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I’m not singing to take responsibility. There were some tasks in my life that were not pleasant, said the 48-year-old native Netherlands of the German Press Agency.

The new boss or the new boss will be elected on Saturday at the General Assembly of the DOSE in Weimar. Second applicants around the top office is Thomas Water, who has been Table Tennis World President last week. Even officer Alfons Hermann had announced his retreat after eight years after the accusation in an anonymous writing of employees to have created a fear culture in the DOSE headquarters.

Russia-Doping: Anna 2016 Positioning against Bach

I am aware of the great task that it will not be intense and partly pleasant, said the ex chairman of the athlete commission in the International Olympic Committee. If you think of the Russian athletes and athletes in the doping scandal. Since I also held the pressure. At the then debate in dealing with Russia, Bowel had pronounced for an exclusion of the country from the summer games 2016 in Rio. She had positioned itself against IOC President Thomas Bach and the Executive Committee.

What happened exactly in the DOSE, you have to work legally, morally and ethically, said the President of the German Fencer Confederation. First and foremost, the most important are the employees in the DOSE headquarters in Frankfurt am Main: To talk to them, to give them trust, so they like to work there again.

At all, after months of crisis, the important tasks to solve primarily in Germany. As DOSE boss she would never to say to an application for Olympic Games. But bowel stressed: At first there are other priorities in demand.