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HSV: No method against Bakery Jatta

The district court of Hamburg-Altona will not open a procedure against second division professional Bakery Jatta from Hamburger SV.

According to the district court, “there is no major probability that the accused has deceived his identity”. Further investigations against the 23-year-old Gambier were not initiated.

The district court sees “according to the present investigation result no sufficient suspicion against the accused”, it is said in a communication of the Hanseatic Higher Regional Court, which is the “SID”. The “Hamburger Abendblatt” had first reported on the decision.

“The picture newspaper and the prosecutor were clearly pointed to the barriers,” said Jattas lawyer Thomas Bliwier the “Sid”: “The court has confirmed what we always said: There is no suspicion of Mr. Jatta.” The Public Prosecutor’s Office can still appeal to the decision.

The law enforcement authority had accused Jatta in December against the residence law and indirect misconception and communicated that the pro concludes the prosecutor’s office actually Hot Bakary Daffeh.

“Witch hunt” on Bakery Jatta

Bakery Jatta - Worth It ᴴᴰ
With the District Court, according to the dating of the person Bakary Daffeh considered the date of birth attributed to the person Bakary Daffeh and the commercially responsible pasRegional Court as well as the birth certificate of the accused are massively speaking for his statement, according to the conviction of the court “the proof of the use of an incorrect date of birth is unlikely not and would not lead and would not the accused in the result in the result of the lack of proof of the instructors “.

In 2019, the “Fall Jatta” had taken care of a lot nationwide. “Regional Courts Image” had raised doubts about Jattas Identity and reports that the offensive player could be two and a half years older than accepted.

The subsequent investigations led to no result. Jatta spoke of a “witch hunt” and thanked the responsible persons of the HSV, who always supported him.

Spectator dispute: 1. FC Cologne goes next step

In the dispute over more viewers at the Games of the Football Bundesliga, the 1st FC Cologne called the Constitutional Court of North Rhine-Westphalia on Friday evening.

The supreme constitutional judges will make a decision still in the evening, said a spokeswoman for the “German Press Agency”. The club had previously announced this step towards the constitutional body in Münster.

The 1st FC Cologne is injured in his fundamental rights. In this case, a gear before the Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe or before the NRW Constitutional Court is possible.

Previously, the North Rhine-Westphalian Head Administrative Court rejected an urgent application of the Cologne against the Corona Protection Ordinance of the country.

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The FC wanted to reach that already at the coming game against Eintracht Frankfurt this Saturday not only 10,000 but 25,000 spectators in which the arena may be allowed. This had rejected the OVG in the early evening. The country’s decision to give the protection of the population in the Corona pandemic a higher priority than the economic interests of the football associations higher, is comprehensible.

Confederation and countries had decided on Wednesday that from 4 March nationwide national major events – to which the Bundesliga games are counted – should be geared to up to 25,000 fans (at a maximum utilization of 75 percent). From 20 March, all profound protective measures against the coronavirus are to fall.

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