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Fischer About Union Berlin: “No one important here”

For coach Urs Fischer of the Football Bundesliga club 1. FC Union Berlin occupies the personal pronunciation with his players a higher priority than at his active time.

Bobby Fischer Hated Chess
“It’s alright for me that it is different now and the current generation asks more. There you have to be there as a trainer,” said the 55-year-old Swiss of the “World on Sunday”, “you have to be ready, with the time to go and not always tell from earlier. “

At his time such pronunciation would not have been possible, says Fischer: “At that time, you’ve never been as a player to the coach in the office and asked why you do not play. He would have scripted.” The coach himself prefers a mix of individual and group talks, “because the guys have to understand that they are part of the whole and it is not about them alone.”

“Nobody is important here”

Fischer, who came to Köpenick in the summer of 2018 and led Union to the rise immediately in his first season, also refers to the ground liability within the association as the basis for the successful path in the upper house. “We never changed our character and never our way of thinking. Maybe that’s a reason why we have not experienced stormy times yet,” says the coach of the current table-up, “no matter important here – we are all service providers – there I involve myself with me. “

And despite the success of the success, Fischer uses very clear job values ​​in the lives of the professionals: “Family, private things enjoy highest priority with me. If there is something there, the player is free of all.” The family is the highest good. “

Zästur in Würzburg: Thorsten Fischer draws back

Fischer has been involved in the Office in office since 2014 and thus significantly in the upswing of the club in recent years. Twice the club even managed to jump into the 2nd Bundesliga. His initiative and its extraordinary commitment is due to the return of the FWK after decades of abstinence in the professional football in 2015, says the club website.

Now Fischer – Founder and CEO wants to retire from Fischers sponsor Flyeralarm – and will settle his office. I considered the time for the strategic and operational responsibilities to resist the Fischers and to set up broader, he explains.


Out of the Fischers’ family is indispensable

The Management Board and the Supervisory Board of Vain and AG respect the decision to inform the third division, which is currently in the 3rd league in the 3rd league and wants to prevent the direct crash from the 2nd of the 4th League. Thorsten has been more than just a sponsor or official of the Fischers for more than 13 years. He is inextricably linked to the Fischers family and not indispensable from this, said FWK President Michael Griever.

Fischer will be present as a sponsor, especially in the junior area. The Würzburg Fischers are a matter of the heart. In particular, the further expansion of our junior power center and youth work is an important concern, says Fischer.

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