to see is narrowed. So jumps in the gap and keeps climbing in the depths to get into the breeding ground.

Arrived in the actual brutstatten, you must first glide over an abyss and then lands directly in an area with hostile machines. Then look for ventilations that you can bridge to climb over them. Then follows the rightly glowing climbing markings about the forging. After bridging the door you come back to an area where your machines have to defeat. Climbs over the ventilation up and you come to the most interesting part of this breeding area.

In this breeding ground the long necks are made. Source: PC Games In the next room, you will learn that the long halves are made here. Bridged the network uplink in this room and you will reward with the fight against a scroll. After gaining the fight, you can bridge the core. In itself, the breeding ground is already completed. The long-necked of the in the room but blocks the platform that would bring you up and thus also the actual outcome of the breeding ground. If you do not come out, you are logically easy to go in. So go under the platform that would drive you up and climbs deeper into the brut.

You come through several rooms where you climb along the climbing markings and struggles again and again against smaller machines. It continues so long until you come to an area in which a long-necked head hangs and the enemy machines are also sufficient. Then climbs along the markings on the head of the long neck and frees him from the shotgops by which he stuck.

The head then catches to move. Stay on it and does the machines approaching from afar. The head flies at a certain point through a barrier that can not happen to her. Best looks right and uses your gripping hook to draw you to the nearby platform.

Here you just follow the path and comes in the final room of the brutstatte, where you then find a complete long-neck for bridging. Uses the rope slide and climbs over the mechanical arm to get to the saltbite long neck. The shock wave, which he generates when bridging, will tear him off and so she comes with him from the breeding ground.


The Kappa Brutstätte can be found in the northwest. Source: PC Games This brut is only accessible by a dive. Defeat all the machines that have gathered around the entrance to dive in peace.

The Earte Room hosts a snapmaul, which can not fight under water but to keep you down. So swims as undiscovered in the middle of the room and there further down to get deeper into the breeding ground. Just follow the tunnel until you get a way again to go to land and get it out in the actual interior of the brut.

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Pushes the box, which waits in the room on you, in the pool, from which you have just come and climbs over them the lead up. You use machines that you should defeat. Then go on the way up and uses your glider to get the lead to the other increase. Follow the way and you should be almost at the core.

You can enter the room with the core right early, but you still have a long way to go. Source: PC Games The climbing markings will, however, will break them when trying to burst them and so you have to go a “little” detour before you are at the core. Defeat the machines in the room and then uses the platforms coming from the water to climb upwards. Just follow the markings and you come in the pump room. Even climbs along the way along and defeat the machines that sit down in the way. You now arrive at the first pump with which you let the water level increase, which offers you new movement options.

Horizon Forbidden West Review - Nog beter dan Zero Dawn
Go over to the platforms, which now stand straight out of the water and climbs there to the box. Uses this box to get further up. Here you can now activate the second pump that can increase the water level even further. Unfortunately, you will not come out of the room, as the output can not be reached from the water. Here comes the box back into play, which fortunately floats on the water. If she pulls a slightly forward with the gripping hook and then dive back to the first pump to reduce the water level.

Attract the box here as far as you can between the two characteristics. Source: PC Games Here you have the opportunity to move the box with the gripping hook over the water throughout the room. Towards below the point where you want to climb up later. As a good indicator, the platform currently projecting out of the water acts, as it almost enters a U-shape into which the box in the middle fits perfectly. When the box is placed, you use your gripping hook to get a floor higher and let the water level rise again. Now you can leave the pump room over the box.

In the next room, some machines are waiting for you who defeated them. Again, there is another box that pushes them under the climb marks to achieve them. Uses up a floating car to give you from him

to bear the next area. Follow the path and you finally come out in the main chamber of the breeding ground.

Meanwhile, the water level is there but so high that you can not fight the machine anymore. Floats from here again into the pump room and the lower pump to set the water level to a value that does not hinder you in the fight. In the pumping room you reach you by bridging a brut door in the main room and about this will come back to the main room.

Now you finally have the opportunity to compete in a decent Arena against the Flutschlitzer. After you have defeated him, you can finally bridge the core and have completed the breeding ground.


This breeding ground can be found far in the southwest. Source: PC Games The real entrance is a bit offside. Source: PC Games The Brutstättech Chi is not easy to enter by the front door, as it is tagged. You must therefore find an alternative entrance nearby. Mark the breeding ground as active quests, because then the area in which you are looking for is strongly limited. After you have found the entrance and climbed behind the waterfall, you just follow the tunnel in the interior of the brut. Rashes the disc on the right side that reaches it after abseiling.

Arrived in the next room, her gripping hook pulls out the blue canister to use it to climb. Defeat the machines in the next room and uses your gripping hooks again to pull the whole canister from the wall. The top is too high and can not be reached from the ground. So use your spear to deplish the box that still sticks to a machine and pushes this box under the medium climb marks. Now if you climb the piece up here, you can reach the lead from the top canisters with your gripping hook. Then use the box again to follow the climbing markings that lead all the way up.

Continue and defeats all machines in the next room. The mechanical arm in the middle of the room holds a box that can pull her with your gripping hook. But not the box is released, but the complete arm moves. This uses you to your advantage and moves the arm so that he reaches the lead, on which you want to go. You can then simply put up with your gripping hook on the arm and then come across the arm on the lead. Promote the network uplink and the platform where you stand, drives you into the room where the brewing core is located.

If you try to bridge the breeding chicken, it will come to a mistake and you have to recover a missing part. Scans the column in which the part is missing to get a track displayed to you. The track leads up a spot not a closed wall. Get a bit left and follow the little tunnel until you arrive at a box that pushes her through the barrier in front of you. Now goes back through the tunnel and pushes the box so that you can climb the ventilations to the left of the barrier. At the top, you follow the track and then uses the rope slide to get into an area full of scrap heaps.

Scans the environment and searches this scrap field after a functioning regulator component. A machine will attack you. So you have the required component, but there is currently no way back for you. First of all, go to the climbing course nearby. Here you have to pull canister from the wall again. On the other side, you bridge the network uplink and creates such a bridge over which you get the component over.

Just put the component on the box and then moves the arm. Source: PC Games follows the way and you get back into the room with the mechanical arm. Position them in the lead that you can place the component on the box. Then you move in again as he was originally aligned. You will be attacked by a few machines. After you have defeated them and the arm is properly aligned, you pull up and take the component in the breeding core room. Just use the elevator again, but pays attention to the machines he brings this time. If you have arrived again at the core and have used the missing part, you have to defeat a sleeve tooth and then can finally bridge the core.

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