The crucial hit in this game was just before the end: And it was Defensivemann Blumenthal, who suddenly appeared alone in front of the gate and got the rejuvenated 3: 2 victory goal for his MSV neuruppin (87.). Previously, it was a competitive, partly rough game. At first, the Hommelf from Seelow on course, Marquardt set after a fast-introduced combination to 1: 0 (25th). That the guests from Neuruppin to the break then the pause was very happy to call: Lemke hit after a free-kick by head for quick 1: 1 compensation (30th), Otsuka was for a short distance with the 2: 1 for a short distance with the 2: 1 (43.). In the second round, the homely pressed on the compensation, which fell in the final phase by a powerful Azasha degree as well (74.). Both teams wanted the victory, which ultimately flattered the guests from Neuruppin.

????High jumps - power training, ⚽️ Sabri Vaizov MSV Neuruppin

The MSV is in place with 17 points in 15 and keeps the hopes of the league in the Oberliga Nofv-Nord alive. The Victoria, however, has now already five points behind the counterparty and will have to stretch to avoid the crash into the Brandenburgliga.