The naver is a force for Naver to improve work culture. Naver decided to implement the ‘Shutdown’ system that blocked the in-house system connection 4 hours ago. Last year, the Ministry of Employment and Labor, the Ministry of Labor, followed by the subsequent coast.

Employee performance monitoring portal EPM for the month of march 2022

According to the 6-day Information Technology (IT) industry, Naver introduces the policy to prevent access to the company PC and mobile work tools for 4 hours, from the next month. Messenger Lines and Collaboration Tools NaverWorks are shutdown.

In May of last May, the employment department has made a special workwriting team, and the employment department has made a special workbook team. As a result of the survey, Naver has not been able to pay 8.74 billion won, including extension, night, and holiday workers, and has not been paid properly. Even if you can not make time for a time for a female worker who is pregnant, it was also confirmed that I worked.

The introduction of the net shutdown system of Naver is a combination of this working form, including the IT industry long-term labor issue. Naver examines the ‘gate-off’ implementation of the office when exceeding the statutory working hours, but it was reported that the efficacy of the HTC is settled in the center of the home.

Last month, Choi, Seon-yeon, who is on Naver News, continued to communicate management. In the previous year, he was on the 18th, and he has released a work environment that can work flexibly.

Naver uses two consecutive annual use, supporting 50,000 won for vacation on a day, and for more than three years, it was possible to leave unpaid up to six months. In addition, it supports remote workpieces, providing free of the in-house dining room and exercise space, and plans to provide only some costs in the company to provide free of charge and dinner from July.

Salary funds increased by 10% YoY. In addition, we have also agreed on how to pay for more than 150,000 private business subsidies and newly established the Growth Activities (W12,000 won). Naver labor and management also said that the competence of harassment investigations was assumed to be under the board of directors. For the disagreement of the harassment to the company, it is independently investigated.