The German Football Association (DFB) wants to allow clubs the obligation of players from clubs from Ukraine and Russia, but they can not be used in competitive games.

“The DFB Bureau, the competent DFB committees and the competent departments of the DFB have decided in accordance with exact consideration that these options are not perceived at the present time in Germany,” said the DFB with regard to the ongoing second half of the season 2021 / 22 with.

Although players and players are supposed to participate in the training company and also complete friendlies. “Forbidden are only inserts in mandatory games (league, cup, relegation) still in the current season,” said it from DFB.

Estimated Russian Casualties Put Ukraine War In Category Of Catastrophe

As a “main reason”, the association called the German Footballing integrity. The DFB has already informed the clubs as well as the regional and national associations on this decision. Because of the Russian invasion to Ukraine, the German Football in Ukraine is currently quiet. Russian clubs were excluded from international competitions.