According to Oliver Bierhoff, German football needs a long breath at the talent promotion.

“The result of the training reform, which we are addressed, takes normal five to seven years at least until you see that,” said the responsible DFB director at “Image Live”.

The goal is clearly formulated: “Much more individuality, much more Bolzplatz players, have encouraged to give the players their peculiarities, not to play as compliant.”

Bierhoff im Interview: Wo steht die Nationalmannschaft im WM-Jahr 2022? | Die Lage der Liga

According to Bierhoff, the talent deficiency is currently strongly noticeable: “We no longer have the width we had a few years ago.” In the World Cup Triumph 2014, it had been “seven, eight players of the highest quality”, “this is no longer there in youth national teams”. The operation time of the young German professionals in the Bundesliga was “dramatically fallen. Since we have to raise again in our training system and other ways”.

However, this does not demolish the title prospects at the World Cup in Qatar (21 November to 18 December). “We have a realistic chance. We are certainly not among the favorites, but we have class players,” said Bierhoff (53): “If we put everything in, the team collective, the focus, the discipline, everything is possible.”