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Tower of Fantasy port release date for the console. Does TOF come on PS4 and PS5?

Tower of Fantasy is the long-awaited science fiction game from Hotta Studio. This common game with the open world is largely similar to the popular Genshin Impact and promises to offer almost limitless content for PCs and mobile devices. But this may make you think about whether Tower of Fantasy will be transferred to the console, especially to PS4 and PS5.

will Tower of Fantasy be released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5?


The answer is no, the fantasy tower without releasing on the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, at least for now. It was not confirmed whether Tower of Fantasy will be released on PS4, PS5 or any console in this regard. At the moment, the game is available only on iOS, Android and PC.

Throughout the development of Tower of Fantasy, it hung in the air, whether the game will really be transferred to the console. Initially, it was assumed that Tower of Fantasy would be released on consoles, but this constantly changed between interviews, messages in Discord and many others. But the Twitter fantasy tower published in April 2022 that there were no plans for a console release .

Naturally, this statement remained open , and Hotta Studio informed the players whether the console version was being prepared. Until there is more news, you will have to play Tower of Fantasy on a mobile phone or PC.

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Steam Deck gets a new attribute that I additionally yearn for my Switch

Although the caution does not shield the console from overheating, it is still useful. If the console obtains too warm, it shuts off and also modifications to rest mode to ensure that the interior parts are not damaged. If it is also chilly beyond, the battery of the Steam Deck and the Switch and also the performance drops.

Currently, the warm summer temperatures are not only excruciating for most of us, the warmth is not precisely useful for handheld consoles. It is not for absolutely nothing that Shutoff or Nintendo do not advise that the Steam Deck and also the Switch not switch on at temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius. Or else the performance can endure or perhaps overheat the handheld.

This allows you to offer you the caution of the Steam Deck at least a little initial to save the current video game, finish a match or switch off the portable as a precaution.

At least the Steam Deck has now received a technology with Update 3.3 that not only advises when the console obtains too warm, but likewise if it is too cool A sensible little upgrade that my switch would likewise enjoy around.

Steam Deck currently warns of warmth and cold.

If you wish to shield your switch or your Steam Deck from overheating, there are a couple of ideas below:

Eleen Reinke.

Nintendo Switch.

If you are still undecided whether you desire a Steam deck, our technology writer Chris has actually listed the most essential pro and contra points for the Steam Deck when.

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If you don’t have a Steam deck on your own, one point can now be the ideal time to obtain 1. Besides, Valve has currently increased production and recently announced that all previous pre-orders will certainly be delivered by the end of the year at the latest. Anyone that booked now need to likewise obtain the handheld in the 4th quarter of 2022.

If you don’t have a Steam deck on your own, one thing might now be the excellent time to obtain one.

__ @Ottadice.

You protect your console from overheating at high temperature levels.

Do you have issue about your Steam Deck or your Switch in the weather? .


In extremely couple of situations, you have to fret that a console breaks via overheating-at least there is the automated shutdown function-but parts are never excellent to run under poor problems for a very long time. Accordingly, I would certainly also such as such a caution feature for my switch, so to conserve my score and also finish the video game.

Steam Deck increases manufacturing.

Currently, the warm summer season temperature levels are not just intolerable for several of us, the warmth is not specifically helpful for portable consoles. It is not for absolutely nothing that Valve or Nintendo do not advise that the Steam Deck and the Switch not switch on at temperatures over 35 levels Celsius. If it is too cool on the various other side, the battery of the Steam Deck and also the Switch and also the performance falls.

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