“The situation of the club makes a complete reorganization necessary at all levels and an everyday presence of his president,” wrote “Collectif Ultras Paris” on Saturday on Twitter. In short, the organized fans demanded the resignation of the PSG line.

The location of the club makes a complete reorganization necessary on all levels.

The organized fans of PSG

However, Club Boss Nasser Al-Khelaifi is not a victim at this demand, because Parisian spectators are aware of the major role of the catalic businessman in recent years. “But you have to realize that he is not the man of the hour.”

Outraster of the catalic businessman unacceptable

The reason for these statements should be that Al-Khelaifi and sports director Leonardo should have tried to reach the champion league for PSG for Real Madrid’s 1-3 defeat, which meant the Champions League-out for PSG. Other media even reported that they would have penetrated the cabin and fortified referee Danny mackelia.

Real Madrid - PSG 3-1 | Ultras Paris In Madrid - PSG Supporters Ambiance, Cortège a Madrid

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Among other things, the “Marca”, which called on Club Indica, also reported: Al-Khelaifi had a Real-Madrid employee “I bring you around” before the PSG boss had to be stopped by his own bodyguards.

Peaceful protest announced

The club deserve people who serve him and do not serve him to him, therefore, the organized fans of PSG. You announced that you want to express your criticism peacefully on Sunday at the game of Ligue 1 against Girondins Bordeaux.

The UEFA has meanwhile introduced a disciplinary procedure against the association and its two top functionaries.

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