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FC Liverpool requires knowledge by chaos

After the enormous issues with the arena input with the tear gas use of the cops as well as the postponed kick-off of the Champions Organization final, the Liverpool FC is requiring.

The video game in the Stade de France near Paris had actually begun at 9:36 p.m. and hence 36 minutes later than planned. Onlookers as well as fans expressed criticism of the organizers.

The European Football Union UEFA described the disorder by the high development of fans without valid tickets. The kick-off was delayed to allow as many fans as feasible with tickets.

apprehension and also harmed

The Team Meeting: 'Let's break the internet' | A Liverpool FC Content Creative session

The cops used tear gas, it stated from the UEFA. The continental organization shared compassion for those who had actually been influenced by the cases as well as announced a reappraisal with the French police and the French association.

In a specifically “initial” annual report, the police registered 68 in Paris and 238 injuries. At 1:20 a.m. the evening, the cops said that 68 individuals were jailed previously, during and after the video game. The injuries were “easy” injuries, the supply happened on site.

Liverpool requires an examination

” We are very let down with the issues in the arena entryway as well as the collapse of the safety and security location, which Liverpool fans were exposed to the Stade de France this night,” said the English football club during the game. “We are asking for a main examination right into the reasons for these unacceptable troubles.” Liverpool instructor Jürgen Klopp reported that he knew “that some of the family members had troubles. We need to wait for additional assessments to know what took place. Some things were not excellent. I do not know any even more.”

The kick-off was postponed by 15 minutes and also after that two even more times. Initially, the coordinators had actually provided safety reasons on the scoreboard, after which it was said that it was because of the “late arrival of fans”.

disorderly scenes at the admission

The last had actually been moved from St. Petersburg to France due to the Russian war of assault. At EM final last year there were troubles around the admission to the London Wembley Arena.

This was angered by many Liverpool advocates who reported on social media networks that they had actually been awaiting a very long time prior to the arena. When admission and long snakes around the arena, Photo sometimes reveal disorderly scenes.

The Paris authorities tweeted in French, English and Spanish that fans must not try to require gain access to. Interior Priest Gérald Darmanin composed on Twitter: “Thousands of British” fans “have forced entry without or with incorrect tickets and also often struck the police officers.” The AP news company reported that there were some events in which fans had actually obviously tried without tickets to obtain admission.

” We are extremely dissatisfied with the issues in the stadium entry as well as the collapse of the security location, which Liverpool fans were exposed to the Stade de France this evening,” stated the English football club during the game. The Paris cops tweeted in French, English as well as Spanish that fans ought to not attempt to require accessibility. The AP information firm reported that there were some cases in which fans had obviously tried without tickets to get admission.

The European Football Union UEFA explained the disorder by the high development of fans without valid tickets. The kick-off was delayed to enable as lots of fans as feasible with tickets.

” I am not certain that it is possible to organize an event even worse, even if you would certainly attempt. Hazardous and also definitely chaotic,” tweeted the English football tale Gary Lineker with the UEFA as an addressee. He explained the factor for the delay by a late arrival of the fans as “bullshit”.

The teams came out of the cabin soon after 9:00 p.m. and also got warm a 2nd time. The opening event began at 9:23 p.m. from a loud whistle concert by the trailers. Actual won the final 1-0.

Many supporters of FC Liverpool were not yet in the ranks for the initially prepared kick-off at 9:00 p.m., there were still a couple of gaps at the kick-off extra than half an hour later. The follower locations of Actual Madrid, on the various other hand, were well filled up at an early phase.

” The organization around and also in the arena is not only unworthy of a Champions Leagues final,” claimed former football specialist Marvin Matip, sibling of Liverpool Joel Matip, at Skies. “Make use of tear gas in areas with youngsters as well as uninvolved fans threatens to the common.”

Royal blue ecstasy! FC Schalke 04 Makes Buli

Nobody stayed sit, nobody stood still. After the Happyend in the promotion thriller, the Arena of FC Schalke 04 turned into a Tollhaus. Ecstatic fans and proud professionals celebrated the return of the traditional club to the football upper house.

The 3: 2 (0: 2) in the top game over FC St. Pauli released everyone involved from the great pressure of the past few weeks and was the starting signal for a long party night in Gelsenkirchen.
To the dismay of the security forces, hundreds of fans stormed the lawn to celebrate with their promotion heroes.

Goal scorer Simon Terrodde sank together on the lawn and cried tears of joy and relief. With his two goals (47./Foulelfmeter/71.) The striker initiated the turn in the football thriller, which Rodrigo Zalazar (78th) completed with the winning goal. In front of 61,271 spectators in the Veltins-Arena, Igor Matanivic (9th/17th) shot the Hamburgers in the lead with a double pack. In the 81st minute St. Paulis Marcel Beifus saw a yellow-red after a male foul foul, Matanovic in added time.

trainer and Schalke trainers director overjoyed

“It was our dream. You just have to fight for dreams that you don’t get them. Huge respect for this troop what the gas gave. Incredible, incredible,” said an overjoyed Schalke trainer Maik Büskens.

And Schalke trainers director Rouven Schröder in the T -shirt with the inscription “Glück auf Steiger”: “It had to come exactly as it came today for the Schalke soul. This is a feeling – incredible what went on in the field. Galactic, that’s just something nice for us. This is moving, because we put so much work in. “

Alex Revell wonderstrike - Wembley's greatest ever goal?
Table leaders Schalke defied the 0-2 deficit at the break and paved the way to the fourth Bundesliga promotion with a brilliant final sprint. Second division autumn champion St. Pauli probably said goodbye to the promotion race after the sixth game in a row without a win. With three points away from the second HSV and the third Darmstadt as well as the significantly worse goal difference, there are only theoretical opportunities. Werder Bremen can also advance in second place with a win on Sunday in Aue.

As with the 1: 4 two weeks ago at the same site against Bremen, the great expectation was made to the Schalkers powerful. In the presence of the district club legends “Eurofighter”, who celebrated their 25th anniversary after the 1997 UEFA Cup triumph this weekend, they were close to a dream start. Already in the 1st minute, striker Terodde appeared after a defender Beifus mistake alone in front of the opposing goal, but failed due to guest goalkeeper Dennis Smarsch.

But the “Kiezkicker” weakened by various Corona cases kept the head in the heated stadium atmosphere and took the first chance. Jackson Irvine continued a pass from Learst Paqarada with the hoe on Matanovic, who caused the tour with a shot from the turn. When the only 19 -year -old attacker met again eight minutes later after a new pass from Irvine and subsequent solo, the disillusionment among the Schalkers was great.

Nevertheless, the leaders showed a positive reaction and – driven by his fans – showed the goal of the Hamburgers. With all the zeal, however, he was negligent with his possibilities. Dominick Drexler and Terodde (33.) missed the possible connection goal in questionable manner after the flank of Marius Bülter.

penalty after the break the turn initiated

A penalty whistle by referee Marco Fritz shortly after the restart Schalke awakened. This chance for the connection goal did not miss Terodde this time and converted safely.

more: 25 years of “Eurofighter”: FC Schalke 04 honors his heroes – the best pictures!

That was the beginning of a further urge of the hosts. The guest cover did not stand up for the growing pressure. Terodde was on the spot again and transformed the local arena into a rabid house.

However, the Zalazar, which had just been substituted, provided the height and final point. After passing by Bülter, the joker took heart and made the luck of the Schalke perfect with a tight shot under the crossbar.

[Review] Fantasy The world is still fun, Tin Tina Wonderland

The advantage of the spin-off title is that the series fans will play, the disadvantage is that if it is not a series fan, it is a little relieved to hand. But Tin Tina’s Wonderland is such a game that can enjoy a funny person, even a person who does not have anything to do at all. Rather, it was made well enough to think that there was no handicraft with an injury.

Once fun. There is fun to shoot a shapes afraid. The Moss sum summons the flying bombs and summon the electric beads that the afrhasy is rolling. If you do not have enough magic, you can swallow, knife or ax. The cute mushroom friend can shoot poison together, and you can beat the enemy’s back.

And very fantasy B-class stories continue. Tina’s crowd, which plays Bunker and Bang Ace like here, is that it is not enough to play with a single play, even if you play a single player with a bird. If you are talking about what the story is, then how much the story is, how long it looks like a few hours.

This strange country, which seems to be a little screw made by Tina, is more fantasy than I thought, and it is more colorful than I thought and more fun than I thought. Oh, and it is closer than I thought.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Review Fumble or Fantastic?

Game Name : Wonderland of Tin Tina
Classes : 1 person Lutherer, Action, RPG
Release date : 2022. 3. 25.


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Leroy Sane Exclusive: “I do not necessarily need the praise”

Leroy Sane Full Pre-Match Press Conference - Manchester City v Hoffenheim - Champions League
Leroy Sané just plays the football he likes. “I feel the recognition of the fans,” he says in the Great Interview Interview (Monday) and takes the most recent positive comments from national coach Hansi Flick. “But it’s not that I absolutely need the praise,” emphasizes the number 10 of Bayern. For over half a year Sané had not given a big interview, now he opens again for the first time – to harsh criticism, which met him during the EM and his shape increase this season.

A lot has happened to the dribble-strong international player, since he became the 2nd matchday at the 3-2 win against Cologne of their own fans. “At that moment I was angry,” he says. “But on me and my performance and not on the fans.”

Sané: “I arrived too a hundred percent”

For whom he had understood understanding. “If you play well, all are cheerful. If you play bad, all are on the scolding. That’s in power sports, and I have to deal with it.”

Twelve matches and 13 templates are cross-competition on Sané’s account, so he is now confident after a mixed debut year in Munich: “I arrived at one hundred percent. I am fit and feel good, so I did not let myself be confused. I believe in Me and do not blame me. “

Was Sané to the vaccination situation in his friends Kimmich and Gnabry says he says his chances of balloon d’or nomination, where he sees the German national team in front of the World Cup in Qatar and what the FC Bayern needs to the Champions League victory, read on Monday in the print edition of the Interview or from Sunday evening in the emagazine.

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