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DFB Cup | Schal-dispute: No pronunciation between RB Leipzig and SC Freiburg

There was no pronunciation for the scarf dispute between RB Leipzig and SC Freiburg before the DFB Cup final.
“The topic was made larger by everyone involved than it is,” said Leipzig club boss Oliver Mintzlaff shortly before the kick -off in the “ARD”.
“It was just a scarf.”

“Just a logo, a club name, so everything is fine”.

In preparation for the final in the Berlin Olympic Stadium, SC Freiburg had prohibited the use of his logo for common fan articles with the Leipzigers, Mintzlaff then subordinated the Badeners.

HSV scorer Glatzel: We feel the longings

His personal quota is already making him the winner. With five goals, HSV goalkeeper Robert Glatzel is leading in the goal scorer list of the current DFB Cup competition before the final between Leipzig and Freiburg, and in the league the 28-year-old increased his hit account on Saturday in 2-1 against Hannover by double pack to 21. Nevertheless, he makes it unequivocally clear that this is not enough for him: “Of course we want to climb now.”

Glatzel: “If that works like this, it makes you proud”

It is also due to Glatzel that the leap to the Bundesliga is possible again before the last matchday in Rostock. After a double pack in the first leg against Hansa, the knot burst at the former Heidenheimer, he has already completed his best season in professional football and says: “It is something nice and special. If it works, it makes you proud.”

08. May 202206: 15 minutes

KICKER WEEKNACHLE week -back from 8.5.2022

Bayern Munich cannot win against Stuttgart either, Schalke 04 rises directly to the Bundesliga, Wolfsburg celebrations celebrate championship titles








Ingolstadt - HSV Hamburg 0:4 Höhepunkte | Tor Robert Glatzel,Sonny Kittel,Sebastia Schonlau,Kaufmann


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“We have a lot of positive energy”

Personal success should now also follow as a group. And the view of having a goal in mind – unlike in the past, should not paralyze. In the final phase of the season in which the HSV played everything in the three previous years, of all people, this time, a catch -up hunting has not yet been achieved. Seven points behind five games before the end of the three-point rule in 1995/96 has not yet caught up with a second division, but Glatzel brakes: “That is only worth something if we also win in Rostock now.” And it believes in the inspiring effect through the climbed 3rd place. “After the Darmstadt defeat in Düsseldorf, we already had the situation on Friday that we had the relegation place against Hanover in our own hands. And we accepted them well. We have a lot of positive energy and we are now taking them to Rostock.”

A path that started in Kiel four weeks ago is to be crowned on the Baltic Sea. After the 0: 1 at the storks, Glatzel had ticked off the ascent in a very emotional TV interview, internally, he now explains, an appointment was then made. “We have committed ourselves to the fact that things cannot go on in such a way that it is always missing. Glatzel and his colleagues now want to provide this proof this next Sunday so that the season goes into extra time. He says: “We feel the longings of the people in Hamburg. But I think they were felt everywhere on Saturday: in the ranks and on the square. We know that we are safe in the relegation with a win with Hansa. And Then of course we want to win them too. “

Union Berlin revabs itself for Cup

Union Berlin has spent three days after the DFB Cup and a bitter defeat in the race for the Champions League qualifier.

After the 1-2 defeat in the Cup semifinals, the Köpenicker won on Saturday in the Bundesliga at the same place with 2: 1 (0: 0). With now 50 points, Union has the best cards in the fight for the Europa League ranks.

The substitute Sven Michel (86.) and Kevin Behrens (89.) turned the game in the second round for the guests after Yussuf Poulsen had taken the Leipzig (46th). RB is in the table meanwhile continues to be 54 points and has to shriek three games in front of the royal class ticket. Continue for the Saxons next Thursday (21.00 pm / RTL +) in the semi-final first leg of the Europa League against Glasgow Rangers.

Before 45,770 spectators began mainly Leipzig behavior, a bit like the cup game. Trainer Domenico Tedesco had changed to six positions. Among other things, Emil Forsberg, who sold the winning goal on Wednesday in the exam time, was in the starting eleven. But the initiative took over, as in the cup game, initially Union. To the edge of Sheraldo Becker from the left Taiwo Awoniyi (2nd) RB-Torwart Peter Gulacsi compeded at his head early to his first parade.

Union Berlin STUNS RB Leipzig with late comeback win! | Bundesliga Highlights | ESPN FC

Union Berlin turns up in the final phase

Only against the middle of the first passion RB relocated the game more in the Unional half, without dangerous players to find in the depth. The Berliners ran the rooms in this phase class, so Leipzig was in the first round without real scorchance and Star striker Christopher Nkunku to date was practically no factor. And Union lurked. First, Grischa Prömel (45.) failed to Gulacsi, marriage captain Christopher Trimmel (45. + 2) hit the latte with a violence of about 20 meters.

After the break Leipzig came with a lot of steam from the cabin – and enforced mercilessly. Nkunku sat well on the left side, while his cross was first shifted from Prömel, Poulsen sinked the rebound ice cold.

Union continued to ran further and had unlucky. At a trial in the penalty area Leipzig’s Nordi Mukiele (59th) met Niko Gießelmann on the leg, but referee Daniel Schlager renounced the view of the video images, however, on a penalty whistle. Later, Mukiele (73.) shot from pointed angle for RB from a pointed angle. But then Michel and Behrens trumped great.

FC St. Pauli several weeks without dittgen

Two mistakes lead to Win! | Union Berlin vs. St. Pauli 2-1 | Highlights | DFB-Pokal Quarter-Final
FC St. Pauli must refrain from the second football Bundesliga for several weeks on his offensive player Maximilian Dittgen. The 27-year-old attracted a muscle injury in the right thigh in the DFB Cup game at Union Berlin (1: 2). That shared the Hamburgers. St. Pauli is nine game days before the end of the season on the third place of the second division table and still meets the direct competitors Werder Bremen, Darmstadt 98 and FC Schalke 04 in the coming weeks.

Ex-BVB stink boots maneuver the offside

Large traces left at Borussia Dortmund: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Humane Dembélé won the DFB Cup in 2017, the Ga boner also became a goalkeeper king of the Football Bundesliga. But the two stars also caused a lot of restlessness at the BVB — as well as currently with their current clubs.

Away from all the disciplinary misconducts, who lasted Aubameyang most recently at the FC Arsenal, the first look is his health. After his corona infection during the Africa Cup, heart problems occurred at the Ga boner. Currently, the 32-year-old is in London to undergo further medical examinations there.

It is the question in the room whether the center-runner returns to the lawn at all for the Gunners. Fortunately, not because of health risks (such as Sergio Ague), but because of his Dembélé woning indispensability.

The King of Suspended

At regular intervals, negative headlines of the King of Suspended, as he was recently described in a goal.com report. After a late return journey from the home leaving Arsenal’s Team Manager Mike Art eta not only the captain’s nobility, but stroked him out of the squad. Since mid-December, he did not complete a mandatory game anymore.

A winter change Aubamyangs has long been distinguished from — as four years ago, when he returned the BVB in January. The signs are very similar.

In Dortmund, the Gardner had already suspended twice, a little later be pardoned. Through further disciplinary escapes and training strikes he forced the transfer to the Premier League at that time. There, his behavior also caused several times for head shaking, now a final line should be drawn.

The parallels at Aubameyang and Dembélé

As reported CBS Dembélé wons, the Gunners is an offer of Saudi Club Al Nasser. The disappeared Gardner should be awarded until the end of the season, then the table reciprocity of the Saudi Premier League has a purchase option.

Strike farewell from Dortmund and approaching winter change: both also true on Humane Dembélé. The Frenchman remained his 140 million euros serious transfer fee at FC Barcelona to today.

Instead, the World Champion of 2018 takes away from the square for Capriole. Delays on training, disregard of corona measures, tails of club dates — Dembélé has provoked abundantly headaches in the Catalan responsible for the last few years.

Xavi degraded Dembélé: He has to go immediately

So it was already at BVB times when the winger struck after only one year from his contract. That Dembélé then escaped his neck over head from Dortmund and left a completely devastated house, underlined the overall impression.

Now the negotiations ongoing for five months have a new contract for trouble. An ultimatum had already passed Dembélé. We can not wait any longer, Barça coaches Xavi, who stroked the French for the upcoming cup game against Bilbao from the squad.

Only consistently named Managing Director Matter Ale many’s degradation and became clear in the club TV: We told him and his agent that he has to go immediately. We want to get involved players and hope that a transfer comes to a transfer before 31 January
The statements of Ale many come equal to a sacking. It is obvious that the player does not want to stay at Barcelona and is not committed to Barça’s future project, said the football director of the Catalans, who can no longer be room for speculation.

It is the next inglorious chapter in the long scandal file of the former hope.

Press to BVB-Off: “In Dortmund you say bye!”

Already in the second round of the DFB pokey for defending champion Borussia Dortmund was over! The BVB was defeated by a largely uninspired and passionless game at the second division FC St. Pauli with 1: 2 (0: 2) and had to bury the ambitions prematurely at a renewed pokey victory. At the Hamburg second league leader, however, the joy was huge to have finally showed it to a great favorite. The pressing matches to the cup of cup at the millennium:


Kicker: St. Pauli creates the surprise and turns off the BVB. On Tuesday evening, there was a cup surprise in Hamburg: A brought-in-playing FC St. Pauli sat down with 2: 1 against Borussia Dortmund and took the title champion from the competition.

Ruhr’s news: Borussia Dortmund is in the middle of January at the crossroads. On the completely unnecessary out of the Champions League follows the cup lamination at the FC St. Pauli. And it turns again the mental question. No final scorching more, no late salvation in Extension: The BVB leaves after a 1: 2 (0: 2) from the FC St. Pauli from the DFB Cup. The blaming is self-deluded, not undeserved and bitter.

Hamburger Morgenpost: The miracle from the Millerntor: St. Pauli Grandiose against Dortmund! At 22:37 o’clock the sensation was perfect: a grandiose FC St. Pauli has eliminated in the DFB Cup the defending champion, won over 2000-flexible and insanely loud fans With 2: 1 (2: 0) against Borussia Dortmund. And that was not luck, but even deserves thanks to great performance!

West German general newspaper: BVB-Blamage! St. Pauli throws title defending champion Dortmund. The BVB is playing a great title chance. In the second round of the DFB pokey, Borussia Dortmund loses 1: 2 at the second division FC St. Pauli. A tough disappointment for The BVB, because the mission title defense is finished early.

Image: Cup Lust in Kiev, Cup Frustration in the Post! Embarrassing 1: 2 in the Cup Object Phone at the second league leader St. Pauli. Dortmund misses the final in Berlin — and thus the second seasonal goal. Also, with the Co-found In the Champions League it had not worked before.

N-TV: Defenders goes K.O.! St. Pauli throws sensationally Dortmund out. The second division of St. Pauli throws the Pomadig-based Bundesliga Level Borussia Dortmund from the DFB Cup and is in the quarter-finals. This excreted all the trophies of the past 27 years.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: In Dortmund you say bye! The poked door was located far open to Borussia Dortmund after Bayern-out. But against St. Pauli followed a miserable performance — and the Hamburgs have been in the quarter-finals for the first time since 2006.

More: Network reactions to the cup sensation between St. Pauli and the BVB

Dortmund1: BVB hounds according to Cup Flamage. The BVB underlie in the secondary final at second league leader FC St. Pauli with 1: 2 (0: 2). This is after FC Bayern Munich, who in the 2nd round to Borussia Mönchengladbach failed, also eliminated the second big favorite.

1. FC Cologne in the DFB Cup: Todeste wants to fulfill tree garden dream

Forager Anthony Modest and his colleagues at Football Bundesliga club 1. FC Cologne goes with a special motivation into the DFB Cup at Tuesday evening (18:30 and coach1 and Sky) against second division Hamburger SV.

The Geißbock-Eleven wants to bring your coach Steffen Rampart to take a step closer to the fulfillment of his dream of a final attendance at the family residence Berlin.

The coach has a great wish and: would like to be in his second home Berlin definitely in the final. We want to fulfill this wish as a team, betrayed modest in a coach1 interview in the run-up to the game.

The operational readiness for Rampart does not come from about the Frenchman. Our relationship is not like father and son now, but it’s a bit in the direction, the 33-year-old described his relationship with the FC coach: I feel tremendous trust of him. Our relationship is perfect. He explains a lot, talking to me in every workout, but also says clearly when I do something wrong. He knows exactly how to take me. I try to repay the trust put in me with goals.

Modest: Rampart Fits perfectly with FC

Against this background, only a little surprisingly, modest also used as a fan of Ramparts Maruffs and Spleen: The last more and more interested sliding hat of the FC coach holds the striker star for cult — because it is so cool.

Also, with Ramparts Hang to the collection of jerseys of opposing top players as well as last of Bavaria Munich’s National Tor wart Manuel New has no problem: He loves football and is not just coaches, but fan. He collects jerseys. If he can get a New Jersey, Why not? I think the cool. If it is his dream to snap jerseys of big players, then he should do that, the attacker said.

Ramparts Pest species Fit to Modest es View Ideal for the Cologne Chef coach: He is a cool coach who is relaxed and exactly knows what he wants. We can laugh with him, but he can also be hard to us, with his kind he perfect for FC.

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